Are you putting the right thing(s) as the top priority?

I learned many years ago the impact of having my life running on the right priorities can have a negative impact. In my case it ended up being that my diabetes went out of whack. I was putting work and money too high on the priority list. Both are important in taking care of the other priorities but they weren’t in the right place for health and happiness. When I America to the realization of what was going on after the doctor’s appointment, I had a revelation with the question “What’s most important to you and is that how you are living?”

Obviously the answer was no but I need to go through the process. I wrote out in priority order what I thought they were and it looked like this:

  1. God
  2. Wife/Marriage
  3. My Child(ren) … only had one at that time, and three now

      The other things are necessary to list, but it showed me anything else would be at best in 4th place. And obviously the way I had been living and where my time was being spent didn’t align to this list. So I had to make some changes and have a change of mind. I had to step down in some areas and step up in others.

      It was the best decision and action of my life! I put first things first!

      We need to get past the superficial! We need to live up to God’s calling on our lives to become more like Jesus, to live set apart and Holy Spirit filled, to allow God to work in and through us as we have been transformed by an encounter with Jesus, and sharing the Good News to the world round us. So let’s our our hope and faith and trust in Jesus and press forward today.

      Three Levels of Greatness

      Day 221: Bible in One Year 2017

      1. Holy God … Psalm 93:1-5

      1. Holy church … 1 Corinthians 5:1-13
      2. Holy temple … 1 Chronicles 28:1-29:30

      •   <a href="">Psalms 93</a>
      •   <a href="">1 Corinthians 5</a>
      •   <a href="">1 Chronicles 28</a>
      •   <a href="">1 Chronicles 29</a>

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