With the fact that we will live forever…

How will you choose to live? Will you spend your thoughts be focusing on worry or God’s promises? Will you spend your time on things that change the outside or inside? Will you live openly so that you live in the light so that there are no masks or hidden that if found out would cause trouble? Will you live without shame so that if people learn, hear, see, or confront you about something you won’t feel or be ashamed? Will you live life without distortion, speaking truth with love, not twisting truth for your own purpose or benefits? Let’s keep it simple so that in all we think, do, and live we will glorify God! So many people are more interest in the things on the outside which fades away rather than what is on the inside. When we have come into relationship with Jesus, our life is different, we are transformed, the light of God is shining within us, we are like “jars of clay” that hold a treasure that will last for ever. Thanks to Jesus we will get to spend eternity with God. Everyone will be eternal, the challenge is that some will have to spend eternity apart from God because they reject and deny Jesus. Life is about more than stuff, God has mad what is on the inside worthwhile and so we need not lose heart when things of this world put pressure on us. Thanks to Jesus, we have a treasure within us that cannot be stolen from us. It so greater than what this world consider most valuable (Our culture emphasises the outward and the seen. The media is dominated by money, possessions, houses, cars, food, physical beauty and outward success.), instead what is most important which is inside (The Bible is very different. It stresses the importance of the inward and unseen aspects of our character: the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that determine our outward behaviour. ‘For what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal’ (v.18).) is providing, valuing, and nurturing in us.So don’t lose hope when you face troubles, instead consider it pure joy because it produces faith and perseverance which when they finish their work will leave complete and lacking nothing.Rather than spending your thoughts and time on worry, meditate on the Word of God! Rather than worry which produce not good fruit, pray to God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine. So don’t spend this life in worry and doubt! Spend it building faith and hope and love in and for God so that you and everyone who you come into contact with can also hear the Good News and be saved! Choose to live eternity with the treasure of Jesus in your heart so that you will spend eternity with God rather than apart from Him!

You Will Live Forever

Day 243: Bible in One Year 2017

This day’s reading


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