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Thankful for so much!

Thankful that God brought me from where I was to a divine intersection where I could come to know Him personally.

Thankful that God brought me an encourager who will love me no matter way in my wife.

Thankful that God gave me the greatest gifts that are worth so much more than any money could every buy in my children.

Thankful that God has provided me with time each day to go through His Word in order to be encouraged, strengthened, and prepared for each day.

Thankful that God has given me friends from around the world and that technology has allowed me the opportunity to stay in touch no matter where we go.

Thankful that God’s plans are so incredible that He knows even before I ask what I need and how to provide.

Thankful that God provided me with an incredible set of career experiences and that through His Word I know that even though I had some great times in my first 19yrs+1day, that God has shown me that the second half of my career is going to be twice as good as the first half.

Thankful for an incredible parents who raised me and trained me up in the way I should go, they were great role models for me so that I know the difference between right and wrong.

Thankful for an incredible sister who I love dearly!

Thankful for an incredible extended family!

Thankful that God isn’t done with me yet!

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