DIES IRAE…(The Bible’s Impact on Music [May 18])

Have you made your choice? Have you chosen well? Have you decided to follow Jesus? Have you decided to make Him Lord and Savior? Will you decide before it is too late? Will you decided before time runs out? Do you know the options? Do you know the choices? Have you read His Word? Today's... Continue Reading →


Does God’s Word support your cause?

If you consider your cause, does God's Word support it? Does God's Word direct it? Does God's Word claim it? Does God's Word proclaim it? Does God's Word declare it? Over time there are cases where people will use God's Word for their purposes rather than have God's Word give them their purpose. The challenge... Continue Reading →

Are you dealing with it in order to give God the glory? Will you give up your yoke in exchange for Jesus’?

In this world we will have troubles. In this world we will face trials of many kinds. Are you in a situation where you are having to do work without pay? What about in the workplace? Do you treat your boss with honor? Do you live a life that will make sure that God's Word... Continue Reading →

Do you believe there is truth? Do you believe there are lies?

Do you believe there is absolute truth? Do you believe that things can be black and white rather than shades of grey? What do you believe about truth? Where do you think truth comes from? For there to be absolute truth there needs to be a decisive source, a measuring stick against which things can... Continue Reading →

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