How will you celebrate it once you have it?

Is the suffering forgotten? Is the journey forgotten? Is the rescue forgotten? Is the end of one and the beginning of another forgotten? How will you celebrate? Will you celebrate in a way that will be and can be remembered? Will you celebrate at all? Will you remember? Will you cease the moment? Today’s reading […]

Are you ready to celebrate?

When was the last time you had a party to celebrate something huge? What were you commemorating? What were you observing? What special thing were you marking? What memory were you keeping? There are many holidays that get celebrated for religious and national purposes. Some seem to get celebrated in different ways and at different […]

Don’t be judgmental! Don’t taunt or find joy in the pain of others! Let’s do good to all!

We are to weep with those who are weeping! We are to celebrate with those who celebrate. Not the reverse…Don’t be kicking people when they are down. Don’t be mocking people when they are going thru troubles. Even if they are your enemies, we are not to hate them and only love our neighbors. We […]

It’s sad when we lose people…

Have you lost anyone? Do you remember the pain? Do you remember the sadness? Do you remember the emotional rollercoaster? Do you remember the anger? Do you remember the joy? Do you remember the love? Do you remember someone who wasn’t treating you well who passed? Do you remember someone who was like a brother […]

Will you remember? How will you remember?

Do you leave a marker? Do you write something down? How will you remember and remind those that come after you? Is there anything that you can do so it won’t be forgotten? Is there anything you can do to ensure that others will see it and remember what happened? How can you tell people […]