God’s timing is perfect!

5 thoughts on “God’s timing is perfect!”

  1. Good comments. I sometimes feel abandon and faith is difficult as i suffer each day. I sometimes see hope. There are many stories from the bible. It is harder to find people where trust and faith has been a good option. I would like to read some stories where waiting did result in a perfect solution. How ever I thank you for the page.


    1. Thank you Greg for visiting and your feedback. I have had a few times where I was feeling really down but God helped me through them and revealed hope and healing through forgiveness. I had to forgive others to find the freedom from bitterness, anger, rejection, … and coming out the other side my faith was built up and I wouldn’t give it away if I was asked if I had to do it all over again, only because it allows me to share the hope and truth and freedom that is available when I run into people suffering through very similar situations. Once the perfect solution appears, I should be able to share stories about how waiting produced good. (in progress…waiting…asking…seeking…knocking…waiting)

      Hope you have a blessed day.


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