Facing a difficult time?

Facing a rough time? Facing a challenging time? Facing a difficult time? What are you going to do? Where are you going to turn? How are you going to respond? Where will your hope come from? Where will you get strength to carry on? Today's reading comes from Psalm 97 as a good place to … Continue reading Facing a difficult time?


Know it all…


He was there in the beginning! He will be there in the in end! He knows everything about us and loves us! His love is so great that knowing the end He intervened by sending Jesus to be the one to help reconcile us back to Him! He knows the beginning and the end! He … Continue reading Know it all…

Let’s praise Him!

We should be able to do it daily! Today is Friday for me and how many times will someone say "Thank God it's Friday"? Who is up for saying "Thank God it's today" everyday! This is the day that the Lord has made so let's rejoice and be glad in it! So today let's submit … Continue reading Let’s praise Him!

What will it take for everyone to know who God really is?

Not gods that are man made. Not gods that are just people elevating themselves to power. Not goes that are statues. Not gods that are made of wood or stone or metals. Not made up gods to explain away what is taking place. Not gods that are used to manipulate others. Not gods that ebb … Continue reading What will it take for everyone to know who God really is?

Do you realize how you are treating God?

Are you being faithful as He is faithful to you? Are you sticking with Him as He sticks near to you? Are you loving as He is love? Are you being truthful as He is truth? Are you walking away from Him? Are you turning your back on Him? Are you worshipping someone or something … Continue reading Do you realize how you are treating God?