Are you producing the fruit of kindness in your life?

How are you living your life? What fruit is being produced in and through your life? What is your source? Are you connected to the right vine? Consider the fruit you could be producing…

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. –from Galatians 5

Today why not consider kindness in the way you live your life?  Are you able to live today being friendly, generous, and considerate? Are you able to live today showing concern, care, consideration, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, unselfishness, selflessness, altruism, compassion, sympathy, understanding, big-heartedness, benevolence, benignity, friendliness, hospitality, neighborliness, generosity, magnanimity, and charitableness?

Will you take a small step in the direction of producing kindness wherever you go? Will you take a small step in love to start the find of kindness in your circle? Ever seen what happens when someone starts a chain thru a random act of kindness? How about at work, would you ever consider doing something like:

  • Bring your coworker a cup of coffee when she looks like she needs a pick-me-up.
  • Share your mid-afternoon snack with him or if you don’t want to share, bring an extra one (everyone gets hungry a couple of hours after lunch).
  • Buy your coworker her favorite iced cold beverage on the first warm day of the year.
  • Celebrate Friday—or make Monday more bearable—by bringing in a treat for the entire department. Or maybe choose to do this on a rainy day to cheer everyone up.
  • Offer to stay at work late or come in early to help a coworker with a difficult project (don’t wait to be asked).
  • Praise him for a job well done. No one can get too many compliments.
  • Take a difficult customer off your coworker’s hands by saying you’re there to relieve him for lunch or a break (it doesn’t have to be true).
  • If you see someone is about to make a mistake, try to intervene to prevent it.
  • Offer unsolicited advice, especially to a new colleague who seems to be floundering.
  • Stop others from spreading a rumor about someone.
  • If you see something you know your colleague will absolutely love, a book about a topic in which he’s interested for example (nothing too extravagant), get it for him.
  • Include a less experienced colleague in a meeting or on a project that can help her grow.
  • Invite him to join your lunch group especially if he doesn’t have many workplace friends.
  • Stop by her desk to say good morning.
  • Stop by his desk to say goodbye.
  • Hold the (otherwise unoccupied) elevator while your colleague runs back to her desk to get something she forgot even if you’re in a hurry to leave the building.
  • Praise her to the boss who may not realize how hard she’s working.
  • Save him a trip to the office supply closet by offering to pick up his supplies when you get yours.
  • Offer to  mentor an inexperienced coworker. Many people are too shy to ask or may not even think of it.
  • Put your colleague’s bully in her place or lend a sympathetic ear and give him advice on how to deal with one.
  • Tell a coworker about an internal job opening for which you think she’d be perfect.
  • Pack an extra brown bag lunch for a coworker who can’t ever seem to remember to bring his own.
  • Have an errand to run in your coworker’s neighborhood after work? Offer her a ride home so she doesn’t have to take the bus or train that day.
  • Offer to relieve him or one of his undesirable tasks for a day or more (as long as you clear it with the boss).
–these examples come from

Do you see the people around you? Do they need someone to share some fruit with them? Why not share some of the fruit of the spirit with the world around you? Your family? Your neighborhood? Your workplace? The sports field? The music recital? The play? Do you realize the impact of something as small as a cup of coffee or a thank you note on the life of another? Do you realize the need for kindness by the people around you? Will you allow the fruit of the spirit to be shared with them? Will you share with others what you have? By having Jesus in your heart, you have something to offer to others! Let’s take hold of God’s promise to Abraham and be blessings to the world!

Do you realize the reward when you do something, even as small as giving someone a cup of water in Jesus’ name has?

Look for the opportunity to show kindness to the world around you? Listen to what is taking place and consider what you might do to make a difference!

How can you show Jesus’ love to the world around you? Can you speak love? Can you speak life? Can you speak hope? Can you speak encouragement? Can you be light in this dark world? Light can overcome darkness! I read this quote today and want to share it with you:

Light is the absence of darkness and darkness is the absence of light. Light is living, darkness is dead. Darkness cannot overcome the light! Light overcomes darkness in the same way that good overcomes evil.

–from LIGHT OVERCOMES DARKNESS | Life’s journey with DADDY

Today’s devotional speaks to it this when in its closing…

Showing God’s love in practical ways, they have discovered the power of kindness to effect positive change, both in their lives and in the lives of people around them. When kindness is expressed, healthy relationships are created, community connections are nourished and people are inspired to pass kindness on.

–from Day 157: Bible In One Year 2017

Kindness — Day 157: Bible In One Year 2017

Devotional, Psalm 70, Acts 3, 2 Samuel 9, 2 Samuel 10

  1. Trust in the kindness of God … Psalm 70
  2. Act kindly to those in need … Acts 3
  3. Give and receive kindness … 2 Samuel 9, 2 Samuel 10



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