What can you do today? Do that to the best of your abilities!

A new day with new opportunities. Be it a last doctor’s visit. Be it connecting with the team. Be it mapping out the road ahead. Be it understanding the gifts and talents that are available. Be it understanding the desires and the goals. Be it Mapping the road ahead. It all begins with today and even though you don’t know it all and you don’t understand it all, it is a day to do what we can to the best of our abilities for and to the glory of God.

If we face a challenge then we need to take hold of the reality that God is bigger than our challenges. If we face a trial then we need to take hold of the reality that God is bigger than our trials. If we have trouble then we need to take hold of the reality that God is bigger than our troubles. God has gone in advance to prepare the good works He has for us to accomplish. God has our back. So today let’s make the most of what we are given in to the best of our abilities in order to accomplish our part of the plan. Let’s pursue God’s vision for where He has us now and where He desires for us to get and to become.

The One Year Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar and Dr. Ike Reighard for January 5th

Excellence Where You Are


‘Uzziel son of Harhaiah, one of the goldsmiths, repaired the next section; and Hananiah, one of the perfume-makers, made repairs next to that. They restored Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall. ‘

  • God desires for us to do our very best in everything we do
  • God desires for us even when the job isn’t a fit to do our very best
  • God desires for us to do our very best even when we aren’t a fit for the job
  • Sometimes God just need people who are present to help
  • Sometimes God needs the ministry of presence – were are at the right place at the right time and so we need to do our best
  • God’s purpose and plan to restore may require that we are uncomfortable or unskilled for a given role but that we will still do our very best to His glory. We work as unto the Lord.
  • We need to look at the situation from God’s perspective rather than our own.
  • It isn’t about how big the situation is but rather we need to look at the situation in faith trusting that our God s bigger than this situation.
  • All things are possible with God! To God nothing is impossible!
  • How can you help bring unity to the situation?
  • Will you play the role of carrying, building, and defending as the case may be in order to see God’s plan and purpose be accomplished?
  • Will you pitch in to help where you are needed?
  • Will you pitch in without thinking that any role is above or below you and do it to the best of your abilities?
  • Will you answer God’s call rather than trying to work with people to find the right or perfect fit?
  • Will you do your part rather than waiting to find the perfect fit so that the plans and purposes of God will proceed forward?
  • Will you roll up your sleeves and get to work?
  • Will you step up to the plate and do what is asked of you without complaining?
  • Will you do your part without comparing yourself to those around you?
  • Will you do the work given to you for the glory of God?
  • Will you be a word or message of hope to the people around you who are complaining because they aren’t a perfect fit to their job?
  • Will you be filled with the Spirit of God so that if or when those around you are complaining or throwing a pity party you won’t become poisoned by the negative attitude?
  • Will you be filled with the joy of the Lord to overflowing in order prevent negativity from getting injected into the flow?
  • Let’s roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done!
  • Let’s work as unto the Lord so that it will build the trust of our bosses!
  • Let’s work as unto the Lord so that it will build respect of our peers!
  • Let’s work as unto the Lord, and discover that the work is and can be enjoyable!
  • I remember a few positive and encouraging quotes over the years about living differently like:
What are you tempted to complain about at work?
  • In 2020 I was faced with lots of change and trying to do my best in each change and yet continued to feel like I was walking on eggshells, never being able to feel confident about the position or role I was in.
How long should you do a job that doesn’t fit you?
  • In my mind it feels like it takes about 3 months to understand the role. If you get to the end of that window and aren’t able to find a way to succeed then it may be time to discuss a change or ask for help – hopefully you will ask for help the entire time when you have questions in order to be able to continuously improve in the job.

Some people have greatness thrust upon them. Few have excellence thrust upon them. . . . They achieve it. They do not achieve it unwittingly by doing what comes naturally and they don’t stumble into it in the course of amusing themselves. All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose. 


Today’s reading from Tanakh:

Are you needing help in getting through some hard times? Are you needing help doing your best with what you have? Were are you at today? Are you looking for guidance? Are you wondering where to turn? Are you at the end of your rope and needing help? Are you ready for some help? Are you ready to turn to God and ask? seek? knock? Let’s pray together.

Dear God, I know that I am a sinner and there is nothing that I can do to save myself. I confess my complete helplessness to forgive my own sin or to work my way to heaven. At this moment I trust Christ alone as the One who bore my sin when He died on the cross. I believe that He did all that will ever be necessary for me to stand in your holy presence. I thank you that Christ was raised from the dead as a guarantee of my own resurrection. As best as I can, I now transfer my trust to Him. I am grateful that He has promised to receive me despite my many sins and failures. Father, I take you at your word. I thank you that I can face death now that you are my Savior. Thank you for the assurance that you will walk with me through the deep valley. Thank you for hearing this prayer. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

The Sinner’s Prayer

Did you pray this with me? Would you like to connect and discuss it with me? Would you like to make time to start your walk with Jesus? Do you have questions? Please let me know through the comment section below, through email, or even through text messages.

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