Will you choose to share the hope that is within you?

Will you share the truth and the good news of Jesus? Will you share the hope of eternity thanks to a relationship with Jesus? Will you speak life into the tough situation that you are observing, experiencing, involved in? Will you allow the voice of truth to tell the different story and speak hope filled words into the very situation? This is the day that the Lord has made so let’s speak life into it! Let’s take hold of the promises and ready to do good and speak life when we step into the situation God has prepared in advance for us to do good!

Today’s speaks of a specific situation and of many situations we need to take hold of and be the salt and the light in when we are brought into them! Let’s life and hope into these tough situations! Let’s be who God has called us to be in order that He will be glorified and praised as we walk into and through these times!

The introduction leading into the reading from God’s Word today concluded with this for us to meditate on…

‘We steward the only message on planet earth that can give people what their hearts need most, which is hopeHope that sins can be forgiven. Hope that prayers can be answered. Hope that doors of opportunity, that seemed locked, can be opened. Hope that broken relationships can be reconciled. Hope that diseased bodies can be healed. Hope that damaged trust can be restored. Hope that dead churches can be resurrected… Of all people, we must claim that hope and live in it and radiate it to others. And we must proclaim that message of hope to everyone God gives us the opportunity to influence.’

–from Day 357: Bible In One Year 2018

So don’t hold back the hope that is within you when others so dearly need to hear it! Don’t give up or give into the lies of the enemy who is wanting everything to think and feel like it is doom and gloom! Let’s pray for this world around us that the reality of Jesus will become known to them all! Let’s pray for this world and take hold of God’s Word and be able to help them realize that this isn’t the end but can be the beginning if they are willing to start a new life journey with Jesus! Let’s be prepared to share the hope that is within us even when it is in the midst of death where we know that it isn’t easy on us and that because the other person was also a believer they are in the presence of Jesus and one day we will be with them and get to spend eternity together!

So whether we are supporting or speaking to the oppressed (v.7a), hungry (v.7b), prisoners (v.7c), blind (v.8a), marginalised (v.9a) and bereaved (v.9b) let’s point them to the one in whom we trust and believe so that they can find and put their hope in God! No matter the situation we are in right now, let’s not forget to keep our eyes on the future hope we have thanks to Jesus! Let’s be living hope into the world around us! Let’s be sharing hope to the people around us! Let’s allow hope to make a difference into the world around us because of our faith in Jesus and that God’s Word that we read in the Bible is true! Let’s share the love of Jesus and help others come into that same relationship with Him!

Do you have a relationship with Jesus? Are you looking for hope? Then today is your day! First take hold of the fact that God is desiring and waiting for you to turn back to Him just like the Father in the story of the lost son found in Luke 15 and so why not decided today to ask Jesus into your heart and to forgive you so that you can walk into God’s presence as the angels are celebrating that you have returned home.

Now we can look to Jesus’ return and our lives being spent in heaven with Him where there is no more sorrow and no more pain! So don’t give up! Don’t lose hope! Put your trust in God!

Hope-Filled Words — Day 357: Bible In One Year 2018

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