Finish strong and finish healthy…

Finish the race

As the work week comes to an end there are but a few hours to make an impact and to finish strong. We need to start our weeks strong and finish them stronger. With so much going on around the world and so many external factors impacting people's lives, we need to cautious and aware.… Continue reading Finish strong and finish healthy…

This is it!

Today is the last day of my reading through the Bible in the a year plan. Tomorrow is a new day and will be something new. What will the new day bring? What will today bring? Today's just starting and we need to live through today before we can consider what's next. Today is the… Continue reading This is it!

What if you knew tomorrow was the end?

What if you found out there was just one more day? Would it change how you live out your today? Would it change where you would go? Would it change what you would do? Would it change what you would say? Would it make any difference at all to you? Would it matter what you… Continue reading What if you knew tomorrow was the end?

When would you stop giving your all?

Does it depend who is counting on you? Does it depend on what the goal is? Does it depend on the current score? Does it depend on who is leading the charge? Does it matter on others? Is it all up to you? Is there any reason to stop before it is over? Will you… Continue reading When would you stop giving your all?

Definition of Done!

Ever heard of the phrase "definition of done"? It is where criterion are defined and agreed to that define what done looks like. If any of them don't get completed then the work isn't considered completed. So what does done look like when it comes to us doing what we are being asked by God?… Continue reading Definition of Done!

Will you do you part of the deal?

When you make a deal with someone are you committed to finish your part? What if they do their part first? Will you follow through with your part of the deal? History shows examples of both cases. History shows repeated examples of how if or when people forget or get too comfortable they tend to… Continue reading Will you do you part of the deal?

Get it done!

Don't be so comfortable that you leave it undone. Don't be so satisfied that you leave it undone. Don't forget the promises and leave it undone. Don't forget the reality and leave it undone. Don't miss out on the hope and the future that has been planned and purposed for you by leaving it undone.… Continue reading Get it done!

Are you ready to be done?

Consider all the time. Consider all the effort. Consider all the investment. Consider all the work. Consider the purpose. Consider the plan. Consider the calling. Consider the joy. Consider the satisfaction. Consider the peace. Consider the realization of all of it. Consider how it will be used. Consider how it will be a blessing to… Continue reading Are you ready to be done?

It’s not over till God says it is over! The Bible’s Impact on Visual Arts (Jan 24th)

Ever felt like you were getting to the end of your rope? Ever felt like you were near the breaking point? Ever felt like things were getting to be too much? Ever felt like it was the end? But then discovered that it wasn't! God intervened and things changed? God spoke into your life and… Continue reading It’s not over till God says it is over! The Bible’s Impact on Visual Arts (Jan 24th)

4 days…

Timing... Perspective... Position... Placement... Action... Response... Questions... Answers... Retrospective... Control... Preparation... Faith... Peace... Joy... Hope... Trust... Love... Sow... Reap... Invest... Return... Steward... Selfless... Serve... Heart... Lead... Follow... Obey... Humility... Turn... Patience... Kindness... Goodness... Self-Control... Faithful... Gentleness... Endurance... Restraint... What will be next? What will end? What will begin? What will continue? What will change? What… Continue reading 4 days…

What’s leading or directing your decisions?

Faced with a decision to make, what is guiding you? Faced with decision to make, what is directing your path? Faced with decision to make, who or what are you following? How about at work when options come before you? How about in your country when it comes to picking leadership during the elections? How… Continue reading What’s leading or directing your decisions?

It’s time…

This morning as I looked to see what would be in my reading the reading that started my blog back in 2005 and also helped to form the name showed up. The book of Revelation! It's the book that spoke to me while God was working on me and in me to start blogging. nearly… Continue reading It’s time…

Passion (Day #4)

Don't be deceived! Don't be fooled! Don't be tricked! Jesus tells us that He won't be back till the end times. Jesus tells us that people are going to say they are the messiah to trick and lead people away! He came once for all! He gave His life once as the ultimate sacrifice for… Continue reading Passion (Day #4)

New beginnings! Renewal! New Life!

Where are you at today? Have you ever been to the point of feeling like you are at the end of yourself? Have you ever been in the situation where it was the end of a season, a phase, or something else? Have you ever been looking for a breakthrough, a what's next, a next… Continue reading New beginnings! Renewal! New Life!