The Story of Job. – Day 14

Ever wondered why? Ever gone looking for answers? Ever questioned the reason or the logic? Ever questioned the intentions or the purpose? Ever asked for an explanation? Ever questioned the perspective? What is keeping your spirits up? What is keeping your keep going attitude? Is it God's divine care? Is it God's supervision? Is it… Continue reading The Story of Job. – Day 14

Do justice! Love kindness! Walk humbly!

Do you realize that we have all missed the mark? Do you realize that God's will has been missed? Do you realize what God wants? Do you realize that since we couldn't do it in our own strength that He sent Jesus to make a way when we couldn't? Where have you missed the mark?… Continue reading Do justice! Love kindness! Walk humbly!

Ever been misinterpreted?

Ever try to do something nice and it get misinterpreted? Ever have someone take what you had planned for good and twist it? Ever done something out of a good heart and then it be received poorly? Make sure you have good friends and advisors, for they can take something that should have been good… Continue reading Ever been misinterpreted?

Do you realize He paid it all? Will you receive the gift of grace?

Ever done something you regretted? Ever done something bad? Ever been confronted with a situation that seemed to be more than you can handle? Turn to God! Ask Jesus into your situation! Give it all up to Him! Do you realize all He has already done for you? Do you realize that He has paid… Continue reading Do you realize He paid it all? Will you receive the gift of grace?

You are valued! God is faithful!

  Ever found that the world can chew you up and spit you out? Ever found that one day you seem to have value and the next it seems like you don't? Ever wondered what's the point? Ever asked why is this happening? Don't lose hope and don't give up! Press on and put your… Continue reading You are valued! God is faithful!