Do you realize that your family goes beyond blood?

Some have blood family like parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. Some have marital family where people get married and form extended families. Another family comes when we receive Jesus into our hearts and we become a part of the family of God! At that point we become brothers and sisters in Christ! A family that will live on for eternity! A family that has a father whose love is unconditional!

Have you had an encounter with God yet so that you become a part of His family? Have you taken the time and the steps to ask Jesus into your heart and life as your Lord and Savior? Have you been feeling the tug on your heart and knowing that something is going on in you? Will you choose to do it today? If not today then when? If not here then where? If not you then who? If not because God’s unconditional love for you then why? What will it take for you to receive such a precious gift from God?

What your past looks like doesn’t define your future, you get to choose that and so you need to choose wisely!

Your Family Tree

Day 207: Bible In One Year 2017

Devotional, Psalms 89:14-18, Romans 9:22-33, Romans 10:1-4, 1 Chronicles 1, 1 Chronicles 2:1-17

  1. Your God is the God of Israel … Psalm 89:14-18
  2. Your salvation began with Israel … Romans 9:22-10:4
    • Salvation is based on:

      Faith – not your good works
      Mercy – not what you deserve

      Belief – not where you were born.

                                                                   –from Day 207: Bible In One Year 2017

    • ‘Christ is the end of the law’ is a huge, groundbreaking, life-changing, history-making statement. There has been a great deal of debate about exactly what Paul meant. However, some things are clear.

      First, Jesus has set you free from seeking salvation through the law. No one can be saved by the law. No one, apart from Jesus, has ever managed to keep the entire law. ‘Christ is the end of the law’ in that he has set you free from trying to establish your own righteousness. Instead, you are now given ‘the righteousness that comes from God’ (v.3).

      Second, ‘Christ is the end of the law’ in that he has fulfilled the law. Jesus once described himself as having come to ‘fulfil the law’ (Matthew 5:17). The purpose of the law was to point us to Jesus (Galatians 3:24). Now Jesus has come, its role has been completed.

      Third, ‘Christ is the end of the law’ in that he has satisfied the law. Jesus was the only person who has ever fully kept the law, yet through the cross you receive the benefit of his obedience.

      Fourth, ‘Christ is the end of the law’ in that he has set you free from the burden and condemnation of the law. As we are constantly failing, we live life under a black cloud of condemnation. Because of Jesus, ‘there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus’ (Romans 8:1).

      –from Day 207: Bible In One Year 2017

  3. Your history is bound up with Israel … 1 Chronicles 1:1-2:17

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