Are you spurring on the next generation?

Are you being a mentor? Are you leaving a legacy? Are you doing something to impact the youth and the future? Are you finding ways to empower the next generation? Are you helping them rather than fearing them? Are you planting seeds into their lives? Are you watering those seeds with positive and encouraging attitudes? Are you watching them develop, bloom, and produce fruit for the glory of God?

How about in the workplace? How about in the church? How about in the community? How about in your own house?

At work there are opportunities for interns. At the church there are opportunities for youth and people who have just started their walk with God. In the community there are many organization where you can get involved and pour into the lives of the next generation. Are you making time to pour into the lives of your own family? Your kids? Your relatives?

Will you make yourself available to walk out this life with them? Will you empower them to step up and step out in faith trusting in God? Will you be an encouragement to them? Will you be their cheerleader? Will you encourage them to pass on the wisdom they are receiving so that it will multiply? 30x, 60x, or maybe even 100x?

Will you model how to live life to them? Will you be an example of Jesus to them? Will you pass on the baton? Will you take the baton from the generation ahead and pass it on to the generation that follows?

Three Ways to Empower the Next Generation — Day 175: Bible In One Year 2017

Devotional, Psalm 78:1-8, Acts 16:1-15, 1 Kings 12:25-33, 1 Kings 13, 1 Kings 14:1-20

  1. Tell … Psalm 78:1-8

  2. Train … Acts 16:1-15

  3. Teach … 1 Kings 12:25-14:20


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