Are you all in or all out?

Are you in or are you out? Will you do it fully or not do it at all? Is Jesus your Lord of all or not at all? Is it truth or a lie? Half truth means a lie. Not all in means you are out. Will you wholeheartedly follow God? Will you receive God […]

It takes time to accomplish the process.

If you knew the full plan then it may seem overwhelming. If you know what’s next then you can walk it out with trust and confidence in the Lord. When I reflect on my life and consider when God called me to step up to be on the board of our homeowners’ association, I wouldn’t […]

On a roll? Stick close to God and His instruction and keep it rolling.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Some call that inertia. This is true unless an external force acts upon them. So do you want to go with the flow or would you rather go with God and be a part of the miraculous […]

What kind of encouragement are you looking for?

Ever been faced with a big challenge? Ever been sent out to get more details? Where did you turn first? What was your perspective on it? Who was your source for the plan? Did you trust it? Was there anything that could have persuaded you against it? If you had of been part of the […]

Are you ready to mourn the loss of the old and move forward following the new?

Transitions can always be a challenge. They mean change and that can be uncomfortable. This is true even when it for the better. How will you handle the transition? How will you remap the lines? How will you know what’s next? Will you trust God enough to listen? Will you trust God enough to follow? […]