Will you allow your anger or frustration with others disqualify you from God’s purpose or plan?

What if God gave you something to do to help the people and they were doing things that got you upset? Would you do it like God said or would you allow that anger and frustration to overtake you and cause you to do it your own way? Would you be willing to risk disqualifying […]

How do you take care of your house?

Are you a good steward? Are you keeping it tidy? Are you focusing on how it looks from the outside? Are you focusing on how it looks on the inside? Are you focusing on the yard? How does that correlate with your heart and your life? Are you trying to make everything look ok on […]

What is the state of your heart?

What are you holding onto in your heart? Is it true or is it false? Is it love or is it bitterness? Is it hope or is it hopelessness? Is it fear or is it fearlessness? Is it pains or is it healing? Is it sorrow or is it joy? Have you ever invited Jesus […]

Can you forgive them no matter what? What if they show that they have changed?

I have learned through a few experiences that forgiveness is more about my own well being than about the person being forgiven. I have learned that forgiveness is an opportunity to take back control and receive healing from some act that happened. I have learned the importance of forgiving them no matter what. It doesn’t […]

Are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to go the extra mile?

Take a look around and see what is taking place. Are you willing to take a stand for what you believe in? Are you willing to stand up against evil? Are you willing to step out and do something that brings people together in unity through love rather than try to divide them with hate? […]