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Do you care?

I know I do. What will you do about it? What will you say about it? Will you think about it? Do you care? Do you realize what will happen if they don’t turn back? Do you realize what will … Continue reading

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Benefits of alignment with God…

Do you realize there is such thing as absolute truth? Do you realize there is such thing as right and wrong? Do you realize there is such thing as good and evil? Do you realize that we all get to … Continue reading

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Do you see what is going on?

Take a look around and consider. Don’t just trust what you see on TV. Don’t just trust what you hear on the radio. Consider what information is available and surfacing. Search the market place! Search the political space! Search the … Continue reading

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How has the country been living?

Has it been living to higher standards or lowering them to the lowest common denominator? Has it been helping people up or holding them down? Has it been walking with integrity or has it turned its back and being corrupt? … Continue reading

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You do realize that some of the predictions people make were written a long time ago right?

There are people who are trying to use scare tactics to gain control. There are people who are using scare tactics to gain access. There are people who are using prophecy to prove their version of reality and cause for … Continue reading

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