Are you generous or do you need to be challenged to be generous?

Are you a giver or a taker? Are you an encourager or a discourager? Are you are builder or a wrecker? If the opportunity to be generous comes up are you ready to give? It isn't about the amount but rather the heart. We know and see this when we read in the bible about… Continue reading Are you generous or do you need to be challenged to be generous?

Is it your time?

Ever heard "timing is everything"? Ever heard "the time is now"? Ever heard "it's your time"? Throughout time there have been plans and purposes, schedules and calendars. God's plan is that nobody would perish but that everyone would turn back to Him and have everlasting life! God's plan of sending Jesus wasn't to condemn the… Continue reading Is it your time?

Lion and Bear and Leopard oh my…

Will you be prepared? Will you have decided before it is too late? Will you be ready for the day? Is your name in the book of life? Have you accepted Jesus into your heart? Have you invited Him to be your Lord and Savior? Will you understand? Will you be part of God's family… Continue reading Lion and Bear and Leopard oh my…

Will you heed the warnings or deal with the consequences?

Consequences just ahead

We know that God is patient and long-suffering not because he slow but rather not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. He has provide us all with a way to get back on track and be reconciled to Him, but will you take hold of it before it is too late?… Continue reading Will you heed the warnings or deal with the consequences?

Who is ready for change?

Change seems to be the only constant in life. Sometimes people get comfortable which gives them a false sense of security. Are you looking for change or more of the same? Will you keep doing the same thing and hope that the outcome changes? Will you decide it's time for a change and go and… Continue reading Who is ready for change?

It’s time to get ready!

Do you realize what time it is?

Are you ready? Are you living life to your fullest potential? Are you prepared? Are you loving? Are you caring? Are you sharing? Are you making a difference? Are you ready in your heart? Is it settled in your heart and your mind? Do you know? It's time to get ready! Do you have your… Continue reading It’s time to get ready!

Are you ready? Are you prepared?

Have you accepted what is about to happen? Have you got a plan? Have you got something set up and in place? So if today were to be the day, are you ready? If today were to be the day, are you prepared? Consider David when he went out the second time, this time he… Continue reading Are you ready? Are you prepared?

It’s sad when we lose people…

Have you lost anyone? Do you remember the pain? Do you remember the sadness? Do you remember the emotional rollercoaster? Do you remember the anger? Do you remember the joy? Do you remember the love? Do you remember someone who wasn't treating you well who passed? Do you remember someone who was like a brother… Continue reading It’s sad when we lose people…

Are you ready?

Use Me

What if today is the day, are you ready? What if this is the hour, are you ready? What if this is the time, are you ready? Are you prepared for what is to come? Is there something you need to do to get ready? Is there something you need to do to get prepared?… Continue reading Are you ready?

Passion (Day#5)

coming, saying, answered, wise, ready, thirsty, need, Lord, gave, life, given, sown, stranger

Consider and reflect what day today is. It's Friday...Good Friday! The day Jesus picked up everything and nailed it to the cross through the use of His own body! The day Jesus finished it all! How will you celebrate His sacrifice today? Will you make it to a service? Will you reflect on and turn… Continue reading Passion (Day#5)

Passion (Day#2)

The purpose it took to walk through it, knowing how it go! The focus on the plan with the end in mind! Seeing beyond the now to what is going to be! The message that needed to be delivered so that people could be prepared! The meaning and interpretation shared so that people would understand!… Continue reading Passion (Day#2)

Have you gotten started?

Have you received the call? Have you answered it? Have you been preparing? Are you ready? Have you gotten started yet? If not, what's holding you back? What is the need that would complete the preparations so that you can move forward? Let's put on the  armor of God! Let's get prayed up! Let's get… Continue reading Have you gotten started?

Are you ready for what is yet to come?

After setting things up do you take time to rest? After completing the good work, do you make time to rest? There is a good example of this as today's reading begins. Do you set apart time that is to refresh, renew, revive and restore? As this new year begins, are you ready to do… Continue reading Are you ready for what is yet to come?