Are you tired?

Long day? Late night? Early morning? All of the above? Do you realize how it impacts you? How it impacts you physically? How it impacts you emotionally? How it impacts you mentally? How it impacts your ability to be patient? How it impacts your memory? How it impacts your ability to concentrate? How it impacts… Continue reading Are you tired?

Do you take time to stop?

Do you make sure you get rest? Do you set apart time to stop? Do you have time to do a reset and be refreshed? Is there a day you set aside to stop and focus? Is there a day you set aside to wait and listen? If not, how is that working for you?… Continue reading Do you take time to stop?

Finding the balance between work and rest as it was designed.

If we go back to the beginning we see how in Genesis 1 that God worked 6 days and at the end of each day what he accomplished was good. Today's reading from Genesis 2 gets us started with day 7 which says: 'So the creation of the heavens and the earth and everything in… Continue reading Finding the balance between work and rest as it was designed.

To be restored!

Have you lost something? Have you been hurt? Have you been damaged? Have you been worn down or worn out? Are you tapped out or running out of gas? Are you burned out or exhausted? Are you ready to drop or debilitated? Do you know what to do? Do you know where to turn? Do… Continue reading To be restored!

Know how to find hope beyond your circumstances?

There is war and treat of war! There are nations against nations and kingdom against kingdoms! There are famines and earthquakes! In the days of Jeremiah they were told that there would swords, famine, and plagues before the city would be given to Babylon! But in and thru it all there was still hope given by… Continue reading Know how to find hope beyond your circumstances?

A time for restoration!

Take a look around at all that has been torn up, broken down, neglected, abolished and destroyed! You know what we need? We need a time to restore! Restore relationships! Restore community! Restore hope! Restore marriages! Restore families! Restore health! Restore behaviors that produce good! Restore values! Restore truth! Restore order! Restore the land! Restore… Continue reading A time for restoration!

Are you seeing straight?

Are you getting the message? Are you able to be aligned? Are you on the level? If there were a plumb line attached to your life how would it line up? How will you allow God to use your life? How will you answer the call? How will you respond to the higher calling? Will… Continue reading Are you seeing straight?

Not sure what to do? Turn to God!

In a tough situation? In a challenging time? Looking for answers? Looking for direction? Wondering where to go? Wondering what to say? Wondering what to do? Turn to God! Allow Him to grant you wisdom and for Him to get all the praise, honor, and glory! Eating Consecrated Bread 1Then David got up and left,… Continue reading Not sure what to do? Turn to God!

The rest of the story!

Where are you focusing?

Is your story looking tough? Is your story looking troubled? Are you going through some tough times? Are you being challenged? Are you facing trials of many kinds? Are there walls or mountains? Are there valleys or pits? Are you feeling beat up? Are you feeling attacked? Are you losing hope? Are you feeling down?… Continue reading The rest of the story!

Do you realize how important you are to God?

God's Word is a love letter to help us

Are you trying to find yourself? Are you trying to go and figure it all out on your own? Do you think you know it all and are leaving your parents to be able to do it your way? If you want to go and do it your way, make sure you go with God!… Continue reading Do you realize how important you are to God?