Do you know how you can turn things around…Do you know the 3 Ps

When given lemons do you make lemonade? When you face opposition do you look for the opportunities? When you face a test are you looking for how it will give you a testimony?

What is your perspective? What is your view on life? How will respond? What will you do?

How have the trials of life changed you? How have the actions of others impacted you?

Do you realize words have power? Power to build up! Power to tear down! Power to speak life! Power to speak death! Do you realize how others may interpret what you are saying? Do you consider that before you speak? 

We may not know what is going on in someone else’s life but we do know that hurting people hurt people. So next time you face opposition why not look for the opportunity it provides!

Opposition Turned into Opportunity — Day 185: Bible in one year 2017

Psalm 80:1-7, Acts 23:12-35, 2 Kings 8:16-9:3

  1. God’s presence … Psalm 80:1-7
  2. God’s protection … Acts 23:12-35
  3. God’s peace … 2 Kings 8:16-9:3


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