What makes today happy?

Is it a special day? Is there a party? Is there a reason? Is there something special about it?

Today is the day that the Lord has made, so lets rejoice and be glad in it! Don’t let anything rob us of that joy for the joy of the Lord is our strength! There ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy, how about you?

The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

There ain’t nothing
gonna steal my joy

Does it have to be a holiday? Does it have to be a weekend? Does it have to be a birthday? Does it have to be an anniversary? Does it have to be a party? Does it have to be a gathering? Or can it all be about the overflow of the joy of the Lord pouring out of your life?

Not feeling it? Why not fill up with Him? Did you listen to the above 2 songs? If not and you are questioning start with the one just above and then the first one. Don’t read on till you have listen to both and then come back to this point and continue.

Feeling it more? Needing more? Why not try going to the first one and watch it in YouTube and and allow YouTube to play thru a few more worship songs? This is the day the Lord has made! Music doesn’t work for everyone, so let’s do something powerful and turn to God’s love letter found in the Bible.

Even on special days, sometimes we need to know how much we are loved. Even on special days, the devil will try to rob us of our joy. Even on special days, people will do things or say things that will try to rob us of our joy. But we can’t let that cause us to lose our joy for the joy of the Lord of the joy is our strength and so if we feel it draining from us, lets turn back to God and be refilled. Let’s allow God’s Word to be our fuel for a new day so that in and through us and our lives God will receive the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’s name.

Today’s reading from God’s Word:

  • Nehemiah 5
  • Nehemiah 6
  • Nehemiah 7:1-4
  • Ezekiel 46
  • Ezekiel 47:1-12
  • Acts 24:1-9
  • Revelation 17:11-18
  • Psalms 138

We need to defend the oppressed. We need to support the orphans and widows.

We need to ensure that the rules and ways of doing business don’t harm the oppressed.

Let’s live out our lives in a way that shows reverence to God so that in and through our lives, as living sacrifices, He will receive the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’s name.

Let’s live out our lives with the wisdom of the Lord

Let’s not be fooled or tricked but rather live out our lives with the discernment that comes with the Holy Spirit. Trust God!

Let’s complete the good work that God has prepared in advance for us to accomplish.

Let’s be living sacrifices to our God that are pleasing to Him.

Let’s be living out our lives to supporting life and flourishing.

Let’s allow the living water of Jesus to flow in and through us so that there will be life wherever we go.

Let’s be a part of the victory by being on Jesus’s side.

Let’s be a part of the people who will spend eternity with God and not in the pit with the devil.

Let’s give God thanks and praise Him.

‘I give you thanks, O Lord , with all my heart; I will sing your praises before the gods. I bow before your holy Temple as I worship. I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness; for your promises are backed by all the honor of your name. As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength. Every king in all the earth will thank you, Lord , for all of them will hear your words. Yes, they will sing about the Lord ’s ways, for the glory of the Lord is very great. Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble, but he keeps his distance from the proud. Though I am surrounded by troubles, you will protect me from the anger of my enemies. You reach out your hand, and the power of your right hand saves me. The Lord will work out his plans for my life— for your faithful love, O Lord , endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me.’

Psalms 138:1-8

So where are you at today? My hope and prayer is that You will ask Jesus into your heart so that I will get to spend eternity in God’s presence with you. Are you ready for forgiveness and peace? Are you ready for a hope and a future? Are you ready for a transformation where the old is gone and the new has come? Are you ready to being the journey of knowing right from wrong? Then let’s pray together to invite Jesus into your heart and your life so that His peace which surpasses all understanding can guide you and comfort you, protect your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. If this is the first time you have prayed to invite Jesus into your heart, leave me a comment so that I can rejoice with the angels in Heaven. If this is a re commitment to Jesus, leave me a comment so that I can rejoice with the angels in Heaven. If you are still questioning or seeking, don’t go it alone, feel free to leave me a comment so we can discuss it.

Let’s pray:

This morning when I landed on Bing to get my reward points it started with this page:

Yes, today is my birthday but that isn’t what makes it happy. Thank You Jesus for this new day You have created and have prepared in advance for me. Thank You Jesus for the strength I receive through the joy You have provided me. Thank You for today!

Why is Friday happier than other days of the week? Why is today Good Friday?

Ever wondered or considered why people seem happier on Fridays? Ever considered if there might be a way to expand the happiness? Ever considered if there might be a way to make every day happy? What would it take? What would the parameters need to be? Who would be willing to take on the challenge and allow the joy of the Lord that is their strength to inject joy into everybody else’s day so that more people could have a full week of Happy Todays?

Today is Good Friday. When we consider what this day represents it is the day that Jesus was crucified. When we reflect on that, do you ever wonder what could be good about such a brutal and cruel event? Could it be Good because Jesus paid the price for all the sins of humanity in order that we can be forgiven and reconciled back to God? Could it be Good because it is the Friday during the Holy Week? Is the Friday before Easter Good Friday for you?

Today’s reading gets us started in Numbers 19.

‘The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Here is another legal requirement commanded by the Lord : Tell the people of Israel to bring you a red heifer, a perfect animal that has no defects and has never been yoked to a plow. Give it to Eleazar the priest, and it will be taken outside the camp and slaughtered in his presence. Eleazar will take some of its blood on his finger and sprinkle it seven times toward the front of the Tabernacle. As Eleazar watches, the heifer must be burned—its hide, meat, blood, and dung. Eleazar the priest must then take a stick of cedar, a hyssop branch, and some scarlet yarn and throw them into the fire where the heifer is burning. “Then the priest must wash his clothes and bathe himself in water. Afterward he may return to the camp, though he will remain ceremonially unclean until evening. The man who burns the animal must also wash his clothes and bathe himself in water, and he, too, will remain unclean until evening. Then someone who is ceremonially clean will gather up the ashes of the heifer and deposit them in a purified place outside the camp. They will be kept there for the community of Israel to use in the water for the purification ceremony. This ceremony is performed for the removal of sin. The man who gathers up the ashes of the heifer must also wash his clothes, and he will remain ceremonially unclean until evening. This is a permanent law for the people of Israel and any foreigners who live among them. “All those who touch a dead human body will be ceremonially unclean for seven days. They must purify themselves on the third and seventh days with the water of purification; then they will be purified. But if they do not do this on the third and seventh days, they will continue to be unclean even after the seventh day. All those who touch a dead body and do not purify themselves in the proper way defile the Lord ’s Tabernacle, and they will be cut off from the community of Israel. Since the water of purification was not sprinkled on them, their defilement continues. “This is the ritual law that applies when someone dies inside a tent: All those who enter that tent and those who were inside when the death occurred will be ceremonially unclean for seven days. Any open container in the tent that was not covered with a lid is also defiled. And if someone in an open field touches the corpse of someone who was killed with a sword or who died a natural death, or if someone touches a human bone or a grave, that person will be defiled for seven days. “To remove the defilement, put some of the ashes from the burnt purification offering in a jar, and pour fresh water over them. Then someone who is ceremonially clean must take a hyssop branch and dip it into the water. That person must sprinkle the water on the tent, on all the furnishings in the tent, and on the people who were in the tent; also on the person who touched a human bone, or touched someone who was killed or who died naturally, or touched a grave. On the third and seventh days the person who is ceremonially clean must sprinkle the water on those who are defiled. Then on the seventh day the people being cleansed must wash their clothes and bathe themselves, and that evening they will be cleansed of their defilement. “But those who become defiled and do not purify themselves will be cut off from the community, for they have defiled the sanctuary of the Lord . Since the water of purification has not been sprinkled on them, they remain defiled. This is a permanent law for the people. Those who sprinkle the water of purification must afterward wash their clothes, and anyone who then touches the water used for purification will remain defiled until evening. Anything and anyone that a defiled person touches will be ceremonially unclean until evening.”’

Numbers 19

Today’s reading then introduces us to Amos starting with Amos 1

‘This message was given to Amos, a shepherd from the town of Tekoa in Judah. He received this message in visions two years before the earthquake, when Uzziah was king of Judah and Jeroboam II, the son of Jehoash, was king of Israel. This is what he saw and heard: “The Lord ’s voice will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem! The lush pastures of the shepherds will dry up; the grass on Mount Carmel will wither and die.”

This is what the Lord says: “The people of Damascus have sinned again and again, and I will not let them go unpunished! They beat down my people in Gilead as grain is threshed with iron sledges. So I will send down fire on King Hazael’s palace, and the fortresses of King Ben-hadad will be destroyed. I will break down the gates of Damascus and slaughter the people in the valley of Aven. I will destroy the ruler in Beth-eden, and the people of Aram will go as captives to Kir,” says the Lord . This is what the Lord says: “The people of Gaza have sinned again and again, and I will not let them go unpunished! They sent whole villages into exile, selling them as slaves to Edom. So I will send down fire on the walls of Gaza, and all its fortresses will be destroyed. I will slaughter the people of Ashdod and destroy the king of Ashkelon. Then I will turn to attack Ekron, and the few Philistines still left will be killed,” says the Sovereign Lord . This is what the Lord says: “The people of Tyre have sinned again and again, and I will not let them go unpunished! They broke their treaty of brotherhood with Israel, selling whole villages as slaves to Edom. So I will send down fire on the walls of Tyre, and all its fortresses will be destroyed.” This is what the Lord says: “The people of Edom have sinned again and again, and I will not let them go unpunished! They chased down their relatives, the Israelites, with swords, showing them no mercy. In their rage, they slashed them continually and were unrelenting in their anger. So I will send down fire on Teman, and the fortresses of Bozrah will be destroyed.” This is what the Lord says: “The people of Ammon have sinned again and again, and I will not let them go unpunished! When they attacked Gilead to extend their borders, they ripped open pregnant women with their swords. So I will send down fire on the walls of Rabbah, and all its fortresses will be destroyed. The battle will come upon them with shouts, like a whirlwind in a mighty storm. And their king and his princes will go into exile together,” says the Lord .’

==Amos 1

and continuing into Amos 2.

‘This is what the Lord says: “The people of Moab have sinned again and again, and I will not let them go unpunished! They desecrated the bones of Edom’s king, burning them to ashes. So I will send down fire on the land of Moab, and all the fortresses in Kerioth will be destroyed. The people will fall in the noise of battle, as the warriors shout and the ram’s horn sounds. And I will destroy their king and slaughter all their princes,” says the Lord .’

Amos 2:1=3

Today’s reading then brings us into the New Testament starting with Matthew 5

‘“You have also heard that our ancestors were told, ‘You must not break your vows; you must carry out the vows you make to the Lord .’ But I say, do not make any vows! Do not say, ‘By heaven!’ because heaven is God’s throne. And do not say, ‘By the earth!’ because the earth is his footstool. And do not say, ‘By Jerusalem!’ for Jerusalem is the city of the great King. Do not even say, ‘By my head!’ for you can’t turn one hair white or black. Just say a simple, ‘Yes, I will,’ or ‘No, I won’t.’ Anything beyond this is from the evil one.

“You have heard the law that says the punishment must match the injury: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also. If you are sued in court and your shirt is taken from you, give your coat, too. If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles. Give to those who ask, and don’t turn away from those who want to borrow.

“You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike. If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that. But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.’

Matthew 5:33-48

and continuing into Romans 3.

‘Well then, should we conclude that we Jews are better than others? No, not at all, for we have already shown that all people, whether Jews or Gentiles, are under the power of sin. As the Scriptures say, “No one is righteous— not even one. No one is truly wise; no one is seeking God. All have turned away; all have become useless. No one does good, not a single one.” “Their talk is foul, like the stench from an open grave. Their tongues are filled with lies.” “Snake venom drips from their lips.” “Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.” “They rush to commit murder. Destruction and misery always follow them. They don’t know where to find peace.” “They have no fear of God at all.” Obviously, the law applies to those to whom it was given, for its purpose is to keep people from having excuses, and to show that the entire world is guilty before God. For no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands. The law simply shows us how sinful we are.’

Romans 3:9-20

As we meditate on today’s Word and consider its application into our lives, lets pray and thank God for today. Let’s thank God for Jesus’s sacrifice but not stop there, let’s celebrate the victory through Jesus as He conquered the grave and rose from the dead on Easter. Let’s not grow weary in doing good works. Let’s not allow the lies and the attacks of the devil to rob us of our joy. Let’s take hold of the fact that we have this day to live and celebrate no matter what happens Happy Today!

Today’s reading concludes with Psalms 109.

‘O God, whom I praise, don’t stand silent and aloof while the wicked slander me and tell lies about me. They surround me with hateful words and fight against me for no reason. I love them, but they try to destroy me with accusations even as I am praying for them! They repay evil for good, and hatred for my love. They say, “Get an evil person to turn against him. Send an accuser to bring him to trial. When his case comes up for judgment, let him be pronounced guilty. Count his prayers as sins. Let his years be few; let someone else take his position. May his children become fatherless, and his wife a widow. May his children wander as beggars and be driven from their ruined homes. May creditors seize his entire estate, and strangers take all he has earned. Let no one be kind to him; let no one pity his fatherless children. May all his offspring die. May his family name be blotted out in the next generation. May the Lord never forget the sins of his fathers; may his mother’s sins never be erased from the record. May the Lord always remember these sins, and may his name disappear from human memory. For he refused all kindness to others; he persecuted the poor and needy, and he hounded the brokenhearted to death. He loved to curse others; now you curse him. He never blessed others; now don’t you bless him. Cursing is as natural to him as his clothing, or the water he drinks, or the rich food he eats. Now may his curses return and cling to him like clothing; may they be tied around him like a belt.” May those curses become the Lord ’s punishment for my accusers who speak evil of me. But deal well with me, O Sovereign Lord , for the sake of your own reputation! Rescue me because you are so faithful and good. For I am poor and needy, and my heart is full of pain. I am fading like a shadow at dusk; I am brushed off like a locust. My knees are weak from fasting, and I am skin and bones. I am a joke to people everywhere; when they see me, they shake their heads in scorn. Help me, O Lord my God! Save me because of your unfailing love. Let them see that this is your doing, that you yourself have done it, Lord . Then let them curse me if they like, but you will bless me! When they attack me, they will be disgraced! But I, your servant, will go right on rejoicing! May my accusers be clothed with disgrace; may their humiliation cover them like a cloak. But I will give repeated thanks to the Lord , praising him to everyone. For he stands beside the needy, ready to save them from those who condemn them.’

Psalms 109

Are you happy? What kind of happy? What could make it last?

Ever considered the source of your happiness and the type of happiness you are experiencing? Ever considered the motivation or reason for that type of happiness? Ever considered the longevity for that type of happiness?

What kind of happy is “pleasure”?

 ‘Pleasure’ can come from a good holiday, a pay rise or a box of chocolates. People can become pleasure addicts – always seeking the next fix. But these experiences of pleasure come and go.

What kind of happy is “content”?

‘Contentment’ is longer term – being satisfied with your life, your home, your job and your relationships.

What kind of happy is “joy”?

 ‘joy’. It is not a fleeting emotion, but a deep way of being – a state of mind that is available to everybody. It is not found in things, but in a Person. 

When we accept Jesus into our lives, the joy of the Lord becomes our strength and our world and our lives is transformed in ways we couldn’t have asked for nor imagined! Our joy is found in Jesus, which means in all situation, in all circumstances, we can have joy!

So will you open up to the potential of a happiness that will last? Will you open up to receive a joy unspeakable? Will you invite Jesus into your life today?


Surprised by Joy

Day 283: Bible In One Year 2017

  1. Joy in studying the Bible … Psalm 119:9-16
  2. Joy of leading others to faith in Jesus … 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13
  3. Joy in the friendship of Jesus … Jeremiah 21:1-23:8


Today’s reading from God’s Word:

Are you content in every situation?

Despite or in spite of what going on around you and in your life, can you be happy?

Despite or in spite of what going on around you and in your life, can you be satisfied?

Despite or in spite of what going on around you and in your life, can you be fulfilled?

Despite or in spite of what going on around you and in your life, can you be at peace?

If yes, what is the key for you in being able to live that way?

For me it is a relationship and trust in God.

Ever read what Paul wrote on the subject?

10 How I praise the Lord that you are concerned about me again. I know you have always been concerned for me, but you didn’t have the chance to help me. 11 Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. 12 I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little. 13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

–from Philippians 4:10-13

It takes a relationship with Jesus! In Him and through Him, we can do all thing! In Him and through Him, He strengthens me! We need to live based on our position in Jesus rather than allowing the ebbs and flow of our feelings to manipulate us! We need to take hold of the truth of God’s love letter (Father’s Love Letter) to us (the Bible) and consider Ephesians 1:3 which says “Praise be to the God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” since God has provided us with a loving Father and the Holy Spirit who is our comforter and our guide. Media, society, and the devil keep trying to tempt you for more, never being satisfied because there is always something newer, bigger or even better to buy! It bigger than today! Consider the victory you have thanks to Jesus! Consider the position you have as co-heir with Christ! I read the end of the book and Jesus wins! I read the New Testament and Jesus conquered the grave and broke the chains and power of sin over our lives! So with all the good, the truth, and the love, we can be filled and choose to be content in every situation! The choice is ours! It was given to us from the beginning! Will we choose to go with God or against God? We each have to make that decision for ourselves! We can set an example but it is up to others to pick up the baton and finish their race for themselves! Some will work the hard ground! Some will till the soil! Some will pull up the weeds! Some will plant seeds! Some will water! God will make it grow!

Let’s take hold of Matthew 6:25 which says…

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

–from Matthew 6:25

Let’s seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness rather than worrying…

32 These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. 33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

–from Matthew 6:32-33

Worry changes nothing whereas prayer changes everything!

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

–from Philippians 4:6

So as we begin today, let’s take hold of Hebrews 13 where it says..

Don’t love money; be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.” So we can say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”

–from Hebrews 13:5-6

Want to win? Choose Jesus to be your Lord and Savior! Choose that He will be both in your life! And then live out this life on earth content no matter what circumstances come your way!

Today’s reading from Philippians gives us this piece of information to take hold of…

4Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice! 5Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon.
6Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
8And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 9Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.

–from Philippians 4

Today’s reading from God’s Word:

The Key to Contentment

Day 276: Bible In One Year 2017

  1. Find soul satisfaction in God’s wisdom … Proverbs 24:5-14
  2. Find the secret in Christ Jesus … Philippians 4:2-23
  3. Find soul rest on God’s paths … Jeremiah 6:1-7:29


Things that make you sad…Things that make you glad…

What is your daily attitude like? Ever had something happen that makes you sad? Ever had something that makes you glad? Do you have a stabilizer for your emotions? Is there something that enables you no matter the circumstance to have joy? Are you able to let the joy of the Lord be your strength? Do you allow times of trials to be considered pure joy? Ever been downcast or depressed? Ever wondered how to get over or get passed being downcast? Ever gotten so down because of the circumstances you are facing that you wondered what can you do? For me the key is to trust in God! For me the solution was the power of forgiveness … for me and from me!

Let’s take a look into today’s reading and see what God has to say…

Sadness and Gladness

16“In a little while you will not see me any more, and then a little while later you will see me.” 17Some of his disciples asked among themselves, “What does this mean? He tells us that in a little while we will not see him, and then a little while later we will see him; and he also says, ‘It is because I am going to the Father.’ 18What does this ‘a little while’ mean? We don’t know what he is talking about!”
19Jesus knew that they wanted to question him, so he said to them, “I said, ‘In a little while you will not see me, and then a little while later you will see me.’ Is this what you are asking about among yourselves? 20I am telling you the truth: you will cry and weep, but the world will be glad; you will be sad, but your sadness will turn into gladness. 21When a woman is about to give birth, she is sad because her hour of suffering has come; but when the baby is born, she forgets her suffering, because she is happy that a baby has been born into the world. 22That is how it is with you: now you are sad, but I will see you again, and your hearts will be filled with gladness, the kind of gladness that no one can take away from you. 23“When that day comes, you will not ask me for anything. I am telling you the truth: the Father will give you whatever you ask of him in my name. 24Until now you have not asked for anything in my name; ask and you will receive, so that your happiness may be complete.

–from John 16

So turn to God! Ask believing in what Jesus says! Allow God to be your source and reason and purpose for being happy and complete! Yes we will face trials of many kinds, but Jesus tells us to consider it pure joy because its work will be completed and we will end being complete and lacking nothing! Jesus is going to come back! He is able to use all things and turn them around and use them for good, even what the enemy may have tried to use to trip you up! Things may look impossible to man, but all things are possible for God! Jesus gave His all to make a way when there was no way we could have gone in our own strength!

The Scroll and the Lamb

1I saw a scroll in the right hand of the one who sits on the throne; it was covered with writing on both sides and was sealed with seven seals. 2And I saw a mighty angel, who announced in a loud voice, “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?” 3But there was no one in heaven or on earth or in the world below who could open the scroll and look inside it. 4I cried bitterly because no one could be found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside it. 5Then one of the elders said to me, “Don’t cry. Look! The Lion from Judah’s tribe, the great descendant of David, has won the victory, and he can break the seven seals and open the scroll.” 6Then I saw a Lamb standing in the center of the throne, surrounded by the four living creatures and the elders. The Lamb appeared to have been killed. It had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God that have been sent through the whole earth. 7The Lamb went and took the scroll from the right hand of the one who sits on the throne. 8As he did so, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each had a harp and gold bowls filled with incense, which are the prayers of God’s people. 9They sang a new song: “You are worthy to take the scroll and to break open its seals. For you were killed, and by your sacrificial death you bought for God people from every tribe, language, nation, and race. 10You have made them a kingdom of priests to serve our God, and they shall rule on earth.” 11Again I looked, and I heard angels, thousands and millions of them! They stood around the throne, the four living creatures, and the elders, 12and sang in a loud voice: “The Lamb who was killed is worthy to receive power, wealth, wisdom, and strength, honor, glory, and praise!” 13And I heard every creature in heaven, on earth, in the world below, and in the sea—all living beings in the universe—and they were singing: “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb, be praise and honor, glory and might, forever and ever!” 14The four living creatures answered, “Amen!” And the elders fell down and worshiped.

–from Revelation 5

It may not be about you! There might be a bigger reason! There may be a bigger purpose! Consider this, it may not be all about you! As I type that I reflect on the little stone in my pants pocket that is a reminder for this life, this weekend, and forever! Remember God wants to work in and through us! We are to be His ambassadors of grace and mercy to the world around us! It may be that you are the only “church” the only visible appearance of Jesus the person has or will ever see! It may be so that others realize it is beyond religion, it’s all about relationship!

1I have made a solemn promise never to look with lust at a woman. 2What does Almighty God do to us? How does he repay human deeds? 3He sends disaster and ruin to those who do wrong. 4God knows everything I do; he sees every step I take. 5I swear I have never acted wickedly and never tried to deceive others. 6Let God weigh me on honest scales, and he will see how innocent I am. 7If I have turned from the right path or let myself be attracted to evil, if my hands are stained with sin, 8then let my crops be destroyed, or let others eat the food I grow. 9If I have been attracted to my neighbor’s wife, and waited, hidden, outside her door, 10then let my wife cook another man’s food and sleep in another man’s bed. 11Such wickedness should be punished by death. 12It would be like a destructive, hellish fire, consuming everything I have. 13When any of my servants complained against me, I would listen and treat them fairly. 14If I did not, how could I then face God? What could I say when God came to judge me? 15The same God who created me created my servants also. 16I have never refused to help the poor; never have I let widows live in despair 17or let orphans go hungry while I ate. 18All my life I have taken care of them. 19When I found someone in need, too poor to buy clothes, 20I would give him clothing made of wool that had come from my own flock of sheep. Then he would praise me with all his heart. 21If I have ever cheated an orphan, knowing I could win in court, 22then may my arms be broken; may they be torn from my shoulders. 23Because I fear God’s punishment, I could never do such a thing. 24I have never trusted in riches 25or taken pride in my wealth. 26I have never worshiped the sun in its brightness or the moon in all its beauty. 27I have not been led astray to honor them by kissing my hand in reverence to them. 28Such a sin should be punished by death; it denies Almighty God. 29I have never been glad when my enemies suffered, or pleased when they met with disaster; 30I never sinned by praying for their death. 31All those who work for me know that I have always welcomed strangers. 32I invited travelers into my home and never let them sleep in the streets. 33Others try to hide their sins, but I have never concealed mine. 34I have never feared what people would say; I have never kept quiet or stayed indoors because I feared their scorn. 35Will no one listen to what I am saying? I swear that every word is true. Let Almighty God answer me. If the charges my opponent brings against me were written down so that I could see them, 36I would wear them proudly on my shoulder and place them on my head like a crown. 37I would tell God everything I have done, and hold my head high in his presence. 38If I have stolen the land I farm and taken it from its rightful owners—39if I have eaten the food that grew there but let the farmers that grew it starve—40then instead of wheat and barley, may weeds and thistles grow. The words of Job are ended.

–from Job 31

Consider your attitude towards others! Consider your attitude towards your neighbors! Consider your attitude towards God’s people!

1These are the words of Amos, a shepherd from the town of Tekoa. Two years before the earthquake, when Uzziah was king of Judah and Jeroboam son of Jehoash was king of Israel, God revealed to Amos all these things about Israel. 2Amos said, “The Lord roars from Mount Zion; his voice thunders from Jerusalem. The pastures dry up, and the grass on Mount Carmel turns brown.”

God’s Judgment on Israel’s Neighbors


3The Lord says, “The people of Damascus have sinned again and again, and for this I will certainly punish them. They treated the people of Gilead with savage cruelty. 4So I will send fire upon the palace built by King Hazael and I will burn down the fortresses of King Benhadad. 5I will smash the city gates of Damascus and remove the inhabitants of Aven Valley and the ruler of Betheden. The people of Syria will be taken away as prisoners to the land of Kir.”


6The Lord says, “The people of Gaza have sinned again and again, and for this I will certainly punish them. They carried off a whole nation and sold them as slaves to the people of Edom. 7So I will send fire upon the city walls of Gaza and burn down its fortresses. 8I will remove the rulers of the cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon. I will punish the city of Ekron, and all the Philistines who are left will die.”


9The Lord says, “The people of Tyre have sinned again and again, and for this I will certainly punish them. They carried off a whole nation into exile in the land of Edom, and did not keep the treaty of friendship they had made. 10So I will send fire upon the city walls of Tyre and burn down its fortresses.”


11The Lord says, “The people of Edom have sinned again and again, and for this I will certainly punish them. They hunted down their relatives, the Israelites, and showed them no mercy. Their anger had no limits, and they never let it die. 12So I will send fire upon the city of Teman and burn down the fortresses of Bozrah.”


13The Lord says, “The people of Ammon have sinned again and again, and for this I will certainly punish them. In their wars for more territory they even ripped open pregnant women in Gilead. 14So I will send fire upon the city walls of Rabbah and burn down its fortresses. Then there will be shouts on the day of battle, and the fighting will rage like a storm. 15Their king and his officers will go into exile.”

–from Amos 1

We can’t justify ourselves! We can’t do enough to be right with God! We have messed up! We have tripped up! We have missed the mark! Jesus is the answer! Jesus is the way! We can’t save ourselves, however, through Jesus, we are saved by grace through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


1The Lord says, “The people of Moab have sinned again and again, and for this I will certainly punish them. They dishonored the bones of the king of Edom by burning them to ashes. 2I will send fire upon the land of Moab and burn down the fortresses of Kerioth. The people of Moab will die in the noise of battle while soldiers are shouting and trumpets are sounding. 3I will kill the ruler of Moab and all the leaders of the land.”


4The Lord says, “The people of Judah have sinned again and again, and for this I will certainly punish them. They have despised my teachings and have not kept my commands. They have been led astray by the same false gods that their ancestors served. 5So I will send fire upon Judah and burn down the fortresses of Jerusalem.”

God’s Judgment on Israel

6The Lord says, “The people of Israel have sinned again and again, and for this I will certainly punish them. They sell into slavery honest people who cannot pay their debts, the poor who cannot repay even the price of a pair of sandals. 7They trample down the weak and helpless and push the poor out of the way. A man and his father have intercourse with the same slave woman, and so profane my holy name. 8At every place of worship people sleep on clothing that they have taken from the poor as security for debts. In the temple of their God they drink wine which they have taken from those who owe them money.
9“And yet, my people, it was for your sake that I totally destroyed the Amorites, who were as tall as cedar trees and as strong as oaks. 10I brought you out of Egypt, led you through the desert for forty years, and gave you the land of the Amorites to be your own. 11I chose some of your sons to be prophets and some of your young men to be nazirites. Isn’t this true, people of Israel? I, the Lord, have spoken. 12But you made the nazirites drink wine, and ordered the prophets not to speak my message. 13And now I will crush you to the ground, and you will groan like a cart loaded with grain. 14Not even fast runners will escape; strong men will lose their strength, and soldiers will not be able to save their own lives. 15Archers will not stand their ground, fast runners will not get away, and men on horses will not escape with their lives. 16On that day even the bravest soldiers will drop their weapons and run.” The Lord has spoken.

–from Amos 2

It’s a matter of the heart! Do you acknowledge what happened and will you turn back to God?

So much of what is tough through Jesus and through the Bible point back to where is our heart in how we live. From the overflow of our hearts our mouth speaks! Do you realize how you got to this point? Do you realize the good you did? Do you realize the mistakes you made? Do you realize that you need forgiveness? Do you realize that bitterness isn’t where you need to be, but that forgiveness is the key to true freedom? Are you mocking God? Are you blaming God? Are you turning to God for help and forgiveness and wholeness?

In this morning’s reading we see that it starts with Jesus and 2 criminals on the cross. Which one would you say most resembles your heart and your attitude?

38Above him were written these words: “This is the King of the Jews.” 39One of the criminals hanging there hurled insults at him: “Aren’t you the Messiah? Save yourself and us!” 40The other one, however, rebuked him, saying, “Don’t you fear God? You received the same sentence he did. 41Ours, however, is only right, because we are getting what we deserve for what we did; but he has done no wrong.” 42And he said to Jesus, “Remember me, Jesus, when you come as King!” 43Jesus said to him, “I promise you that today you will be in Paradise with me.” –from Luke 23

How do you view the world? What is the state of your heart? How is your response reflecting what is in your heart? How are your words reflecting what is in your heart? From the overflow of the heart, your mouth speaks!

Don’t run away! Run to God! Don’t run from! Run to! Consider the heart of the Father! For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son not to condemn the world, but that through Him the world could be saved! So that everyone who believes in Him would not perish but have eternal life! God’s plan is good! God’s plan is that we would have life to the full! God’s plan is to prosper you and not to harm you, He plans to give you hope and a future. So let’s come near to God! Let’s make Him and His plans and His purpose for our lives to be our plan and our purpose and our focus!

Let Us Come Near to God

19We have, then, my friends, complete freedom to go into the Most Holy Place by means of the death of Jesus. 20He opened for us a new way, a living way, through the curtain—that is, through his own body. 21We have a great priest in charge of the house of God. 22So let us come near to God with a sincere heart and a sure faith, with hearts that have been purified from a guilty conscience and with bodies washed with clean water. 23Let us hold on firmly to the hope we profess, because we can trust God to keep his promise. 24Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good. 25Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more, since you see that the Day of the Lord is coming nearer. 26For there is no longer any sacrifice that will take away sins if we purposely go on sinning after the truth has been made known to us. 27Instead, all that is left is to wait in fear for the coming Judgment and the fierce fire which will destroy those who oppose God! 28Anyone who disobeys the Law of Moses is put to death without any mercy when judged guilty from the evidence of two or more witnesses. 29What, then, of those who despise the Son of God? who treat as a cheap thing the blood of God’s covenant which purified them from sin? who insult the Spirit of grace? Just think how much worse is the punishment they will deserve! 30For we know who said, “I will take revenge, I will repay”; and who also said, “The Lord will judge his people.” 31It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God! 32Remember how it was with you in the past. In those days, after God’s light had shone on you, you suffered many things, yet were not defeated by the struggle. 33You were at times publicly insulted and mistreated, and at other times you were ready to join those who were being treated in this way. 34You shared the sufferings of prisoners, and when all your belongings were seized, you endured your loss gladly, because you knew that you still possessed something much better, which would last forever. 35Do not lose your courage, then, because it brings with it a great reward. 36You need to be patient, in order to do the will of God and receive what he promises. 37For, as the scripture says, “Just a little while longer, and he who is coming will come; he will not delay. 38My righteous people, however, will believe and live; but if any of them turns back, I will not be pleased with them.” 39We are not people who turn back and are lost. Instead, we have faith and are saved.

–from Hebrews 10

Let’s live like the people God created us to be! Are you lost? God has been calling you! Are you lost? Let’s come together in faith and cry out to God and allow His plan and His purpose to bring you into the fold so that you can be saved! God’s got great plans for you! He created you on purpose with a purpose! Don’t lose hope!

Need wisdom? Turn to God’s Word! Need fellowship and friendship? Look for a Bible believing, Bible preaching church!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Let’s start it off with God!

1Never boast about tomorrow. You don’t know what will happen between now and then. 2Let other people praise you—even strangers; never do it yourself. 3The weight of stone and sand is nothing compared to the trouble that stupidity can cause. 4Anger is cruel and destructive, but it is nothing compared to jealousy. 5Better to correct someone openly than to let him think you don’t care for him at all. 6Friends mean well, even when they hurt you. But when an enemy puts his arm around your shoulder—watch out! 7When you are full, you will refuse honey, but when you are hungry, even bitter food tastes sweet. 8Anyone away from home is like a bird away from its nest. 9Perfume and fragrant oils make you feel happier, but trouble shatters your peace of mind. 10Do not forget your friends or your father’s friends. If you are in trouble, don’t ask a relative for help; a nearby neighbor can help you more than relatives who are far away. 11Be wise, my child, and I will be happy; I will have an answer for anyone who criticizes me. 12Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later. 13Any people stupid enough to promise to be responsible for a stranger’s debts deserve to have their own property held to guarantee payment. 14You might as well curse your friends as wake them up early in the morning with a loud greeting. –from Proverbs 27

Do people see you as different? Do they wonder why you are so happy? why are you always smiling?

Imagine going to your place and someone comes up to you and asks “why are you always smiling” or “why are you always so happy”, are you prepared with an answer? There are many reasons for me, actually probably can be grouped into 2:

  1. I had my morning devotional time in God’s Word and met with God.
  2. I have Jesus as my Lord and Savior and He sent His Holy Spirit to be with me every step of every day.

I know that if I miss for some reason my morning time with God, hearing from Him through His Word, I am a different person. It’s the way I start my day that gets me off on the right step and fills me up before I start my day. Spiritual breakfast. Now throughout the day things will try to rob my joy or deflate or empty me out, which is where praying without ceasing comes into play for the Holy Spirit is able to refill and provide me with the boldness, the power, and the authority I need to press on. The enemy isn’t the people, it’s a spiritual battle that takes place everyday. And if we don’t get filled up and keep filling up, we can become open to the attacks of the devil and respond in ways that we shouldn’t.

So do you get filled up before you start your day? Do you talk to God throughout the day in order to replenish the leak or drain? Do people wonder why you are different? You are so happy? You are smiling? Be prepared for the question and to be able to give a reason for the hope that is within you.

Today’s reading speaks of the difference when there is a divine encounter with God. It’s similar to when Moses met with God and he radiated. In today’s reading we see how Jesus’ face changed…

The Transfiguration

(Matthew 17.1-8; Mark 9.2-8)
28About a week after he had said these things, Jesus took Peter, John, and James with him and went up a hill to pray. 29While he was praying, his face changed its appearance, and his clothes became dazzling white. 30Suddenly two men were there talking with him. They were Moses and Elijah, 31who appeared in heavenly glory and talked with Jesus about the way in which he would soon fulfill God’s purpose by dying in Jerusalem. 32Peter and his companions were sound asleep, but they woke up and saw Jesus’ glory and the two men who were standing with him. 33As the men were leaving Jesus, Peter said to him, “Master, how good it is that we are here! We will make three tents, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” (He did not really know what he was saying.) 34While he was still speaking, a cloud appeared and covered them with its shadow; and the disciples were afraid as the cloud came over them. 35A voice said from the cloud, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen—listen to him!” 36When the voice stopped, there was Jesus all alone. The disciples kept quiet about all this and told no one at that time anything they had seen.
–from Luke 9

So when people see you walking around smiling all the time, have you ever considered that they may be afraid to ask you why? Is God working so much in your life that some are drawn to you and some are repulsed? Are you living in a way that would be embracing so that you are open and available to talk to others? Don’t live a life that keeps others out, but rather allow the love of God to flow out of you. Let’s be vessels that God can use! Let’s allow that filling to be poured out into the lives of the people around us rather than just evaporating and having no impact or affect on the world around us!

But why you may ask should you try so hard? Because we are to work as unto the Lord, God is our ultimate boss after all. He has put people in authority over us, however, it all lines up to Him and His purposes. To step up and press forward, we need boldness and power to make it through each day. We aren’t supposed to just survive, but we are to thrive!

Do you want to live more than just ordinary lives? Do you want to be filled? Do you want to live in the realm of anything is possible? LOVE! Live an unstoppable love!

Do you want to leave a legacy where people remember your faith? Then you need to not only receive but to give!

Today’s reading continues with…

2We always thank God for you all and always mention you in our prayers. 3For we remember before our God and Father how you put your faith into practice, how your love made you work so hard, and how your hope in our Lord Jesus Christ is firm. 4Our friends, we know that God loves you and has chosen you to be his own. 5For we brought the Good News to you, not with words only, but also with power and the Holy Spirit, and with complete conviction of its truth. You know how we lived when we were with you; it was for your own good. 6You imitated us and the Lord; and even though you suffered much, you received the message with the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit. 7So you became an example to all believers in Macedonia and Achaia. 8For not only did the message about the Lord go out from you throughout Macedonia and Achaia, but the news about your faith in God has gone everywhere. There is nothing, then, that we need to say. 9All those people speak about how you received us when we visited you, and how you turned away from idols to God, to serve the true and living God 10and to wait for his Son to come from heaven—his Son Jesus, whom he raised from death and who rescues us from God’s anger that is coming.
–from 1 Thessalonians 1

Need help? Call on Jesus! Need hope? Call on Jesus! Need strength? Call on Jesus! Need wisdom? Call on Jesus! The name above all names! The name, the only name by which we can be saved! He is the way, the truth, and the life, nobody gets to the Father, except through Him! It is through Him, that we have been able to become the children of God! If you haven’t started a relationship with Jesus yet, it’s not too late to join the family! You will see the Roman Road on my homepage which gives and speaks to the truth. I want to share 2 pieces of it:

VI. Romans 10:9-11
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt
believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with
the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

VII. Romans 10:13
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

So do you believe Jesus is the son of God? Then turn to Him and ask Him for forgiveness and to help you help you to become all that He created you to be. Find a place of fellowship, a place to meet with and be encouraged by other believers. Look for a Bible believing and preaching church where you can be fed and filled. If you would like to learn more, leave me a comment and I would be happy to chat..

So let’s celebrate and praise God for this is the day that the Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it!

1Praise the Lord! Praise his name, you servants of the Lord, 2who stand in the Lord’s house, in the Temple of our God. 3Praise the Lord, because he is good; sing praises to his name, because he is kind. 4He chose Jacob for himself, the people of Israel for his own. 5I know that our Lord is great, greater than all the gods. 6He does whatever he wishes in heaven and on earth, in the seas and in the depths below. 7He brings storm clouds from the ends of the earth; he makes lightning for the storms, and he brings out the wind from his storeroom. 8In Egypt he killed all the first-born of people and animals alike. 9There he performed miracles and wonders to punish the king and all his officials. 10He destroyed many nations and killed powerful kings: 11Sihon, king of the Amorites, Og, king of Bashan, and all the kings in Canaan. 12He gave their lands to his people; he gave them to Israel. 13Lord, you will always be proclaimed as God; all generations will remember you. 14The Lord will defend his people; he will take pity on his servants. 15The gods of the nations are made of silver and gold; they are formed by human hands. 16They have mouths, but cannot speak, and eyes, but cannot see. 17They have ears, but cannot hear; they are not even able to breathe. 18May all who made them and who trust in them become like the idols they have made! 19Praise the Lord, people of Israel; praise him, you priests of God! 20Praise the Lord, you Levites; praise him, all you that worship him! 21Praise the Lord in Zion, in Jerusalem, his home. Praise the Lord!
–from Psalm 135