Are you owning it or possessing it?

Do you realize what you have? Do you realize the value it has? So how are you dealing with it? Are you owning it or possessing it? Do you realize you can own it but not possess it? You could have someone else taking care of it while you are away! You could have it put somewhere beyond your own possession and hope they are taking care of it! It’s yours but it is being taken care of? It’s yours but is it being invested and increasing in value? It’s yours but will you get a good return on it from those who are possessing it?

Do you realize as a Christian what you own? Are you possessing it?

You’ve been given talents! You’ve been given gifts! You’ve been given a plan! You’ve been given purpose! Are you possessing the inheritance from Jesus? Are you enjoying them? How about the gift of righteousness? Have you taken possession of that? Have you built your faith in Jesus in order to receive His righteousness? It’s a gift we get because of our faith in Jesus Christ! So will receive this gift and live it out? Have you received the forgiveness of Jesus and possessing it – guilt free? Have you received in faith Jesus and started to live out life as the new creation you have become – the old is gone and the new has come? Have you receive the Holy Spirit and been living out your life in spirit and in truth? Possessing the power that comes from the Holy Spirit?

Consider today if there is some part of your life that you need to take possession of the gifts of Jesus into your life and start living them out!

It’s Already Yours … Day 120: Bible In One Year 2017

Devotional, Proverbs 10:31-32, Proverbs 11:1-8, John 1:29-51, Joshua 17, Joshua 18

1. The gift of righteousness … Proverbs 10:31-11:8

Here are some examples from today’s reading of how we can live out this gift…

  • Wisdom
    ‘A good person’s mouth is a clear fountain of wisdom; a foul mouth is a stagnant swamp. The speech of a good person clears the air; the words of the wicked pollute it’ (Proverbs 10:31a,32a, MSG).
  • Humility
    ‘The stuck-up fall flat on their faces, but down-to-earth people stand firm’ (11:2, MSG).
  • Integrity
    ‘The integrity of the honest keeps them on track… a principled life can stand up to the worst’ (v.3a,4b, MSG).
  • Character
    ‘Moral character makes for smooth travelling… Good character is the best insurance’ (v.5a,6a, MSG).

–from Day 120: Bible In One Year 2017

2. The gift of the Holy Spirit … John 1:29-51

Consider the title Jesus was given in today’s reading…

  • Lamb of GodThe blood of the lamb saved the Israelites from slavery and allowed them to walk in freedom to the promised land (Exodus 11–15). John says of Jesus, ‘Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!’ (John 1:29). As you come to Jesus, he takes away your sins. Claim, trust, believe in the forgiveness bought for you. Actively reject feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness. It is a proactive, practical, daily choice to take possession of the forgiveness that Jesus has made possible for you.
  • Spirit baptiserJohn the Baptist describes Jesus as ‘the one who will baptise with the Holy Spirit’ (v.33). Jesus fills you with his Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus has made possible for you. However, you have to take possession of the gift that God has made available for you.

–from Day 120: Bible In One Year 2017

3. The gift of your inheritance … Joshua 17:1-18:28

Let’s consider what Joshua spoke over the people when it comes to possessing the gifts of God…

  • “How long are you going to sit around on your hands, putting off taking possession of the land that God, the God of your ancestors, has given you?”’ (18:3, MSG).
  • It’s possible to own something without possessing and enjoying it.
  • When you follow Jesus you become his friend. You receive forgiveness, justification, the righteousness of God and the Holy Spirit. You become a child of God. You have power over sin and access to God. You have victory over demonic powers. You have peace with God. You have authority over evil in your life and the lives of others. All the promises of God belong to you. This is your inheritance in Christ.
  • But you may not always, necessarily, take possession and fully enjoy the blessing of all these things in your life. Here God says, in effect, to his people: ‘Don’t you realise I have given all of this to you? What are you waiting for?’
  • You may have given your life to Jesus, but have you allowed him to possess every aspect of how you live – your finances, work, prayer life, friends and family. In my experience this is a lifetime task.
  • St Paul writes that you need to take every thought captive to obey Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). In some areas the victory may be immediate. In others it may be more gradual. You have to drive out even the little pockets of resistance.
  • As Israel received the land as a gift from the Lord (Joshua 18:3), so you and I have received, in Jesus, every spiritual blessing (Ephesians 1:3). The question is, ‘How long will you wait before you begin to take possession’ of these gifts? (Joshua 18:3).

–from Day 120: Bible In One Year 2017

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