Do you realize what happens when you see something?

Do you realize you can’t unsee it? Do you realize that it’s not a case of garbage in and garbage out, it’s garbage in and garbage sticks or stays? Have you ever seen something and wished you could unsee it? Have you ever looked at something thinking it was going to bring you joy or pleasure and realized it has robbed you or stolen something from you? Have you ever read something that had a big impact on your life? for the better or even for the worse? How do you filter what you should or shouldn’t see? How do you filter what your kids should or shouldn’t see? How do you filter what is good and beneficial to see vs what is bad and detrimental? Do you allow the lust of the eyes to look? The eyes are the lamp of the body! Are your eyes healthy and allowing light into your soul? Are your eyes being opened to be enlightened? Are your eyes able to see what is real? Where are your eyes fixed?

Imagine if the last thing your eyes saw before you could see no more was devastation. Imagine if the last things your eyes saw before you could see no more was killing. Imagine if the last things your eyes saw before you could see no more were loved ones (family) being killed and  friends being killed. Imagine if right after that your eyes couldn’t see anymore and those were the last images to ever be seen…Do you realize how important it is the things we allow ourselves to see? They can’t be unseen and could torment you for a very long time.

Imagine if you had received a promise that you would be saved from the devastation. Imagine if you were told that you would see it but that you wouldn’t have to suffer it. Imagine if you were told you would be rescued and don’t have to worry about the travesty that you were about to witness.

We don’t need to seek revenge! Vengeance is mine says the Lord! Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay! We don’t need to bear a grudge, we are to love our neighbors! Don’t take revenge but instead leave room for God’s wrath! God knows what is happening to you! God knows what is going thru your mind and their mind! God is working this out in and thru each of you in a way that will produce good! God can take the plans for evil and turn them around and use them for good! Consider what happened to Joseph! Consider what happened to the exiles who stood strong with God! Consider Daniel and his friends! Was it easy? No! Was it worth it? Yes! Was God lifted up because of their faith and trust in Him? Yes! So don’t lose hope when you face trials of many kinds, but rather consider it pure joy for it will build up your faith and perseverance working in you so that in the end you will mature, complete, and lacking nothing! Don’t lose hope when you face troubles, because you will face troubles in this world, take hold of the hope of Jesus who overcame the world!

Let’s live our lives so that the people around us learn about Jesus and are saved! Let’s live lives that they want to have and will start to turn to and seek Jesus for themselves! Let’s let our lights shine into this dark world so that they will be able to see the hope and the love of God in and through our lives! Let’s be living sacrifices to God! Let’s live as holy temples to the Holy Spirit living in us so that it draws others towards God and points them to Jesus! Let’s be allowing God’s love to flow out of our hearts and thru our mouths to lift up people’s heads who are down, help them to receive the grace of God, help them be transformed by the power of Jesus as we were transformed!

It’s with our hearts that we believe and are justified! It’s with our mouths that we profess our faith and are saved!

Let’s help people so they won’t need to be put to shame! To do this we need to believe in Jesus and help them to do the same! For we know that as Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.” It’s not about where you come from or came from, because it is about the God we believe in and He will bless all who call on Him! All those who call on the name of the Lord will be saved! 

If we don’t tell people about Jesus, how will they know? If we don’t tell people about Jesus, how can they call on Him and be saved? If we don’t go into the world and share the Good News, how will they know? We are being sent into the world! We are being sent out to share the Good News! We are being sent out to not only teach but also to create disciples! We are being send out to also baptize them in the name of Jesus! We are being sent out to deliver the Good News!

We just have to do our part! Different people over time have received the message, but not all of them have received it!

Let’s thank God for today! Let’s give Him praise! Let’s pray!

Even as the week of american thanksgiving day is drawing near, we should be thankful daily for all God is doing and has done in and thru our lives! We have so much to be grateful! We should be bearing fruit, good fruit because of the hope that is within us and the saving power of Jesus! We should be sharing the grace of God with everyone God gives us the opportunity to share it with! Let’s walk in love! Let’s talk in love! Let’s speak the truth in love! Let’s be doing good work to the glory of God! Let’s not give up but be strengthened by God so that we can have endurance and patience, giving joyful thanks to the Father! Let’s live as though we have been forgiven since we have received Jesus into our heart and have been saved! Let’s forgive others as we have been forgiven! Jesus paid it all, so we didn’t have to, although in all reality we couldn’t have done enough to pay it off!

No matter what we go thru today, let’s praise God and lift up Jesus!

Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 39, 50, Romans 10, Colossians 1

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