Let’s be on the lookout!

Do you see something? Did you say something? When you see something, will you say something? Don't keep silent! Speak out so that people can be forewarned! Do you want to say nothing and then be responsible for what happens to someone else who could have been saved or rescued? Will you say something so… Continue reading Let’s be on the lookout!

Will you lament or find hope beyond your circumstances?

We know that in this world we will have troubles! So when we have them, how will you choose to deal with your circumstances? Will you consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds? Will you worry about what is going on or what's going to happen? Will you have hope beyond… Continue reading Will you lament or find hope beyond your circumstances?

Let us not forget…

Praying for the families and friends of those impacted by the 9/11 event. The tragedy that had me watching TV before work trying to figure out what was going on just as before my eyes the 2nd plane ran into the other tower. God be with them. God bless the USA. Help us to draw closer… Continue reading Let us not forget…

Do you realize the benefits?

Do you realize the benefits of walking in alignment to God's will? Do you realize the benefits of obedience to God's calling, God's Word, and God's purpose for your life? Do you realize the benefits of walking under the protection and covering of God?  Do you realize the benefits to a country whose God is… Continue reading Do you realize the benefits?

Will you invest in the future?

Will you plant seeds that you won't see grow? Will you water even though you won't see the fruit? Will you prepare the resources for the generation to come? Will you provide the wisdom of what needs to happen so they know what to do? Will you give it up to God so that He… Continue reading Will you invest in the future?

Where does my help and hope come from? It comes from the Lord!

As I start this day, I prepare myself for a good report because my hope and trust are in the Lord! I look to Him for He is bigger and better than anything that comes my way. I know that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I know that all things are possible… Continue reading Where does my help and hope come from? It comes from the Lord!

When tested, do you despise discipline?

Do you realize what discipline is or means? Looking it up, I found the definition to be: Bing Dictionary dis·ci·pline [ díssəplin ] training to ensure proper behavior: the practice or methods of teaching and enforcing acceptable patterns of behavior order and control: a controlled orderly state, especially in a class of schoolchildren calm controlled behavior:… Continue reading When tested, do you despise discipline?