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What will it take for everyone to know who God really is?

Not gods that are man made. Not gods that are just people elevating themselves to power. Not goes that are statues. Not gods that are made of wood or stone or metals. Not made up gods to explain away what … Continue reading

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Don’t be so proud and risk the fall!

You’ve probably heard that pride comes before the fall. You might be that central hub or the connected, but you need to realize it’s by God’s grace! It’s not all about you! It’s about what God is able to do … Continue reading

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Don’t be judgmental! Don’t taunt or find joy in the pain of others! Let’s do good to all!

We are to weep with those who are weeping! We are to celebrate with those who celebrate. Not the reverse…Don’t be kicking people when they are down. Don’t be mocking people when they are going thru troubles. Even if they … Continue reading

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How are you living today?

When people look at how you live, what do they see? When people consider your values and your character, what do they learn? When God looks beyond the surface to your heart and mind, what does He know? Where are … Continue reading

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What would it take to get things straightened out?

If your life was getting off track, what would it take to get straightened out? If your family was getting off track, what would it take to get straightened out? If you city or community was getting off track, what … Continue reading

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