The more you know the more you know you don’t know.

Ever been involved in something for a long time? Ever worked on something for a long time? Ever been part of a team that was working on a key project for a long time? Ever heard people speak about going wide or going deep? Ever felt that there was so much you didn’t know? Ever felt that there was so much more to do even with all that you had done?

It was during one of those times when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed because so much was taking place in my life and I felt there was so much I didn’t know. It was an interesting time as a leadership change took place and now I had a new manager and skip level on a job where I was brought in because it was more than a one person job except now, I was that 1 person. The new leadership asked me to put together a deep dive presentation on Mobile for them to help bring them up to speed. So I did pulling together all I knew from web to app, from architecture to messaging, from integration to delivery and got ready to present it. As I reflected on what I put together, I came to the realization that it wasn’t that I didn’t know much about it, it was more that there was so much breadth I was aware of that there was a bunch of depth that I felt was missing. I had helped them redesign the system to be able to scale globally so that probably helped me a lot on the depth area too since the focused changes I had for the website trickled out into every dependency of the product and so I learned more and more and more. If I didn’t have the “change” or “transition” time I may never have realized how much I already did know. If I hadn’t have had the change pushed on me then I wouldn’t have had the time to stop and consider the truth of what I was a part of and how much God had integrated into me and helped me to know. I still knew there was more things I wasn’t fully aware of but suspected if I needed and at the right time, I would be pulled in and brought into the know.

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know! And since we know that we don’t know or that it isn’t finished, we know there will be more to be done into the future!

The same is true in the world! The same is true in the things of God! Our lives are limited by time and even though the stuff we are able to do in our lifetime can be significant for the glory of the kingdom of God, the reality is that until Jesus’ return, there is still more hope that needs to be shared around the world! Until Jesus’ return, there is still more love that needs to be shared around the world! Until Jesus’ return, there is still more truth that needs to shared around the world! Until Jesus’ return, we as a people are not finished yet and there is still more! The more we know the more we know we don’t know. What will that need be in 100 or 1000 years? Who will be able to share the Good News of Jesus to those people? Who will go and share it with the people of the world? Who will help people of this world realize that they need God? Who will help people realize that no matter how much they know, if they don’t know Jesus there is more that they need to know? We need to pass on a legacy to the next generation that they will be prepared to pass it on after us! We need to pass on to the next generation the hope, the love, the direction, the truth so that they can pick up the baton and run the race God has for them till it is complete and passing on the baton before the end of their lives!

It’s not over yet! There is still so much to be done!

It’s Not Over — Day 118: Bible In One Year 2017

Devotional, Psalm 52, Luke 24:36-53, Joshua 13, Joshua 14

1. It is never over for a visionary … Psalm 52:1-9

  • Be visionary all the days of your life! Keep seeing that there is more…
  • Don’t be afraid or overwhelmed by “the more” but instead lean on God and seek wisdom
  • Today’s devotional speaks to David turns to God and what can we learn from his response?
    • Trust in God’s love

      ‘I trust in God’s unfailing love forever and ever’ (v.8b). God’s love will never fail.

    • Praise God’s deeds

      ‘I will praise you forever for what you have done… I will praise you in the presence of your saints’ (v.9a). Until God opens the door, praise him in the hallway.

    • Hope in God’s name

      ‘In your name I will hope, for your name is good (v.9b). With God, however bad your circumstances look, it is not over. Put your hope in God’s name.

2. It is not over for Jesus … Luke 24:36-53

  • It looked bad when He was crucified and died and was buried
  • It wasn’t over, He rose from the dead conquering the grave and paying the price for salvation
  • When he was going up to heaven, it wasn’t over as He let the followers know to wait till the power of the Holy Spirit had come upon them. For there was more to do so that the Good News could be spread to the rest of the world
  • It’s still not over as He is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for you and for me.
  • He’s not done and neither are we till His return and when there is a new heaven and a new earth where we get to spend eternity in God’s presence. Then we will have eternity with Him!
  • So let’s keep sharing the Good News of Jesus! the news of repentance! the news of forgiveness! the news of eternity with God!

3. It is never over for those who ‘finish well’ … Joshua 13:1-14:15

  • Make sure your plans are bigger than yourself so that others can be a part and God can be a part
  • Finish well – you may not be able to finish it all, others will need to pick it up press forward for the glory of God!
  • Joshua gives an example of living a good life and finishing well even though it wasn’t done yet. Let’s take hold of this and press on for the glory of God and pass on to the next generation the instruction and the direction help them press in and press forward
  • Finish well, do not to lose your first love but to keep your eyes on Jesus.
  • Let’s walk in the power of the Holy Spirit we receive by asking Jesus into our hearts! Let’s allow the Holy Spirit that we need the inner strength of the Holy Spirit in order for us to finish well and fulfil our calling to seek the fulfilment of Jesus’ new agenda.

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