In a season of mourning? What do you do? … (The Bible’s Impact on Acts of Mercy [Apr 14])

In this world we will have troubles. In this world we will have trials. Have you lost someone important to you? Are you grieving for some reason? What is going on? What has happened?

Apr 14 - Lamentation 5_16 - Public Death Announcements in Jerusalem - Bible verses for times of grief or loss

The Bible teaches us that we are to “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” As the body we are to connect together in order to support one another during both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We have the reminder too that when Jesus left the Holy Spirit would come as our comforter.

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever- — John 14:16

But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. — John 14:26 

We were never meant to go through this life alone. We were created to be in relationship with God and with one another. We aren’t supposed to be networking to receive but to build meaningful relationships that will last. We are to serve one another. We are to love one another. We are to support one another. It is so important than we find the commandments and instructions of God about “one another” about 59 times… Let’s consider it…

  1. “…Be at peace with each other.” (Mark 9:50)
  2. “…Wash one another’s feet.” (John 13:14)
  3. “…Love one another…” (John 13:34)
  4. “…Love one another…” (John 13:34)
  5. “…Love one another…” (John 13:35)
  6. “…Love one another…” (John 15:12)
  7. “…Love one another” (John 15:17)
  8. “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love…” (Romans 12:10)
  9. “…Honor one another above yourselves. (Romans 12:10)
  10. “Live in harmony with one another…” (Romans 12:16)
  11. “…Love one another…” (Romans 13:8)
  12. “…Stop passing judgment on one another.” (Romans 14:13)
  13. “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you…” (Romans 15:7)
  14. “…Instruct one another.” (Romans 15:14)
  15. “Greet one another with a holy kiss…” (Romans 16:16)
  16. “…When you come together to eat, wait for each other.” (I Cor. 11:33)
  17. “…Have equal concern for each other.” (I Corinthians 12:25)
  18. “…Greet one another with a holy kiss.” (I Corinthians 16:20)
  19. “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” (II Corinthians 13:12)
  20. “…Serve one another in love.” (Galatians 5:13)
  21. “If you keep on biting and devouring each other…you will be destroyed by each other.” (Galatians 5:15)
  22. “Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.” (Galatians 5:26)
  23. “Carry each other’s burdens…” (Galatians 6:2)
  24. “…Be patient, bearing with one another in love.” (Ephesians 4:2)
  25. “Be kind and compassionate to one another…” (Ephesians 4:32)
  26. “…Forgiving each other…” (Ephesians 4:32)
  27. “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.” (Ephesians 5:19)
  28. “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” (Ephesians 5:21)
  29. “…In humility consider others better than yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3)
  30. “Do not lie to each other…” (Colossians 3:9)
  31. “Bear with each other…” (Colossians 3:13)
  32. “…Forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another.” (Colossians 3:13)
  33. “Teach…[one another]” (Colossians 3:16)
  34. “…Admonish one another (Colossians 3:16)
  35. “…Make your love increase and overflow for each other.” (I Thessalonians 3:12)
  36. “…Love each other.” (I Thessalonians 4:9)
  37. “…Encourage each other…”(I Thessalonians 4:18)
  38. “…Encourage each other…” I Thessalonians 5:11)
  39. “…Build each other up…” (I Thessalonians 5:11)
  40. “Encourage one another daily…” Hebrews 3:13)
  41. “…Spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” (Hebrews 10:24)
  42. “…Encourage one another.” (Hebrews 10:25)
  43. “…Do not slander one another.” (James 4:11)
  44. “Don’t grumble against each other…” (James 5:9)
  45. “Confess your sins to each other…” (James 5:16)
  46. “…Pray for each other.” (James 5:16)
  47. “…Love one another deeply, from the heart.” (I Peter 3:8)
  48. “…Live in harmony with one another…” (I Peter 3:8)
  49. “…Love each other deeply…” (I Peter 4:8)
  50. “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” (I Peter 4:9)
  51. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others…” (I Peter 4:10)
  52. “…Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another…”(I Peter 5:5)
  53. “Greet one another with a kiss of love.” (I Peter 5:14)
  54. “…Love one another.” (I John 3:11)
  55. “…Love one another.” (I John 3:23)
  56. “…Love one another.” (I John 4:7)
  57. “…Love one another.” (I John 4:11)
  58. “…Love one another.” (I John 4:12)
  59. “…Love one another.” (II John 5)

— From Carl F. George, Prepare Your Church for the Future (Tarrytown: Revell, 1991), 129-131.

So don’t go it alone! Lean on God! Lean on one another! And walk thru this together!

Today’s reading comes from Lamentation 5…

Restore Us to Yourself, O Lord

Remember, O Lord , what has befallen us; look, and see our disgrace! Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers, our homes to foreigners. We have become orphans, fatherless; our mothers are like widows. We must pay for the water we drink; the wood we get must be bought. Our pursuers are at our necks; we are weary; we are given no rest. We have given the hand to Egypt, and to Assyria, to get bread enough. Our fathers sinned, and are no more; and we bear their iniquities. Slaves rule over us; there is none to deliver us from their hand. We get our bread at the peril of our lives, because of the sword in the wilderness. Our skin is hot as an oven with the burning heat of famine. Women are raped in Zion, young women in the towns of Judah. Princes are hung up by their hands; no respect is shown to the elders. Young men are compelled to grind at the mill, and boys stagger under loads of wood. The old men have left the city gate, the young men their music. The joy of our hearts has ceased; our dancing has been turned to mourning. The crown has fallen from our head; woe to us, for we have sinned! For this our heart has become sick, for these things our eyes have grown dim, for Mount Zion which lies desolate; jackals prowl over it. But you, O Lord , reign forever; your throne endures to all generations. Why do you forget us forever, why do you forsake us for so many days? Restore us to yourself, O Lord , that we may be restored! Renew our days as of old— unless you have utterly rejected us, and you remain exceedingly angry with us.

Lamentations 5

Today’s devotional from The Global Impact Bible on the subject of Acts of Mercy comes from Lamentation 5:15

The crown has fallen from our head; woe to us, for we have sinned!

from Lamentations 5:16

and speaks to the public death announcements in Jerusalem. Today’s devotional speaks of the Mea Shearim neighborhood and how a common way of communication (as many of the ultra-orthodox Jews don’t use the internet, television, or smartphones) are posters on the wall which are called pashkevilim. The posters announce various information like commercial, political, and religious topics. What today’s devotional also surfaces is how these posters are used for public death announcements and how the announcements for respected rabbis contain words from Lamentation 5:16. Because of the communities emphasis on scholars, “the death of a great teacher is newsworthy and often leads to a period of deep mourning”. (The Global Impact Bible, Lamentation 5, P. 1092)


Heavenly Father,
I thank You Lord for this new day and for everything that will be in it. I ask Lord for Your wisdom and discernment for each and every conversation that comes my way. Help me Lord to speak truth and life in love. Help me to be salt and light into the world around me. Help me to be Your hands extended that I can be part of the “one another” as You have called me to be. Lord I give this day into Your hands and ask that You will help me live a life that will bring You praise, honor, and glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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