What kind of leader are you?

Are you being the kind of leader who makes a difference?

Are you the kind of leader who is serving others? Are you the kind of leader who is being a good example? Are you the kind of leader who has a clear conscience? Are you the kind of leader who has good motives in your heart? Are you the kind of leader who is living humbly? Are you the kind of leader who works hard? Are you the kind of leader who blesses others, including those who curse you? Are you the kind of leader who endures the persecutions that comes your way? Are you the kind of leader who answers kindly even when you are slandered? Are you the kind of leader who warns others when there is trouble or they are acting improperly rather than trying to shame or embarrass them? Are you the kind of leader who others would or should want to imitate? Are you the kind of leader who walks and operates in the power of God rather than being wind and full of hot air when they speak? Are you the kind of leader who knows what will be required when time for correction is required?

Are you a leader? What kind of leader are you? What fruit is being produced out of your leadership? Is it pleasing and glorifying to God?

If the question question “what kind of leader are you” was an ink blot test, how would others answer?

What kind of leader are you?
What would people see in you through an ink blot that represents your life? What kind of leader are you?

May is in the rearview mirror
2020 Hindsight – looking for clarity of vision

The 49 week challenge – Day 180

Want to join me in the challenge? Click Day 180 link to join me and sign up.

With May in the rear view mirror, let’s share our takeaways from today’s reading! Did you catch and promises to trust? Did you catch any commands to obey? Did you catch any truths to embrace? Did you catch any warnings to heed? Did you catch any encouragement to rest in? What did you learn about God? What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about the world? What verse stood out most to you today?

If you are interested in getting together or sharing the information together, please let me know through the comment section below, through email, or even through text messages.

Today’s reading from God’s Word – the Bible comes to us from:

My Notes:

  • Do you know what the nature of a leader, a true leader is?
  • Are you a servant of Jesus?
  • Are you sharing the truth and mysteries of God?
  • Are you living as though someone who has received rather than boasting about what you have?
  • Are you living in your own weakness so that the strength of God is revealed?
  • Are you living returning good for evil?
  • Are you living with an attitude of gratitude?
  • Are you responding out of the love that overflows from the love God has poured into your heart?
  • Are you living a way that others would find worthwhile imitating?
  • Turn to God and allow Him to lead and guide your every word, step, and action.
  • As living sacrifices, let’s lead humbly, serving others in order to glorify our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.
  • Let’s live our lives doing what is good and right in the eyes of God
  • Let’s learn from God
  • Let’s learn through each experience how to lean in and depend on God
  • Let’s find wisdom and understanding from God
  • Receive strength and insight from God
  • Be good leaders whose lives and words and actions glorify Him rather than wandering around like drunkards
  • Be good leaders who serve the orphans and widows
  • Be good leaders who serve the needy and poor
  • Be good leaders who serve those who are looking for wisdom and truth
  • Don’t murder! Don’t steal! Don’t rob! Don’t hurt!
  • Show kindness! Be in relationship with God rather than living in false security!

As day 179 of 2020 begins, I would hate to miss giving the opportunity to anyone who hasn’t received Jesus into their lives as their Lord and Savior an opportunity to make the decision this early into 2020 and the blessing to get to live out the rest of 2020 in that power and that truth and that hope.

If you would like to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, why not join me in this prayer?

Dear God, I know that I am a sinner and there is nothing that I can do to save myself. I confess my complete helplessness to forgive my own sin or to work my way to heaven. At this moment I trust Christ alone as the One who bore my sin when He died on the cross. I believe that He did all that will ever be necessary for me to stand in your holy presence. I thank you that Christ was raised from the dead as a guarantee of my own resurrection. As best as I can, I now transfer my trust to Him. I am grateful that He has promised to receive me despite my many sins and failures. Father, I take you at your word. I thank you that I can face death now that you are my Savior. Thank you for the assurance that you will walk with me through the deep valley. Thank you for hearing this prayer. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

The Sinner’s Prayer

Did you pray with me? Would you be willing to leave me a comment so that I can pray with and for you about such an incredible decision? Or if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment on my blog, why not email or text me instead?

Today’s devotional that I am following is The 49-Week Challenge comes from Life.Church. For more information, please visit www.life.church — Thank you Life.Church for sharing this reading plan through Bible.com

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