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Are you being useful?

Is there anything getting in the way of you being able to be useful? Is there any habit you have? Is there any words you use? Is there any actions to take? Is there any thoughts that you have? Are there any people you hangout with? Is there any time that is being misused? Are you getting too comfortable because things have been so great? Are you putting your trust in the wrong things? Are you giving the wrong things priority? Are you more interested in stuff? Are you more interested in allowing substances to control or manipulate you?

Are you being useful?

How about at home? How about in your neighborhood? How about in your community? How about in your workplace? How about at school? Are you turning back to God? Are you walking out your day with God? Are you aligning yourself to His purpose and plans? Are you spending time with God? Are you making His priorities your priorities?

Who are you being useful to? In your words? In your actions? In your schedule? In your life?

Are you being useful to God?

Are you present when others need you? Are you bringing comfort and encouragement to others? Are you bringing refreshing and cheer? Are you bringing good news? Are you bringing the Good News? Are you ready to perform the good work God has prepared in advance for you to accomplish? Are you ready to take the lead? Are you ready to turn to God? Are you ready to bring Him into a difficult situation? Are you willing to answer God’s call? Are you ready to say “Here am I Lord“? Are you ready to say “Send me“? Are you ready to say “I’ll go“? Are you ready to be the one who will say “I’ll do it“?

So how will you be called to be useful for the glory of God’s kingdom? How will you respond? Will you be prepared? Let’s get ready for it now so that when it comes we are in the right state to respond and be used by God today for the glory of His kingdom!

How Can You Be Useful to God?

Day 247: Bible In One Year 2017

  1. Be prepared to take the lead … Psalm 105:23-36
  2. Turn to God in times of trouble … 2 Corinthians 7:2-16
  3. Respond to God’s call and say ‘I’ll go’ … Isaiah 5:8-8:10

Today’s Bible reading comes from: