Where are you focused?

There is so much going on. There are so many things that could be getting your attention. There are so many things competing for your attention and your time. Are you on the look out? Are you following something or someone? What do you have your eye on? This morning's reading starts with the title… Continue reading Where are you focused?

As a new year dawns…

Be an overcomer

As I start this new day and consider the last year, all I can say is "Wow!". There were so many different experiences and feelings. There were so many different responses and changes. There were big changes, happy changes, experiences to share and be open rather than to fear and clam up. There were times… Continue reading As a new year dawns…

Have you had a life changing moment yet?

Get to a crossroad and having a life changing moment? [Leave country or leave company] Get an ultimatum, you will be [_______] or you will be nothing, you pick? [President of a homeowners association] To forgive or allow bitterness to control the situation? [Power of forgiveness to produce freedom] Get a message and then changing… Continue reading Have you had a life changing moment yet?