From 2005 to Eternity

How would you respond if people vanished?

What do you think about if a bunch of people around the world on day vanished? What would do think about the situations and the responses to the people around them? What do you think about the chaos that would arise from it? What do you think about the people left behind? What do you think about the evidence left behind?

What would you think if you were left behind? What would you think if you were somewhere an some portion of the people around you just vanished? What would you think if you were sleeping and when you woke up the news was reporting on people having disappeared around the world?

Do you have any knowledge of something like this? Do you know where to turn if something like this happened? Do you think you could find hope to survive what is yet to come? Do you know what it will take to survive and find eternity with a happy ending? Is there anything you can do? Is there anything you could do? Is there anything you should do? Where do you want to end up?

My recent readings have been including readings from the book of Revelation. My daughter’s friend as I drove them to the bus shared how when they heard a trumpet while visiting my older daughter’s school for an event felt the rapture was coming. My recent viewing of the television shows Flash and Arrow are speaking of a time where they would have to sacrifice their lives or else others would die or disappear based on the visualizations they have been showing. The more I hear and the more I see, the more I realize I need to surface the theme and the idea beyond just listing the readings for the day. I feel like I need to go back to the beginning and share how this blog began in order to hopefully help others come to the truth and the realization in order to have more people be part of the disappearing and fewer needing to live through the tribulation in order to make it to heaven and definitely so that as few as possible won’t have to spend eternity in hell – the fiery pit with the devil and his fiends where there will be the gnashing of teach and the weeping for the rest of eternity. I feel like I have to share how each year as I read through the Bible and get to the point where God chooses to put in the reading of Revelation, it continues to feel like it is getting closer and closer.

How it began:

Back in 2005, the release of Windows Live Spaces happened and I considered starting a blog. As I was getting started to create a blog to share private pictures so that my extended family would be able to see family pictures, I felt God say “you need to make it public”. I questioned that and said “if I have to make it public then I need to change what I will post” and so I questioned “what will I post then?” God’s response was an interesting one and one that has kept this blog going ever since when He said “what you write about every morning”. Wow, every year I had been choosing different reading plans to get through the Bible in a year and had be praying and meditating and in cases taking notes of what I was hearing, learning, and receiving. Then the question went from what to right about to what to call it since a family blog was easy – just use the family name – and now I needed to come up with something. That morning of the first post as I did my morning reading where would I happen to be but in the book of Revelation. The thoughts going through my mind were about eternity and where would people end up. The thoughts going through my mind were about those who would disappear from this earth in order to be with Jesus in Heaven for eternity. The thoughts going through my mind were about the people who got left behind, the remnant. The thoughts going through my mind were about how many of the remnant would be able to survive through the tribulation and choosing to receive Jesus in the midst of the pain and the suffering and the trials and the tribulation and get to be a part of the second wave when it would be so much harder to make that choice and live through it with the global government’s rules and regulations. So as I went to start my first post in 2005 so the blog name came to be – From2005ToEternity which started as a site but as it closed down was migrated to a site. It was the start of a new year and during a window where our church tends to do a week of prayer and fasting starting off a new year. This blog has opened up doors to speak life and chat with people through the comments and even build relationships and save lives. God had a plan and I am still writing because He isn’t done with me yet.

And so the journey continues, each time I finish reading through the Bible – sometimes it take a bit less than a year and others a bit longer, I look for a new way to read through the Bible. I have tried different versions – King James, New King James, Amplified, NIV, NLT, the Message and more. I have tried different formats like the Chronological Bible which helps bring the various readings from the Bible together based on historical timelines. I have tried it by themes or plans. Most recently I have continued to select annual plans using the plans available through site which provides not only for online web access but also has a Bible app that allows me to tag things even when it isn’t part of my devotional but possibly a sermon or a message God speaks through the Holy Spirit during another part of my life.

A little over a month ago, sent me a message congratulating me on 9 years of blogging since that migration took place.

What’s going on in your life? Have you received Jesus into your life yet? I know it took me till I was 30-31 before I got the memo that it wasn’t about going to church to be saved. It wasn’t about going through rituals or routines or legalism to be saved. The aha was that it was about having a relationship with Jesus and inviting Him into your heart and living out life together. It is about being sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and having conversations like “what do you mean you want me to make my blog public” or “help me find a good parking spot” or “what do you mean you want me to step up into such a huge role as president of a homeowners association of over 10,000 people which seems almost like being mayor” or “why God did we have to lose those babies” or “thank you God for such an incredible gift” or “God I feel connected to Philip the evangelist and he had 4 daughters who were prophetess, if I am going to have 4 daughters, I am ok with that but if I am going to have a son can you please let me know” and be willing to wait upon the Lord and be sensitive enough that when in that morning’s reading the story of the promise of Isaac comes up to be able to receive it and change the boy name you had for a baby from Benjamin to Isaac because you receive the promise of a son, a son who is now 12 and I am blessed with 2 girls and a son named Isaac. Another example was as I read the book “Heaven is for Real” when it hit me that I have 4 daughters and 2 of them are already with God in Heaven and I have two with me here on earth. When the story of the son talking to his mother about having met his sister in heaven, God spoke to my heart that He is taking care of 2 of them who won’t have to deal with the troubles or trials of life on earth but spend eternity with God which I look forward to one day along with reuniting my family together up there.

Let’s jump into today’s reading (day 302 of 312) – feel free to use your preferred Bible reading system and read along or find the plan that works for you.

Today’s reading from God’s Word:

Do you know where to go to learn about God? Start with His Word found in the Bible. (

Do you know where to go to learn about the Bible? Look for a bible believing, bible preaching church that is about what the Word says not about the ways or thoughts of man.

Don’t stay where you are, choose to rebuild your life on the foundation of Jesus Christ and using Him as the cornerstone to allow your life to be aligned with God’s will and plan.

Be a part of those who will start a revival by being obedient to God’s call.

Let God spark enthusiasm with you and the desire to do His work.

Let the truth set you free. Don’t allow lies or threats keep you from all God has in store.

When you are left behind there will be weeping and mourning.

How will you prioritize your life so that things that matter and will last forever will be your top priority?

What is the worth of money if you can’t use it or it has no value?

What is the worth of precious metals or things if there is no one to share or use it on?

Invest in things that will last like faith, hope and love. Love is the greatest of them and we are to first love God and then love people!

Invest in things that are eternal like the people God has brought into your life so that you can point them back to God and they too may be saved.

Take hold of God’s way and ask Him to rescue you and protect you.

Take hold of the Holy Spirit and ask Him to be your comforter and your guide.

Take hold of Jesus and ask Him to save you so that you can spend eternity with Him with joy and worship.

So where are you at today? My hope and prayer is that You will ask Jesus into your heart so that I will get to spend eternity in God’s presence with you. Are you ready for forgiveness and peace? Are you ready for a hope and a future? Are you ready for a transformation where the old is gone and the new has come? Are you ready to being the journey of knowing right from wrong? Then let’s pray together to invite Jesus into your heart and your life so that His peace which surpasses all understanding can guide you and comfort you, protect your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. If this is the first time you have prayed to invite Jesus into your heart, leave me a comment so that I can rejoice with the angels in Heaven. If this is a re commitment to Jesus, leave me a comment so that I can rejoice with the angels in Heaven. If you are still questioning or seeking, don’t go it alone, feel free to leave me a comment so we can discuss it.

Let’s pray:

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