Will you allow your anger or frustration with others disqualify you from God’s purpose or plan?

What if God gave you something to do to help the people and they were doing things that got you upset? Would you do it like God said or would you allow that anger and frustration to overtake you and cause you to do it your own way? Would you be willing to risk disqualifying […]

Why is Friday happier than other days of the week? Why is today Good Friday?

Ever wondered or considered why people seem happier on Fridays? Ever considered if there might be a way to expand the happiness? Ever considered if there might be a way to make every day happy? What would it take? What would the parameters need to be? Who would be willing to take on the challenge […]

What does generosity look like to you?

Is it about being kind to others? Is it about giving to others? Is it about time? Is it about money? Is it going over the top rather than doing the bare minimum or what is necessary? Are you generous at home? Are you generous at work (or school if you are still in school)? […]

What will it take for you to walk towards God rather than continuing to walk away?

What will happen as you walk out of the protection of God’s hand? What will happen as you walk outside of His protection? We all have freewill and so we get to choose how we will walk out this life. Will it take a sign or wonder to get your attention and make you return […]

Are you ready for reconciliation?

Where are you at? Did someone do something really bad to you? Did you do something really bad to someone else? Are you ready to forgive them? Are you ready to ask for forgiveness? Are you willing to meet them right where they are at? Are you willing to go back in order to find […]