It’s time…what will you do?

Are you in the right state of mind? Are you focused on the right things? Are you doing the right things? Are you focused? Are you serving? Are you leading? Are you following? Do you know what time it is? Do you know what is coming? Do you know what is required? Where will you go? Where will you turn? What will you do?

Nothing is hidden from God! You can’t trick Him! You can’t fool Him! Nothing is unknown to Him! So what does He see? How have you been living? What is it saying about you? What is your life song singing about you? What will God say to you? Do you need to change? Do you know what you need to change? What will it take for you to align with God’s will? What will it take for you to walk in obedience to Him and His Word and His will? Will you do something about it? Do you just want to deal with the consequences?

Curse on House of Jeroboam

1At that time, Abijah, Jeroboam’s son fell sick. 2Jeroboam said to his wife, “Please go disguise yourself, so they won’t recognize you as Jeroboam’s wife, and go to Shiloh. Look, the prophet Ahijah who told me that I would be king over these people is there. 3Take with you ten loaves, biscuits and a jar of honey, and go to him. He will tell you what will happen to the boy.” 4Jeroboam’s wife did so. She got up and went to Shiloh, and came to the house of Ahijah. Now Ahijah could not see for his eyes were dim because of his age. 5Adonai had said to Ahijah, “Look! Jeroboam’s wife is coming to ask you about her son, for he is sick. You are to say such and such to her, for she will be in disguise.” 6As soon as Ahijah heard the sound of her feet as she came through the door, he said, “Come in, wife of Jeroboam. Why this disguise? But I have been sent to you with a difficult message. 7Go tell Jeroboam, thus says Adonai, God of Israel: ‘I raised you up from among the people and made you leader over My people Israel. 8I tore the kingdom away from the house of David and gave it you. Yet you have not been like My servant David who kept My commandments and followed Me with all his heart, doing only what was right in My eyes. 9Instead you have done more evil than all who were before you, and have gone and made yourself other gods—molten images to vex Me—and have cast Me behind your back. 10Therefore, I am about to bring evil on the house of Jeroboam. I will cut off to Jeroboam even one man, bond and free, in Israel. I will burn up the house of Jeroboam as one burns the dung until it is all gone. 11Anyone who belongs to Jeroboam and dies in the city, the dogs will eat, and anyone who dies in the field, the birds of the sky will eat. For Adonai has spoken it. 12“As for you, arise and go to your house. As soon as you set foot in the town, the boy will die. 13All Israel will lament over him and bury him, for it is only him of Jeroboam’s house who will be buried, because in him alone, of all Jeroboam’s house, something good was found toward Adonai, the God of Israel. 14“Moreover Adonai will raise up for Himself a king over Israel who will cut off the house of Jeroboam that day. So now, what else? 15Adonai will strike Israel until it sways like a reed in the water. He will uproot Israel from this good land that He gave to their fathers, and will scatter them beyond the River, because they have made their Asherah poles, provoking Adonai. 16So He will give up Israel because of the sins of Jeroboam which he committed, and caused Israel to commit.” 17Then Jeroboam’s wife got up, left and went to Tirzah. As soon as she stepped over the threshold of the house, the child died. 18They buried him and all Israel lamented over him, just as was the word of Adonai that He spoke through His servant Ahijah the prophet. 19As for the rest of the deeds of Jeroboam, how he made war and how he reigned, behold, they are written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel. 20The days that Jeroboam reigned were 22 years and then he slept with his fathers. His son Nadab reigned in his place.

Idolatry and Consequences

21Meanwhile Rehoboam son of Solomon reigned in Judah. Rehoboam was 41 years old when he became king, and he reigned 17 years in Jerusalem—the city where Adonai had chosen out of all the tribes of Israel to put His Name. His mother’s name was Naamah the Ammonitess. 22Judah did what was evil in Adonai’s eyes. They provoked Him to jealousy with more than all that their forefathers had done with the sins that they committed. 23They also built for themselves high places, sacred pillars and Asherah poles on every high hill and under every leafy tree; 24and there were also male cult prostitutes in the land. They did the same abominations as those of the nations that Adonai had driven out before the children of Israel. 25Now it came to pass in the fifth year of King Rehoboam, King Shishak of Egypt marched against Jerusalem. 26He took away the treasures of the House of Adonai and the treasures of the royal palace. He took away everything—even taking all the golden shields that Solomon had made. 27So King Rehoboam made in their place bronze shields and committed them to the hands of the captains of the guard, watching over the doorway of the royal palace. 28Whenever the king went to the House of Adonai, the guard would carry them and bring them back into the guardroom. 29Now the rest of the deeds of Rehoboam and all that he did—are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah? 30There was war between Rehoboam and Jeroboam continually. 31Then Rehoboam slept with his fathers and was buried with his fathers in the city of David. His mother’s name was Naamah the Ammonite. Then his son Abijam became king in his place.

–from 1 Kings 14

Have you walked away from God? Have you turned your back on Him? What do you think will happen? What did you expect to happen? What will it take for you to turn back? What will it take for you to return to God? How bad does it have to get? How low do you have to sync? We all have to make the choice for ourselves! Take a look around, it’s a hurting world and it needs to the reality, the truth, and the hope of God! Take a look around, it’s hurting people who are hurting people! We need to turn back, we need to fill up, we need to step up, we need to share and care, we need to help others see the truth and reality of who God is in and through us! We need to speak life and hope and truth! We need to help them realize they get to choose whom they will serve and whom they are serving and how God is worth serving so much more!

Shishak Attacks Jerusalem

1Now it came to pass, when the kingdom of Rehoboam was established and he had become strong, that he and all Israel with him forsook the Torah of Adonai. 2It so happened that in the fifth year of King Rehoboam, King Shishak of Egypt marched against Jerusalem—because they had been unfaithful to Adonai— 3with 1,200 chariots, 60,000 horsemen and innumerable troops that came with him from Egypt: Lybians, Sukkites and Cushites. 4He captured the fortified cities of Judah and came as far as Jerusalem. 5Then Shemaiah the prophet came to Rehoboam and the officers of Judah who had gathered in Jerusalem because of Shishak, and said to them, “Thus says Adonai: ‘You have abandoned Me— so I also have abandoned you into the hand of Shishak.’” 6Then the officers of Israel and the king humbled themselves and said, “Adonai is just.” 7But when Adonai saw that they humbled themselves, the word of Adonai came to Shemaiah saying: “Since they have humbled themselves, I will not destroy them but grant them some measure of deliverance, and My wrath will not be poured out upon Jerusalem by the hand of Shishak. 8However, they will become subjects to him so that they may learn the difference between serving Me and serving the kings of the earth.” 9So Shishak king of Egypt attacked Jerusalem and took away the treasures of the House of Adonai and the treasures of the king’s palace. He took away everything; he even took away the golden shields that Solomon had made. 10So King Rehoboam made bronze shields to replace them and entrusted them to the hands of the captains of the royal guard that guarded the entrance to the royal palace. 11Whenever the king entered into the House of Adonai, the guards would carry them and then bring them back into the guard chamber. 12Because Rehoboam humbled himself, the anger of Adonai turned from him and He did not destroy him completely. Indeed there were good things in Judah. 13So King Rehoboam strengthened himself in Jerusalem and reigned as king. Rehoboam was 41 years old when he began to reign and he reigned 17 years in Jerusalem—the city that Adonai had chosen out of all the tribes of Israel to put His Name there. His mother’s name was Naamah, the Ammonite. 14But he did evil because he had not set his heart to seek Adonai. 15Now the acts of Rehoboam, from beginning to end, are they not written in the chronicles of Shemaiah the prophet and of Iddo the seer for genealogies? There were continuous wars between Rehoboam and Jeroboam. 16Then Rehoboam slept with his fathers and was buried in the city of David. Then his son Abijah became king in his plac

–from 2 Chronicles 12

So who are you following? Who is leading you? Who is guiding you? Who is instructing you? Who is correcting you? Who is your source of hope?

Abijah’s Bold Speech

1In the 18th year of King Jeroboam, Abijah began to reign over Judah. 2He reigned three years in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Micaiah, the daughter of Uriel of Gibeah. There was war between Abijah and Jeroboam. 3Abijah went into battle with an army of valiant warriors, 400,000 chosen men, while Jeroboam arranged for battle against him 800,000 chosen men, mighty warriors. 4Abijah stood on top of Mount Zemaraim, which is a hill of Ephraim, and said, “Listen to me Jeroboam and all Israel! 5Don’t you know that Adonai, God of Israel, has given kingship over Israel to David forever—to him and his sons by a covenant of salt? 6Yet Jeroboam son of Nebat, the servant of Solomon son of David, rose up and rebelled against his master. 7Riffraff and scoundrels gathered around him and pressed hard on Rehoboam son of Solomon, when Rehoboam was young and tenderhearted and could not stand up to them. 8“So now, do you intend to oppose the kingdom of Adonai, which is in the hand of David’s descendants? Are you indeed a great multitude—and with you the golden calves that Jeroboam made for you as gods? 9Have you not banished the kohanim of Adonai, the sons of Aaron, as well as the Levites, and then appointed your own priests—just as the peoples of the lands do? Can whoever comes to consecrate himself with a bull from a young cow and seven rams become a priest—for gods of nothing? 10“But as for us, Adonai is our God! And we have not forsaken Him. We have the sons of Aaron ministering as kohanim to Adonai and the Levites in their work. 11Every morning and evening they burn to Adonai burnt offerings and sweet incense. They set the rows of bread on the pure table and they light the golden menorah with its lamps burning every evening—for we keep the service of Adonai Eloheinu—but you have forsaken Him. 12So look, God is with us at our head, and His kohanim with the signal trumpets to sound an alarm against you. O men of Israel, do not fight against Adonai, the God of your fathers—for you will not succeed!” 13But Jeroboam had commanded the ambush to go around and come from the rear. So while they were in front of Judah, the ambush was behind them. 14When Judah turned around, behold, the battle was before and behind them. They cried out to Adonai and the kohanim blew the trumpets. 15Then the men of Judah raised a battle cry, and as the men of Judah shouted, God struck down Jeroboam and all Israel before Abijah and Judah. 16Then men of Israel fled before Judah and God delivered them into their hand. 17So Abijah and his people defeated them with a great slaughter, and 500,000 chosen men of Israel fell slain. 18Thus men of Israel were subdued at that time, while the children of Judah prevailed—because they relied upon Adonai, the God of their fathers. 19Abijah pursued Jeroboam and captured towns from him: Bethel with its villages, Jeshanah with its villages, and Ephron with its villages. 20Jeroboam could not muster strength again in the days of Abijah. Finally Adonai struck him and he died. 21But Abijah grew powerful and took to himself 14 wives and fathered 22 sons and 16 daughters. 22Now the rest of the acts of Abijah, his ways and his sayings, are written in the chronicles of the prophet Iddo. 23Then Abijah slept with his fathers and was buried in the city of David. His son Asa became king in his place. During his days the land was untroubled for ten years.

–from 2 Chronicles 13

So does knowing help you choose? If you read the end of the book first will that help you to get through the rest of it? If you know how it ends will that help you in deciding how to live out your life?

The Heavenly Throne of Adonai

1After these things I looked, and behold, a door was standing open in heaven. And the first voice, which I had heard speaking with me like a trumpet, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.” 2Immediately I was in the Ruach; and behold, a throne was standing in heaven, and One seated on the throne. 3And the One who was seated was like jasper and carnelian in appearance, and a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance. 4Around the throne were twenty-four thrones, and seated on the thrones were twenty-four elders dressed in white clothes with golden crowns on their heads. 5And out from the throne come flashes of lightning and rumblings and clashes of thunder—and seven torches of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God. 6And before the throne was something like a sea of glass, like crystal. In the middle of the throne and around it were four living creatures, full of eyes in front and behind. 7The first living creature was like a lion, the second living creature was like an ox, the third living creature had a face like a man, and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle. 8The four living creatures, each having six wings, were full of eyes all around and within. They do not rest day or night, chanting, “Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh Adonai Elohei-Tzva’ot, asher haya v’hoveh v’yavo! Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts, who was and who is and who is to come!” 9And whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to the One seated on the throne, who lives forever and ever, 10the twenty-four elders fall down before the One seated on the throne and worship Him who lives forever and ever. And they throw their crowns down before the throne, chanting, 11“Worthy are You, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, For You created all things, and because of Your will they existed and were created!”

–from The Revelation 4

Do you realize who is worthy? Do you realize who is on the throne? Will you choose before it is too late?

A Scroll with Seven Seals

1And I saw in the right hand of the One seated upon the throne a scroll, written on both the front and the back, sealed with seven seals. 2I also saw a mighty angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and to break its seals?” 3No one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look into it. 4I began to weep loudly because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or to look into it. 5Then one of the elders tells me, “Stop weeping! Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed—He is worthy to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Worshiping the Lamb

6And in the midst of the throne and the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, I saw a Lamb standing, as having been slain—having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth. 7He came and took the scroll from the right hand of the One seated on the throne. 8When He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each holding a harp and golden bowls full of incense—which are the prayers of the kedoshim. 9And they are singing a new song, saying, “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals. For You were slain, and by Your blood You redeemed for God those from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. 10You have made them for our God a kingdom and kohanim, and they shall reign upon the earth.” 11Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders—their number was myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands. 12They were chanting with a loud voice, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing!” 13And I heard every creature in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and on the sea and everything in them, responding, “To the One seated on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and power forever and ever!” 14And the four living creatures kept saying, “Amen!” And the elders fell down and worshiped.

–from The Revelation 5



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