Lessons from 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days…

Last week was #Inspire2017 conference week. We had great speakers come and share and inspire all the attendees to the evening services as well as to the One Day conference that took place on Thursday. Wednesday night we were blessed to get to hear from Matthew Barnett from the LA Dream Center as he shared his lessons learned by running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days.

Around the world…

2017 World Marathon Locations

I wanted to share my notes from that service for you to ponder…

To many risk is a negative word, but realistically we need to realize that risk is a virtue and requires faith! Don’t be afraid to take a risk!

In Antarctica…

Antarctica 2017

Progress isn’t about isn’t about moving fast, it’s about continuing to make ground.

In South America…

South America

Don’t hold back and lose your chance to do your best. Don’t be afraid of success or prosperity. Keep succeeding in the good times. Seize the moment.

In North America…

North America

Family and friends provided support. Family and friends make us perform at a higher level. Home court advantage. You need people in your life to help you win and reach higher.

In Europe…


Tore his patella. The end of your breakdown is where you find the breakthrough. There is clarity of thought at the end of the breakdown. Consider little goals to help you accomplish God’s BIG goals. Find small victories to help you stay motivated.

In Africa…


Along the way of life, don’t worry about how much farther you have to go. The goal is faithfulness, not about where you are going. Decide to win. It will take time.

In Asia…


Galatians 5:15 says “serve one another humbly in love”. God will send you angels of mercy along the way. God gives you endurance along the way.

In Australia…


When you finish the race God has more medals/blessings we didn’t even know about. Don’t quit. God can resurrect you from the lowstest of lows to the highest of highs.

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