What does getting ready look like?

Does it require effort? Does it require a plan? Does it require an itinerary? Does it require commitment? Does it require time? Does it require sacrifice? Does it matter the type of event? Does it matter if it is for you or for others? Does it matter the timing? Does it matter the venue? Does […]

Do you have a plan? Are you ready? Get ready! Get set! Go!

So what’s the plan? You need a plan, not only for you but also for others. Where there is no vision the people perish. Once you have the plan you need to get ready. You need to be prepared. Not only you but the others too. You don’t want to end up like the people […]

Next man up…Next person up…

How are you living your life? How are you walking out your purpose? How are you following God’s plan? Are you preparing for whatever comes next? Are you getting ready in case they need to call you up? Are you going to be prepared when the opening comes? Are you working at the level necessary […]

How will you know the time?

Do you have an alarm? Do you have an app? Do you get a call? Do you get a text? Do you get an email? Does it get put on your calendar? What if you don’t know the day or the time, how do you get prepared? What if others are saying it is time […]

Are you ready? Are you setup? Are you prepared?

So what is the first step in your preparation process? What needs to be in place for you to get started? What if it was as simple as getting ready for dinner? What if it was a bit more and including guests coming over? What if it was getting ready for a new employee? What […]