Who are you listening to?

Are you listening or hearing? Are you listening and acting on it? Are you listening to someone who is out for your best interest? Are you listening to someone who is out for their own best interest? What have you learned from listening? What have you experienced through listening? Are they a good advisor? Are they a good teacher? Are they worth listening to? Are they teaching you good or evil? Are they speaking truth in love? Consider the source and their motives! Choose your counselors well! Having the wrong ones can lead to your downfall! So who are you listening to?

Today’s reading begins in 2 Chronicles 22…

Ahaziah Falls with Ahab

1Then the inhabitants of Jerusalem made Ahaziah, his youngest son, king in his place for the troops that invaded the camp with the Arabians had slain all the older ones. Thus Ahaziah the son of Jehoram became king over Judah. 2Ahaziah was 22 years old when he became king and he reigned in Jerusalem one year. His mother’s name was Athaliah the daughter of Omri. 3He too walked in the ways of the house of Ahab for his mother counseled him to do evil. 4He did evil in the sight of Adonai, like the house of Ahab, for they were his counselors after his father’s death—to his destruction. 5He also followed their counsel when he went with Jehoram the son of Ahab king of Israel to wage war against Hazael king of Aram at Ramoth-gilead. The Arameans wounded Joram, 6so he returned to Jezreel to recover from the wounds inflicted on him at Ramah when he fought Hazael king of Aram. Then Azariah, the son of Jehoram king of Judah, went down to see Jehoram the son of Ahab in Jezreel, because he had been wounded. 7Now through his coming to Joram, God brought about Ahaziah’s downfall. Upon his arrival, Ahaziah went out with Jehoram against Jehu the son of Nimshi, whom Adonai had anointed to cut off the house of Ahab. 8So it came to pass that when Jehu was executing judgment upon the house of Ahab, he came upon the officers of Judah and Azaiah’s relatives, who had been attending Azaiah, and slew them. 9He then searched for Azaiah who was caught hiding in Samaria. Then they brought him to Jehu, put him to death and buried him, for they said, “He is the son of Jehoshaphat, who sought Adonai with all his heart.” Then there was no one in the house of Azaiah to hold power over the kingdom.

Athaliah and Joash

10Now when Athaliah, Azaiah’s mother, saw that her son had died, she arose and destroyed all the royal offspring of the house of Judah. 11But Jehoshebeath, the king’s daughter, took Joash the son of Azaiah and stole him away from among the king’s sons who were being slain, and put him and his nurse in the bedroom. Because Jehoshebaeath, daughter of King Jehoram and wife of Jehoiada the kohen, was the sister of Azaiah, she could hide him from Athaliah so she could not kill him. 12He remained hidden with them in the House of God for six years while Athaliah reigned over the land.

–from 2 Chronicles 22

With godly counselors we can get wise advice! With godly counselors we can learn and receive direction! With godly counselors we can find truth and hope in love! So choose wisely your counselors and advisors!

1Now in the seventh year Jehoiada strengthened himself and brought the officers of hundreds—Azariah the son of Jeroham, Ishmael the son of Jehohanan, Azariah the son of Obed, Maaseiah the son of Adaiah, and Elishaphat the son of Zichri—into a covenant with him. 2They went throughout Judah and gathered the Levites from all the cities of Judah and the leading patriarchs of Israel. They came to Jerusalem 3and the entire congregation made a covenant with the king in the House of God. Then he said to them: “Behold, the king’s son! He must reign as Adonai promised concerning David’s sons. 4This is what you should do: a third of you, kohanim and Levites coming on duty on Shabbat will keep watch at the gates, 5a third of you shall be in the royal palace, and a third at the Foundation Gate, and all the people shall be in the courtyard, and all the people should be in the courtyard of the House of Adonai. 6But let no one enter into the House of Adonai except the kohanim and the ministering Levites. They may come in, for they are kadosh, and let all the people observe the service of Adonai. 7The Levites will surround the king on all sides, every man with his weapons in his hand, and whoever enters the House, let him be killed. Stay close to the king in his comings and goings.” 8So the Levites and all Judah did according to all that Jehoiada the kohen commanded. Each took his men, those that were on duty on Shabbat and those who went off duty on Shabbat, for Jehoiada the kohen had not dismissed any of the divisions. 9And Jehoiada the kohen delivered to the officers of hundreds King David’s spears, shields and bucklers that were in the House of God. 10Then he stationed all the people, each man with his weapon in his hand around the king—from the south side of the House to the north side of the House by the altar and by the House. 11Then they brought out the king’s son and placed upon him the crown and the insignia. They proclaimed him king, and Jehoiada and his sons anointed him and declared, “Long live the king!” 12When Athaliah heard the shouting of the people running and praising the king, she came to the people to the House of Adonai. 13She looked, and behold, the king was standing by his pillar at the entrance and the officers and the trumpeters were beside the king. All the people of the land were rejoicing and blowing the trumpets, and the singers with their musical instruments were leading the praise. So Athaliah tore her clothes and said, “Treason, treason!” 14Jehoiada the kohen brought out the officers of hundreds who were set over the army, and said to them, “Bring her out from between the ranks and put to the sword anyone who follows her.” For the kohanim said, “Do not put her to death in the House of Adonai.” 15So they seized her as she arrived at the entrance of the Horse Gate of the royal palace and killed her there. 16Then Jehoiada made a covenant between himself, all the people and the king to be the people of Adonai. 17All the people went to the house of Baal and tore it down, smashed its altars and images into pieces, and slew Mattan, the priest of Baal, in front of the altars. 18Then Jehoiada placed the oversight of the House of Adonai under the authority of the Levitical kohanim, whom David had assigned over the House of Adonai to offer the burnt offerings of Adonai, as it is written in the Torah of Moses, accompanied by rejoicing and singing as ordered by David. 19He also stationed gatekeepers at the gates of the House of Adonai so that no one who was ritually impure for any reason could enter. 20He took the officers of hundreds, the nobles, the rulers of the people and all the people of the land, and brought the king down from the House of Adonai. They came through the upper gate of the royal house and seated the king upon the royal throne, 21and all the people of the land rejoiced. The city was quiet for Athaliah had been slain with the sword.

–from 2 Chronicles 23

Turn to God! Listen and hear His Words! Obey Him! He speaks truth in love! Don’t lose hope for He knows what you are going through! Give it all up to Him! Trust Him! Allow your faith to be built up! Glorify Him in the way you live life!

Scorn and Disgrace, Gall and Vinegar

1For the music director, on “Lilies,” of David. 2Save me, O God, for the waters have reached my soul. 3I have sunk in deep mud, and there is no footing, I have come into deep waters, and a flood sweeps over me. 4I am worn out by my crying, my throat is parched, my eyes fail, waiting for my God. 5Those who hate me without a cause outnumber the hairs of my head. Powerful are my enemies who would destroy me with lies. What I did not steal, must I restore? 6O God, You know my folly, nor are my trespasses hidden from You. 7May those who hope in You not be ashamed because of me, my Lord, Adonai-Tzva’ot. May those who seek You not be disgraced because of me, O God of Israel. 8For I have endured scorn for Your sake. Disgrace has covered my face. 9I have become a stranger to my brothers, a foreigner to my mother’s children. 10For zeal for Your House consumed me— the insults of those who insulted You have fallen on me. 11When I wept and fasted— that became a reproach to me. 12When I put on sackcloth, I became a joke to them. 13Those who sit at the gate chatter about me, and I am the song of the drunkards. 14But as for me, my prayer to You, Adonai, is for a time of favor. O God, in Your great love, answer me with the truth of Your salvation. 15Deliver me from the mire— do not let me sink. Deliver me from those who hate me, out of the deep waters. 16Do not let floodwaters sweep over me, nor the deep swallow me up, nor the Pit shut its mouth over me. 17Answer me, Adonai, for good is Your mercy. With Your great compassion, turn to me. 18Hide not Your face from Your servant. For I am in distress—answer me quickly. 19Draw near to my soul and redeem it. Ransom me because of my foes. 20You know my reproach, my shame, my disgrace. All my adversaries are before You. 21Scorn has broken my heart, so I am sick. I looked for sympathy, but there was none, for comforters, but found none. 22They put gall in my food, and for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink. 23Let their table before them be a snare, and what should have been for their well-being, let it be a trap. 24Let their eyes be darkened so they cannot see and their backs be bent forever. 25Pour out Your indignation on them. Let Your fierce anger overtake them. 26Let their encampment be deserted. Let none dwell in their tents. 27For they persecute the one You have smitten, so they tell of the pain of those You have wounded. 28Add guilt to their guilt—may they not come into Your righteousness. 29May they be wiped out of the book of life and not be recorded with the righteous. 30But I—I am afflicted and in pain. Let Your salvation, O God, set me up on high. 31I will praise God’s Name with a song, and magnify Him with praise. 32It will please Adonai better than an ox or a bull with horns and hoofs. 33The humble will see it and be glad. You who seek God, let your hearts revive. 34For Adonai hears the needy and does not despise His captive people. 35Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything moving in them. 36For God will save Zion, and rebuild the cities of Judah. Then they will dwell there and possess it. 37The children of His servants will inherit it and those who love His Name will dwell there.

–from Psalms 69

In this world we will have troubles, but take hope for Jesus has overcome the world! Consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds because in and thru it all you will come out the other side complete and lacking nothing – endure!

We all have choices. We need to choose the right one before it is too late! Sure we will have troubles (not might but will), however, we don’t need to be making decisions that will make it worse! We need to be prepared! We need to choose to be a part of God’s family! We need to choose to be with God rather than apart from Him! We need to ask Jesus into our lives and follow after Him! God is a god of second chances, how many second chances do you need? How many second change will you take? Will you keep trying to align with God’s Word and God’s will? None of us are perfect! Jesus came and paid the price once for all, we have to make the choice to receive that gift from God! Choose it before it is too late!

The First Resurrection

1Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key to the abyss and a great chain. 2He seized the dragon—the ancient serpent, who is the devil and satan—and bound him for a thousand years. 3He also threw him into the abyss and locked and sealed it over him, so that he would not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were completed. After these things, he must be released for a short while. 4Then I saw thrones, and people sat upon them—those to whom authority to judge was given. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Yeshua and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or his image, nor had they received his mark on their forehead or on their hand. And they came to life and reigned with the Messiah for a thousand years. 5The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were completed. This is the first resurrection. 6How fortunate and holy is the one who has a share in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no authority, but they shall be kohanim of God and the Messiah, and they shall reign with Him for a thousand years.

Judgment After 1000 Years

7When the thousand years has ended, satan shall be released from his prison, 8and he shall come out to deceive the nations at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for the battle. Their number is like the sand of the sea. 9And they came up on the broad plain of the earth and surrounded the camp of the kedoshim and the beloved city—but fire fell from heaven and consumed them. 10And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are too, and they shall be tortured day and night forever and ever. 11Then I saw a great white throne, and the One seated on it. The earth and heaven fled from His presence, but no place was found for them. 12And I saw the dead—the great and the small—standing before the throne. The books were opened, and another book was opened—the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to what was written in the books, according to their deeds. 13The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Sheol gave up the dead in them. Then they were each judged, each one of them, according to their deeds. 14Then death and Sheol were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death—the lake of fire. 15And if anyone was not found written in the Book of Life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

–from The Revelation 20

We will all rise again! But then where will you go? That will be based on your choice! Did you choose Jesus or not? So choose wisely! And hopefully you will choose Jesus quickly! And spend eternity with God rather than apart from God!








Don’t overstay your welcome.

Ever gone somewhere for a purpose? Ever visited a friend or a neighbor? Ever gone on a trip for a visit? How long did you stay? What drove the decision on when to leave? What is your motivation for going? What is your motivation for staying? How do you know when it is time to go?

Proverbs 25:17 says:

Don’t visit your neighbors too often, or you will wear out your welcome.

Jesus tells us in Mark 6:

10And He told them, “When you enter a house, stay there until you leave that town. 11If anyone will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that place, as a testimony against them.”

Today’s reading starts with a story of being sent and after delivering the message to leave quickly…

Jehu Avenges Naboth

1Then Elisha the prophet summoned one of the sons of the prophets and told him, “Strap up your cloak, take this flask of oil in your hand, and go to Ramoth-gilead. 2When you arrive there, look out there for Jehu son of Jehoshaphat son of Nimshi. Then go in, get him to rise up from among his fellows, and bring him to an inner room. 3Then take the flask of oil and pour it on his head and say, thus says Adonai: ‘I have anointed you king over Israel.’ Then open the door and flee—don’t wait around.” 4So the young man, a young prophet, went to Ramoth-gilead. 5Now when he arrived, behold, the army commanders were sitting. So he said, “I have a word for you, commander.” Jehu asked, “For which one of us?” He replied, “For you, commander.” 6Then he rose and went inside the house, and the prophet poured the oil on his head and said to him, “Thus says Adonai, God of Israel: I have anointed you king over the people of Adonai, over Israel. 7So you will strike down the house of Ahab your master, that I may avenge the blood of My servants the prophets, and the blood of all the servants of Adonai shed by Jezebel. 8For the whole house of Ahab will perish, and I will cut off from Ahab every male, slave or free, in Israel. 9I will make the house of Ahab like the house of Jeroboam son of Nebat, and like the house of Baasa son of Ahijah. 10The dogs will eat Jezebel in the field of Jezreel, and there will be none to bury her.” Then he opened the door and fled. 11Then Jehu came out to the officers of his master, and one asked him, “Is everything all right? Why did this crazy fellow come to you?” He said to them, “You know the man and his babbling.” 12But they said, “It’s a lie! Tell us now.” So he said, “He said something like this to me, saying ‘Thus says Adonai, I have anointed you king over Israel.’” 13Then they hurried and every man took his garment and put it under him on the bare steps, and blew the shofar, saying, “Jehu is king!” 14So Jehu son of Jehoshaphat son of Nimshi conspired against Joram. Now Joram had been defending Ramoth-gilead, he and all Israel, against King Hazael of Aram. 15But King Joram had returned to Jezreel to recover from the wounds that the Arameans had inflicted on him, when he fought with King Hazael of Aram. Then Jehu said, “If this is your wish, then let no one escape and go out of the city to go to tell the news in Jezreel.” 16So Jehu mounted a chariot and went to Jezreel, for Joram was lying there. Meanwhile, King Ahaziah of Judah came down to see Joram. 17Now the watchman stationed on the tower in Jezreel saw Jehu’s troop approaching and said, “I am seeing a troop.” Then Joram said, “Take a horseman and dispatch him to meet them, and let him ask: ‘Is it peace?’” 18So the horse rider went to meet him, and said, “Thus says the king: ‘Is it peace?’” But Jehu said, “What do you have to do with peace? Turn behind me.” So the watchman reported, saying, “The messenger reached them, but didn’t come back.” 19Then he dispatched out another horseman, who went to them and said, “Thus says the king: ‘Is it peace?’” But Jehu answered, “What do you have to do with peace? Turn behind me.” 20So the watchman reported, saying, “He reached them, but didn’t come back—and the driving is like the driving of Jehu son of Nimshi, for he is driving on like a maniac!” 21Then Joram ordered, “Hitch up the chariot!” So he hitched up his chariot. Then King Joram of Israel and King Ahaziah of Judah went out each in his chariot to meet Jehu, and found him at the field of Naboth the Jezreelite. 22Now when Joram saw Jehu, he asked, “Is it peace, Jehu?” So he answered, “What peace, so long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?” 23So Joram turned his horses around and fled, crying out to Ahaziah, “Treason, Ahaziah!” 24But Jehu drew his bow with his full strength and shot Joram between his arms, and the arrow went out through his heart, and he collapsed in his chariot. 25Then he said to Bidkar his aide, “Pick him up and throw him on the property of the field of Naboth the Jezreelite. Remember how you and I were riding together behind Ahab his father, when Adonai took up this burden against him: 26‘As surely as I have seen the blood of Naboth and the blood of his sons yesterday—it is a declaration of Adonai—I will repay you on this property—it is a declaration of Adonai.’ So now pick him up and throw him onto the property, just as in the word of Adonai.” 27When King Ahaziah of Judah saw this, he fled by the way of the garden house. But Jehu pursued him, and said, “Shoot him too!” They shot him in the chariot at Gur Pass near Ibleam. Then he fled to Megiddo, but he died there. 28Then his servants carried him in a chariot to Jerusalem, and buried him in his tomb with his fathers in the city of David. 29(Ahaziah had become king over Judah in the eleventh year of Joram the son of Ahab.) 30Now when Jehu arrived at Jezreel, Jezebel heard about it. So she painted her eyes and dressed her hair, and looked out the window. 31As Jehu entered the gate, she said, “Is it peace, Zimri, your master’s assassin?” 32Then he lifted up his face to the window and called out, “Who is on my side? Who?” Two or three eunuchs looked down toward him. 33Then he said, “Throw her down!” So they threw her down—then her blood spattered on the wall and on the horses, and they trampled her. 34Then he went inside, ate and drank. Then he said, “Attend now to this cursed woman and bury her, for she was a king’s daughter.” 35But when they went to bury her, they found no more of her than the skull, the feet, and the palms of her hands. 36So they came back and told him. He said, “This is the word of Adonai, which He spoke by His servant Elijah the Tishbite, saying: ‘In the field of Jezreel will the dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel, 37and the carcass of Jezebel will be as dung upon the face of the field in the property of Jezreel, so that they will not say, “This was Jezebel.”’”

–from 2 Kings 9

If you are called will you answer? If you are directed will you go? If you are instructed will you learn? Will you be fully obedient? Partial obedience is disobedience!

Jehu Destroys Ahab’s Sons and Baal Worshippers

1Now Ahab had 70 sons in Samaria. Jehu wrote letters and sent them to Samaria, to the rulers of Jezreel, the elders, and to the guardians of Ahab’s sons, saying: 2“Now as soon as this letter reaches you—since your master’s sons are with you, and you also have chariots and horses, a fortified city and weapons— 3choose the best and the most worthy of your master’s sons, set him on his father’s throne, and fight for your master’s house.” 4But they were very terrified and said, “Look, two kings couldn’t stand before him, how then can we?” 5So the steward of the palace, the governor of the city, the elders, and the guardians sent word to Jehu saying, “We are your servants, and will do whatever you tell us to. We won’t make any man king. Do whatever is good in your eyes.” 6Then he wrote a second letter to them saying, “If you are on my side, and if you will obey me, then bring the heads of the men, your master’s sons, and come to me to Jezreel at this time tomorrow.” Now the king’s sons, 70 people, were with the city’s prominent men. 7When it came to pass that the letter reached them, they took the king’s 70 sons and slaughtered them, put their heads in baskets and sent them to him at Jezreel. 8When a messenger came and told him saying, “They have brought the heads of the king’s sons,” he said, “Put them in two heaps at the entrance of the gate until morning.” 9It came to pass in the morning that he went out and stood and addressed all the people, “You are innocent. Behold, I conspired against my master and killed him, but who struck down all these? 10Know then that not a word of Adonai will fall to the earth—which Adonai spoke about the house of Ahab—for Adonai has done what He spoke through His servant Elijah.” 11So Jehu struck down all who remained of the house of Ahab in Jezreel—all his nobles, his acquaintances, his priests—until he left him not a survivor. 12Then he arose and went on his way to Samaria. As he was at Shearing House of the Shepherds along the way, 13Jehu met with the kinsmen of King Ahaziah of Judah and asked, “Who are you?” “We are the kinsmen of Ahaziah,” they replied, “We’ve come down to greet the children of the king and the children of the queen mother.” 14“Take them alive!” he said. So they took them alive, then struck them down at the pit of Shearing House, 42 men—he spared not a single one of them. 15Now when he left from there, he met Jehonadab son of Rechab coming to meet him. So he greeted him and said to him, “Is your heart right as my heart is with your heart?” “It is,” Jehonadab replied. “If it is, give me your hand.” So he gave him his hand, and Jehu helped him up into the chariot. 16Then he said, “Come with me and see my zeal for Adonai.” So he let him ride in his chariot. 17When he came to Samaria, he struck down all who remained from Ahab in Samaria, until he had destroyed him, according to the word of Adonai spoken to Elijah. 18Then Jehu gathered all the people together and said to them, “Ahab served Baal a little, but Jehu will serve him much! 19Now therefore, summon to me all the prophets of Baal, all his worshippers, and all his priests, let none be missing, for I have a great sacrifice for Baal—whoever is missing will not live.” But Jehu did it in cunning, in order to destroy the worshippers of Baal. 20Then Jehu said, “Sanctify a solemn assembly for Baal.” So they proclaimed it. 21Then Jehu sent throughout Israel and all the worshippers of Baal came, so that there was not a man left who did not come. When they went into the temple of Baal, the temple of Baal was filled from one end to another. 22Then he said to the one over the wardrobe, “Bring out vestments for all the worshippers of Baal.” So he brought out vestments for them. 23Then Jehu and Jehonadab son of Rechab went into the temple of Baal, and he said to the worshippers of Baal, “Search and look that there is here with you none of the servants of Adonai—only servants of Baal.” 24Then they went in to offer sacrifices and burnt offerings. Now Jehu had already stationed 80 of his men outside and said, “If any of the men whom I am bringing into your hands escapes, your life will be for his life.” 25Then it came to pass, as soon as he had finished offering the burnt offering, Jehu said to the guard and to the captains, “Go in, strike them down—let none get out.” So they struck them down with the edge of the sword, and the guard and the captains threw them out. Then they proceeded to the inner room of the temple of Baal, 26brought out the pillars of the temple of Baal, and burned them. 27Then they demolished the pillar of Baal, tore down the temple of Baal and turned it into latrines—as it is to this day. 28Thus Jehu eradicated Baal from Israel. 29However, from the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, which he caused Israel to commit, from these Jehu did not turn away—-the golden calves in Bethel and in Dan. 30Now Adonai had said to Jehu, “Because you have done well in executing what is right in My eyes, and have done to the house of Ahab according to all that was in My heart, your sons of the fourth generation will sit on the throne of Israel.” 31Yet Jehu was not careful to walk in the Torah of Adonai, God of Israel, with all his heart. He did not turn from the sins of Jeroboam, which he caused Israel to commit. 32In those days Adonai began to reduce the size of Israel. For Hazael defeated them throughout the territory of Israel, 33from the Jordan eastward in all the land of Gilead—the Gadites, the Reubenites, and the Manassites—from Aroer by the Arnon Valley up to Gilead and Bashan. 34Now the rest of the acts of Jehu and all that he did and all his might, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel? 35Then Jehu slept with his fathers and they buried him in Samaria. And his son Jehoahaz became king in his place. 36The days of Jehu’s reign over Israel in Samaria were 28 years.

–from 2 Kings 10

The battle belongs to the Lord! The victory is His! The battle has been won! The victory in His hand! So let’s rejoice and celebrate the victory of the Lord! Let’s not live like we are losing or have lost, for He has already won the battle! Let’s get ready! Let’s be ready! Let’s be prepared! Let’s get prepared! Let’s not miss out because of laziness or distractions! Let’s not grow weary in doing good! Let’s not miss out because we weren’t prepared! Let the hope that is within you shine! Let’s the faith that is within you lead you and guide you! Put on the full armor of God!

Victory Songs in Heaven

1After these things, I heard something like the loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, shouting: “Halleluyah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God. 2For His judgments are true and just. For He has judged the great prostitute who corrupted the earth with her whoring, and has avenged the blood of His servants caused by her hand.” 3And a second time they shouted, “Halleluyah! The smoke from her goes up forever and ever!” 4Then the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God who is seated on the throne, saying, “Amen! Halleluyah!” 5Then a voice came from the throne, saying: “Praise our God, all you His servants and all who fear Him, both the small and the great!”

Wedding of the Lamb

6Then I heard something like the voice of a great multitude—like the roar of rushing waters or like the rumbling of powerful thunder—saying, “Halleluyah! For Adonai Elohei-Tzva’ot reigns! 7Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready, 8She was given fine linen to wear, bright and clean! For the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the kedoshim.” 9Then the angel tells me, “Write: How fortunate are those who have been invited to the wedding banquet of the Lamb!” He also tells me, “These are the true words of God.” 10Then I fell down at his feet and worshiped him. But he said to me, “See that you do not do that—for I am only a fellow servant with you and your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Yeshua. Worship God! For the testimony of Yeshua is the Spirit of Prophesy.”

Final Battle of this Age

11Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The One riding on it is called Faithful and True, and He judges and makes war in righteousness. 12His eyes are like a flame of fire, and many royal crowns are on His head. He has a name written that no one knows except Himself. 13He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which He is called is “the Word of God.” 14And the armies of heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, were following Him on white horses. 15From His mouth comes a sharp sword—so that with it He may strike down the nations—and He shall rule them with an iron rod, and He treads the winepress of the furious wrath of Elohei-Tzva’ot. 16On His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, “King of kings, and Lord of lords.” 17Then I saw a single angel standing in the sun, and with a loud voice he cried out to all the birds flying high in the sky, “Come, gather for the great banquet of God— 18to eat the flesh of kings and the flesh of generals and the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and those riding on them, the flesh of all men, both free and slave, both small and great!” 19Also I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against the One who sat on the horse and against His army. 20Then the beast was captured, and along with him the false prophet who had performed the signs before him by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast, as well as those who had worshiped his image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. 21The rest were killed with the sword coming out of the mouth of the One riding on the horse. And all the birds gorged themselves with their flesh.

–from The Revelation 19








Public servants are to bless the people.

Have you ever read the plan for government in the Bible?

1Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.

–from Romans 13

Have you ever read that they are to be a blessing to the people?

1I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

Do you realize that sometimes the government that is needed to point us back to God may not be the one we want or choose? Do you realize the importance of turning to and walk with God? Let’s pray for a revival! Let’s pray that the people will turn back to God rather than keep trying to remove God from everything! When you remove God from everything, what do you expect will happen?

Let’s take a look into today’s reading for the day…

The Shunammite’s Land Restored

1Now Elisha spoke to the woman whose son he had restored to life saying, “Arise and go with your household, and stay wherever you can stay, because Adonai has called for a famine—indeed it has already come—on the land for seven years.” 2So the woman arose and did according to the word of the man of God. She and her household went and stayed in the land of the Philistines for seven years. 3Now at the end of seven years the woman returned from the land of the Philistines, and she went to the king to appeal for her house and her farm. 4Now the king was talking with Gehazi, the servant of the man of God, “Please tell me,” he was saying, “all the great things that Elisha has done.” 5Then it came to pass, just as he was telling the king how he had revived someone who was dead, behold, there was the woman whose son he had revived, appealing to the king for her house and her farm. So Gehazi said, “My Lord the king, this is the woman and this is her son whom Elisha revived.” 6When the king asked the woman, she told him the story. So the king assigned to her a court official, saying, “Restore all that was hers, and all the revenue of the field since the day that she left the land until now.”

Elisha Weeps in Damascus

7Then Elisha went to Damascus. At the time King Ben-hadad of Aram was sick, and he was told, “The man of God has come all the way here.” 8So the king said to Hazael, “Take an offering in your hand and go meet the man of God, and inquire of Adonai by him saying: ‘Will I recover from this illness?’” 9So Hazael went to meet him and took an offering in his hand, of every good thing of Damascus—forty camel-loads—then came and stood before him and said, “Your son Ben-hadad king of Aram has sent me to you saying: ‘Will I recover from this illness?’” 10Elisha said to him, “Go, say to him: ‘You will surely recover.’ However, Adonai has also shown me that he will surely die.” 11Then he fixed his gaze steadily on him until he was ashamed, and then the man of God wept. 12When Hazael asked, “Why is my lord weeping?” he answered, “Because I know the evil that you will inflict on the men of Israel: their strongholds you will set on fire, their young men you will slay with the sword, their little ones you will dash into pieces, and their pregnant ones you will rip open.” 13Then Hazael said, “But what is your servant, who is but a dog, that he should do anything of such magnitude?” Elisha answered, “Adonai has shown me that you will be king over Aram.” 14Then he departed from Elisha and went to his master, who asked him, “What did Elisha say to you?” He answered, “He told me that you would surely recover.” 15But the next day he took a thick cloth, soaked it in water and spread it on his face, so that he died. Then Hazael became king in his place.

Edom Revolts Against Jehoram

16Now in the fifth year of Joram son of Ahab king of Israel—Jehoshaphat had been king of Judah—Jehoram the son of King Jehoshaphat of Judah became king. 17He was 32 years old when he became king, and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem. 18But he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, just as the house of Ahab did—for Ahab’s daughter was his wife—and he did what was evil in Adonai’s eyes. 19Nevertheless, Adonai was not willing to destroy Judah, for the sake of David His servant, since He had promised to give him a lamp for his children all days. 20In his days Edom revolted from under the hand of Judah, and set up their own king. 21Then Joram crossed over to Zair with all his chariots. It came about that he rose by night and struck the Edomites who had surrounded him and the chariot commanders, but his troops fled to their tents. 22So Edom kept rebelling from under the hand of Judah to this day. Then Libnah also revolted at the same time. 23Now the rest of the acts of Joram and all that he did, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah? 24Then Joram slept with his fathers, and was buried with his fathers in the city of David. Then his son Ahaziah became king in his place. 25In the twelfth year of Joram son of King Ahab of Israel, Ahaziah son of King Jehoram of Judah began to reign. 26Ahaziah was 22 years old when he became king, and he reigned one year in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Athaliah, the daughter of King Omri of Israel. 27Now he walked in the way of the house of Ahab and did what was evil in Adonai’s eyes, as the house of Ahab had done—for he was a son-in-law of the house of Ahab. 28He marched with Joram son of Ahab to war against Hazael king of Aram at Ramot-gilead, but the Arameans wounded Joram. 29So King Joram returned to Jezreel to recover from the wounds that the Arameans had inflicted on him at Ramah, when he fought against King Hazael of Aram. Ahaziah son of King Jehoram of Judah went down to see Joram son of Ahab in Jezreel, because he was sick.

–from 2 Kings 8

What type of a legacy do you want to leave? What type of person do you want to be remembered as? Do you want to be remembered? Do you want to leave a legacy that lasts? Will you build it upon the one foundation that will stand the test of time in God? Or will you try to go it alone and build it on the world’s shifting sands?

Jehoram Slays His Brothers

1Jehoshaphat slept with his fathers and was buried with his fathers in the city of David. Jehoram his son became king in his place. 2His brothers, the sons of Jehoshaphat, were Azariah, Jehiel, Zechariah, Azariahu, Michael and Shephatiah—all these were the sons of King Jehoshaphat of Israel. 3Their father had given them great gifts of silver, gold and precious things, along with fortified cities in Judah, but he gave the kingdom to Jehoram because he was the firstborn. 4Now when Jehoram had risen over his father’s kingdom and made himself strong, he slew all his brothers with the sword, along with some of the officers of Israel. 5Jehoram was 32 years old when he became king and he reigned in Jerusalem eight years. 6He walked in the way of the kings of Israel, just as the house of Ahab did (for Ahab’s daughter was his wife), and he did evil in the eyes of Adonai. 7However, Adonai was not willing to destroy the house of David because of the covenant He had made with David, and since He had spoken a word to give a lamp to him and his sons always. 8In his days Edom rebelled against Judah’s rule and set up a king over themselves. 9So Jehoram crossed over with his officers and all his chariots with him. He rose up by night and struck the Edomites who were surrounding him and the chariot commanders. 10Thus Edom has been in rebellion against Judah to this day. Then Libnah also revolted from under his hand at that time—because he had forsaken Adonai, the God of his fathers. 11Moreover, he built high places on the mountains of Judah and caused the inhabitants of Jerusalem to play the harlot and led Judah astray.

Elijah’s Letter of Judgment

12A letter from Elijah the prophet came to him saying: “Thus says Adonai, the God of your father David: Since you have not walked in the ways of Jehoshaphat your father nor in the ways of Asa king of Judah, 13but have walked in the way of the kings of Israel, leading Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem into prostitution just as the house of Ahab committed prostitution and you have also slain your brothers—your own family, who were better than you— 14behold, Adonai is going to strike your people, your children, your wives, and all your possessions with a monumental catastrophe. 15You yourself will be striken by multiple illnesses of your intestines, day after day, until your intestines drop out because of the illness.” 16Then Adonai stirred up against Jehoram the spirit of the Philistines and the Arabs that neighbored the Cushites. 17They rose up against Judah, invaded it and carried away all the possessions found in the royal palace, as well as his sons and his wives. No son was left to him except Jehoahaz, his youngest. 18After all this, Adonai smote his intestines with an incurable disease, 19and it continued day after day for two years, so that at the end his bowels fell out because of his sickness and he died in great agonies. His people made no fire in his honor like the fire of his fathers. 20He was 32 years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem eight years and he passed away, to no one’s regret. He was buried in the city of David, but not in the tombs of the kings.

–from 2 Chronicles 21

God is faithful to His Word and His promises! He is love! He is truth! So you don’t have to worry about how His promises will play out, you have to live out your promises and your life to glorify Him! Let’s live as living sacrifices to God! Let’s make a difference even if it is only to that one! Let’s take hold of God’s love and live it out! Let’s allow Him to shine through us so that we can be light to this dark world! Let’s allow Him to spice us up so that we can be salt to this world!

Let Your Heart Take Courage

1Of David. Adonai is my light and my salvation: whom should I fear? Adonai is the stronghold of my life: whom should I dread? 2When evildoers approached me to devour my flesh —my adversaries and my foes— they stumbled and fell. 3Though an army camp besieges me, my heart will not fear. Though war breaks out against me, even then will I be confident. 4One thing have I asked of Adonai, that will I seek: to dwell in the House of Adonai all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of Adonai, and to meditate in His Temple. 5For in the day of trouble He will hide me in His sukkah, conceal me in the shelter of His tent, and set me high upon a rock. 6Then will my head be high above my enemies around me. In His Tabernacle I will offer sacrifices with shouts of joy. I will sing, yes, sing praises to Adonai. 7Hear, Adonai, when I call with my voice, be gracious to me and answer me. 8To You my heart says: “Seek My face.” Your face, Adonai, I seek. 9Do not hide Your face from me. Do not turn Your servant away in anger. You have been my help. Do not abandon me or forsake me, O God my salvation. 10Though my father and my mother forsake me, Adonai will take me in. 11Teach me Your way, Adonai, and lead me on a level path— because of my enemies. 12Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes. For false witnesses rise up against me, breathing out violence. 13Surely I trust that I will see the goodness of Adonai in the land of the living. 14Wait for Adonai. Be strong, let Your heart take courage, and wait for Adonai.

–from Psalms 27

Let’s not be swayed by others’ ways! Let’s not be pulled off course by lies and tricks! Let’s hold tight to Jesus and let’s walk out our lives so that on that day we can hear Him say “well done my good and faithful servant”. Let’s keep our eyes on Him! Let’s walk with Him and talk with Him every day! Let’s choose to let others see Jesus in and through us!

Judgment of Babylon

1After these things, I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his glory. 2He cried out with a mighty voice, saying: “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a den for demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit and for every unclean bird and for every unclean and detestable beast. 3For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the fury of her immorality. The kings of the earth have committed sexual immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich off the power of her self-indulgence.” 4Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you participate in her sins and receive her plagues! 5For her sins have piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes. 6Pay her back just as she has paid out, and give her back double for her deeds! In the cup she has mixed— mix a double dose for her! 7As she has exalted herself and indulged herself in luxury, so give her the same measure of torment and grief! For in her heart she says, ‘I sit as a queen— I am no widow; I shall never see grief.’ 8For this reason her plagues will arrive in a single day— death and grief and famine— and she shall be burned down with fire. For mighty is Adonai Elohim who judges her!” 9Then the kings of the earth, who committed sexual immorality and indulged in luxury with her shall weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning— 10standing far off because of the terror of her torment, saying: “Alas, alas, O great city— O Babylon, the mighty city! For in a single hour your judgment has come!” 11And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn for her, because no one buys their merchandise anymore— 12shipments of gold, silver, precious stones, and pearls; fine linen, purple, silk, and scarlet; all kinds of citron wood; all kinds of ivory products; all kinds of products made of costly wood, bronze, iron, and marble; 13cinnamon, spice, incense, myrrh, and frankincense; wine, oil, fine flour, and wheat; cattle, sheep, horses, and chariots; and slaves—that is, human souls. 14The fruit of your soul’s desire has gone from you, and all the expensive and beautiful things are lost to you —never again will people find them. 15The merchants of these things, who became rich from her, shall stand far off for fear of her torment, weeping and mourning, 16saying, “Alas, alas, O great city— clothed in fine linen and purple and scarlet, adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls! 17For in a single hour so much wealth has been ruined!” And every ship captain and passenger, sailors and all who make their living at sea, stood at a distance 18and were crying out, seeing the smoke of her burning, saying, ‘What city is like the great city?’ 19And they threw dust on their heads and were crying out, weeping and mourning, “Alas, alas, O great city— in her all who had ships at sea grew rich from her wealth! For in a single hour has she been ruined! 20Rejoice over her, O heaven, and you kedoshim, emissaries and prophets! For God has judged her condemnation of you!” 21Then a mighty angel picked up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying: “So shall Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, never to be found again! 22And the sound of harpists and musicians, flautists and trumpeters, shall never be heard in you again! And the craftsman of any craft shall never be found in you again! And the sound of a mill shall never be heard in you again! 23And the light of a lamp shall never shine in you again! And the voice of the bridegroom and bride shall never be heard in you again! For your businessmen were the tycoons of the world, for all the nations were deceived by your sorcery! 24And in her was found the blood of the prophets and kedoshim and all those slaughtered on the earth.”

–from The Revelation 18

Jesus gave His all! He gave up His life on the cross to be able to bridge the gap created by sin so that we can be reconciled back to God! It’s a gift from God so nobody can boast! It’s God’s love that made Him make a way when there didn’t seem to be a way! He had to take care of it and make a way himself! So now we have to do our part and choose Him! Jesus conquered death! He rose from the grave! Opening up a way for us to be reconciled back to God! He is the way, the truth, and the life! He is the only way to the Father! So we need to receive this gift and follow after Him the rest of our lives! He is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for you and me!

Have you chosen? You know the choice now. So make the choice before it is too late! Choose to be with Jesus for the rest of eternity! Don’t wait too long and miss out and be separated from God! Let’s choose wisely!

Women Visit the Garden Tomb

1Now on the first day of the week, at daybreak, the women came to the tomb, carrying the spices they had prepared. 2They found the stone had been rolled away from the tomb; 3but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Yeshua. 4And while they were perplexed about this, suddenly two men in dazzling clothes stood beside them. 5The women were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you search for the living among the dead? 6He is not here, but He is risen! Remember what He told you when He was still in the Galilee, 7saying that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be executed, and on the third day rise up.” 8And they were reminded of His words. 9And when they returned from the tomb, they told all these things to the eleven and to everyone else. 10Now it was Miriam from Magdala, Joanna, the Miriam of Jacob and others together with them who were telling these things to the emissaries. 11But these words appeared to them as nonsense, and they would not believe them. 12But Peter got up and ran to the tomb. Leaning in, he sees only the linen cloths. And he went away to his home, marveling at what had happened.

Eyes Open in Emmaus

13Now behold, two of them on that very day were traveling to a village named Emmaus, a distance of about seven miles from Jerusalem. 14They were speaking with one another about all the things that had been happening. 15While they were talking and discussing, Yeshua Himself approached and began traveling with them. 16But their eyes were kept from recognizing Him. 17Then He said to them, “What are these things you are discussing with one another as you are walking along?” They stood still, looking gloomy. 18Then the one named Cleopas answered and said to Him, “Are You the only one visiting Jerusalem who doesn’t know the things that happened there in these days?” 19Yeshua said to them, “What kind of things?” And they said to Him, “The things about Yeshua from Natzeret, who was a Prophet, powerful in deed and word before God and all the people— 20how the ruling kohanim and our leaders handed Him over to be sentenced to death, and they executed Him. 21But we were hoping that He was the One about to redeem Israel. Besides all this, today is the third day since these things happened. 22“But also some women among us amazed us. Early in the morning they were at the tomb. 23When they didn’t find His body, they came saying that they had also seen a vision of angels, who said He is alive! 24Some of those with us went to the tomb and found it just as the women said, but they did not see Him.” 25Yeshua said to them, “Oh foolish ones, so slow of heart to put your trust in all that the prophets spoke! 26Was it not necessary for Messiah to suffer these things and to enter into His glory?” 27Then beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them the things written about Himself in all the Scriptures. 28They approached the village where they were going, and He acted as though He were going farther on. 29But they urged Him, saying, “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening and the day is already gone.” So He went in to stay with them. 30And it happened that when He was reclining at the table with them, He took the matzah , offered a bracha and, breaking it, gave it to them. 31Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him, and He disappeared from them.

Good News for the Disciples in Jerusalem

32They said to one another, “Didn’t our heart burn within us while He was speaking with us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?” 33And they got up that very hour and returned to Jerusalem. They found the eleven and others with them gathered together, 34saying, “The Lord is risen indeed! He has appeared to Simon!” 35Then they began telling about the events on the road and how He became recognized by them in the breaking of the matzah . 36While they were speaking of these things, Yeshua Himself stood in the midst of them and said, “Shalom Aleichem!” 37But they were startled and terrified, thinking they were seeing a ghost. 38Then He said to them, “Why are you so shaken? And why do doubts arise in your heart? 39Look at My hands and My feet—it is I Myself! Touch Me and see! For a spirit doesn’t have flesh and bones, as you see I have.” 40And when He had said this, He showed them His hands and His feet. 41But while they were still in disbelief due to joy and wonder, He said to them, “Do you have anything to eat here?” 42They gave Him a piece of broiled fish, 43and He took it and ate it in their presence. 44Then He said to them, “These are My words which I spoke to you while I was still with you—everything written concerning Me in the Torah of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled. 45Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, 46and He said to them, “So it is written, that the Messiah is to suffer and to rise from the dead on the third day, 47and that repentance for the removal of sins is to be proclaimed in His name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. 48You are witnesses of these things. 49And behold, I am sending the promise of My Father upon you; but you are to stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”

Yeshua Ascends into Heaven

50Then Yeshua led them out as far as Bethany, and He lifted up His hands and blessed them. 51And while blessing them, He departed from them and was taken up into heaven. 52After worshiping Him, they returned to Jerusalem with great joy. 53And they were continually in the Temple, praising God.

–from Luke 24





Nothing is impossible with God!

Is the load on you too heavy? Have you considered giving any of it over to God? Is the work too much? Have you considered giving any of it up to God? Is the stress to much? Have you considered not carrying it all on your own? Would you be up for a swap? Would you be up for some help? Do you realize there is help available? Do you realize that if you will trade the yoke on your shoulders with the one on Jesus’ shoulders you will be in for a better ride? Jesus’ yoke is told of this way:

29Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

–from Matthew 11:29-30

It may be hard but it’s not impossible! It may look high but it’s not impossible! It may seem deep but it’s not impossible! It may seem rough but it’s not impossible!

Nothing is impossible for God!
Nothing is impossible with God!

The battle belongs to God! So don’t try to fight it on your own! You may have a part, but He is in control! You may have a role, but the battle belongs to the Lord! God’s army is greater than anything the devil can throw against you! There are more that are for you than there are who are against you!

Today’s reading begins in 2 Kings…

Floating Ax Head

1Now the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, “Behold now, the place where we are living in your presence is too cramped for us. 2So please, let’s go to the Jordan and pick from there each one a beam, and make ourselves a place there to live.” “Go,” he answered. 3Then one of them said, “Will you please come with your servants?” “I will go,” he answered. 4So he went with them. And when they came to the Jordan, they began to cut down trees. 5But as one of them was cutting down a beam, the axe-head fell into the water; and he cried, and said, “Ah, my master! It was borrowed.” 6Then the man of God asked, “Where did it fall?” When he showed him the place, he cut off a stick and threw it there, and made the ax head float. 7Then he said, “Pick it up for yourself.” So he reached out his hand and took it.

Fiery Armies of Heaven

8Now the king of Aram was warring against Israel. He consulted with his officers, saying, “In such and such a place will be my camp.” 9But the man of God sent word to the king of Israel, saying, “Be careful not to pass this place, for the Arameans are coming down there.” 10So the king of Israel sent word to the place the man of God told him and warned him about, and so he was on his guard there—more than once or twice. 11His heart upset over this matter, the king of Aram summoned his officers and said to them, “Tell me, which one of us is on the king of Israel’s side?” 12But one of his officers said, “No, my lord the king. Rather, Elisha the prophet who is in Israel keeps telling the king of Israel the very words that you speak in your bedroom!” 13So he said, “Go, see where he is, so I may send and seize him.” Then it was reported to him, “Behold, he is in Dothan.” 14So he sent horses, chariots and a great army there. They arrived at night and surrounded the city. 15Now when the attendant of the man of God had risen early and gone out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was surrounding the city. So his attendant said to him, “Alas, my master! What are we going to do?” 16“Fear not,” he replied, “for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” 17Then Elisha prayed and said, “Adonai, please open his eyes that he may see.” Then Adonai opened the eyes of the young man and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 18When they came down to him, Elisha prayed to Adonai and said, “Please strike this people with blinding light.” So He struck them with blinding light according to the word of Elisha. 19Then Elisha said to them, “This is not the road, nor is this the city. Follow me, and I will lead you to the man whom you seek.” So he led them to Samaria. 20Upon their arrival in Samaria, Elisha said, “Adonai, open the eyes of these men, that they may see.” So Adonai opened their eyes, and they could see—behold, they were in the middle of Samaria. 21When the king of Israel saw them, he said to Elisha, “Shall I surely strike them down, Avi?” 22“Don’t strike them down,” he replied. “Would you strike down those whom you have captured with your own sword and bow? Set before them bread and water that they may eat and drink and go back to their master.” 23So he prepared a great feast for them. After they had eaten and drunk, he sent them away, and they went back to their master. Ever since, the marauding bands of Aram stopped invading the land of Israel. 24Now it came to pass after this, that King Ben-hadad of Aram gathered all his army and marched against Samaria and besieged it. 25Now there was a great famine in Samaria, since they were besieging it, until a donkey’s head was sold for 80 pieces of silver, and the quarter of a kav of dove’s dung for five pieces of silver. 26As the king of Israel was passing by on the wall, a woman cried out to him saying, “My lord the king, help!” 27But he said, “If Adonai doesn’t help you, how would I help you? From the threshing floor, or from the winepress?” 28Then the king asked her, “What’s the matter with you?” She answered, “This woman said to me: ‘Give your son that we may eat him today, and we will eat my son tomorrow.’ 29So we cooked my son and ate him. The next day I told her: ‘Give your son that we may eat him’—but she hid her son.” 30Now it came to pass when the king heard the words of the woman, that he tore his clothes—as he was passing by on the wall, the people looked, and behold, he had sackcloth underneath upon his flesh. 31Then he said, “May God do so to me and even more, if the head of Elisha the son of Shaphat remains on him today.” 32Now Elisha was sitting in his house, and the elders were sitting with him. The king had sent a messenger ahead, yet even before the messenger arrived, Elisha said to the elders, “Do you see, this son of a murderer was sent to take away my head! Look, when the messenger comes, shut the door and hold the door fast against him. Is not the sound of his master’s footsteps behind him?” 33While he was yet talking with them, behold, the messenger came down to him. So the king said, “Look! This evil is from Adonai—why should I wait for Adonai any longer?”

–from 2 Kings 6

Ever noticed that even when you believe for the big things others may not have the faith to believe? Just because they struggle doesn’t mean you have to! Trust in God! Believe in Him and His Word! Don’t lose hope! Don’t lose faith! Remember that nothing is impossible for God!

Scattering an Aramean Army

1Then Elisha said, “Hear the word of Adonai. Thus says Adonai: Tomorrow about this time a measure of fine flour will sell for a shekel and two measures of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.” 2Then the officer on whose hand the king was leaning responded to the man of God and said, “Look, even if Adonai should make windows in heaven, could this thing happen?” He announced, “Behold, you will see it with your own eyes, but will not eat any of it!” 3Now there were four men with tza’arat at the entrance of the gate; and they said to one another, “Why should we sit here till we die? 4If we say: ‘Let’s go into the city,’ then the famine is in the city, so we will die there; but if we sit still here, we’ll die also. So come, let’s go into the camp of the Arameans. If they spare us, we’ll live; and if they kill us, we’ll just die.” 5So they got up at twilight to go to the camp of the Arameans. But when they arrived at the edge of the Aramean camp, behold, no one was there! 6For Adonai had caused the army of the Arameans to hear a noise of chariots and a noise of horses—indeed a noise of a huge army. So they said one to another, “Look, the king of Israel has hired against us the kings of the Hittites, and the kings of the Egyptians to assault us.” 7So they got up and fled at twilight, abandoning their tents, their horses and their donkeys—the entire camp just as it was—and fled for their lives. 8When these men with tza’arat came to the edge of the camp, they entered into one tent, ate and drank, and took from there silver, gold, and clothes, then went and hid them. Then they returned and went into another tent, and took from there too, and went and hid them. 9Then they said to each other, “It’s not right, what we’re doing. This day is a day of good news, and we’re keeping silent! If we wait till the morning light, punishment will overtake us. Let’s go now and report to the king’s household.” 10So they came and called out to the city gatekeepers, and told them, “We went to the camp of the Arameans, and look, there was not a single soul there, no human voice—just the horses and the donkeys tied up, and the tents just as they were.” 11Then the gatekeepers called out, and it was reported to the royal palace inside. 12When the king got up in the night, he said to his courtiers, “Let me tell you now what the Arameans have contrived against us. They know that we are hungry, so they went out of the camp to hide themselves in the field, thinking, ‘When they come out of the city, we’ll capture them alive and get into the city.’” 13But one of his courtiers answered and said, “Please let some men take five of the remaining horses left in the city—look, they are just like the whole multitude left in it, and look, they will be just like the whole multitude of Israel that has already perished—so let’s send and see.” 14So they took two chariots with horses, and the king sent them after the army of the Arameans, saying, “Go and see.” 15They went after them to the Jordan, and behold, all the way was strewn with clothes and equipment, which the Arameans had thrown away in their haste. Then the messengers returned and reported to the king. 16So the people went out and ransacked the camp of the Arameans. Then a measure of fine flour was sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel—just as was the word of Adonai. 17Now the king appointed the officer on whose hand he leaned, to have charge of the gate—but the people trampled on him at the gate, and he died—just as the man of God had said, who spoke when the king came down to him. 18For when the man of God had spoken to the king, “Two measures of barley for a shekel, and a measure of fine flour for a shekel, will be tomorrow about this time at the gate of Samaria,” 19that officer had answered the man of God and said, “Look, even if Adonai should make windows in heaven, could such a thing happen?” and he replied, “Behold, you will see it with your own eyes, but will not eat any of it!” 20That’s what happened to him—for the people trampled on him at the gate, and he died.

–from 2 Kings 7

Don’t miss out because of lack of faith and hope and trust in God! Don’t give up because of what your eyes see or ears hear or mind thinks! Turn to God! Listen to what He says! Be obedient and trust Him with all you have! Give it up to Him who is able to multiply it! Give it up to Him who is able to exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine! He knows what we need before we even ask! You can’t surprise God! So choose to follow Him! Choose to give the little you have into His hands so that He can take it and multiply it and meet your needs! Let’s then give Him all the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bless the Maker of Heaven and Earth

1Not to us, Adonai, not to us, but to Your Name be the glory— because of Your love and Your faithfulness. 2Why should the nations say: “Where is their God now?” 3Our God is in the heavens— He does whatever pleases Him! 4Their idols are silver and gold, the work of human hands. 5They have mouths, but cannot speak; eyes, but cannot see. 6They have ears, but cannot hear; noses, but cannot smell. 7They have hands, but cannot feel; feet, but cannot walk, nor utter a sound with their throat. 8Those making them will become like them —everyone trusting in them. 9O Israel, trust in Adonai— He is their help and their shield! 10O house of Aaron, trust in Adonai— He is their help and their shield! 11O you who fear Adonai, trust in Adonai— He is their help and their shield! 12Adonai has been mindful of us, He will bless: He will bless the house of Israel; He will bless the house of Aaron; 13He will bless those who fear Adonai, the small together with the great. 14May Adonai increase you more and more —you and your children. 15May you be blessed by Adonai, Maker of heaven and earth. 16The heavens are the heavens of Adonai, but the earth He gave to the children of men. 17The dead do not praise Adonai, nor do any who go down into silence. 18But we—we will bless Adonai both now and forever. Halleluyah!

–from Psalms 115

Don’t lose your soul over stuff! Don’t give away what you have to someone who won’t use it for God’s plans! Don’t waste! Don’t be tricked! Don’t be fooled! Don’t make a deal with the devil! Seek God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength so that you will find wisdom for your very situation! Let’s make sure we choose wisely so that our names are in the book of life! We all have the chance and the opportunity to make the decision for ourselves. So choose life! Ask Jesus into your heart before it is too late! Follow after Him all the days of your life – as long or as short as it may be! Choose life!

The Vile Prostitute and the Beast

1Then one of the seven angels holding the seven bowls came and spoke with me, saying, “Come, I will show you the sentencing of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters. 2The earth’s kings committed sexual immorality with her, and those who dwell on the earth got drunk with the wine of her immorality.” 3So he carried me away in the Ruach into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. 4The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. She was holding a golden cup in her hand full of detestable things and the filth of her immorality, 5and on her forehead was written a name, a mystery: “Babylon the Great, the mother of prostitutes and the detestable things of the earth.” 6And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the kedoshim and with the blood of the witnesses of Yeshua. When I saw her, I was totally astounded. 7But the angel said to me, “Why are you astonished? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and ten horns. 8The beast that you saw was, and is not, and yet is about to rise up from the abyss and head for destruction. Those who dwell on the earth—whose names have not been written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world—will be astonished when they see the beast, because he was and is not and is to come. 9“This calls for a mind having wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman is seated. They are also seven kings— 10five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a little while. 11The beast that was and is not—he himself is the eighth, and is one of the seven, and is heading for destruction. 12The ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal power, but receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour. 13These kings are of one mind, and they give their power and authority to the beast. 14They will make war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them—because He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with Him are called and chosen and faithful.” 15Then he tells me, “The waters that you saw, where the prostitute is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. 16The ten horns that you saw, and the beast—these will hate the prostitute. They will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire. 17For God has put it into their hearts to do His will, and to be of one mind, and to give their royal power to the beast until the words of God are fulfilled. 18And the woman that you saw is the great city exercising kingship over the kings of the earth.”

–from TheRevelation 17

Stand for what is right! Stand for what is true! Stand for what is just! It’s about God’s will!

Don’t allow lies and deception to sway you from doing what God has called you to do!

Choose to love! Choose truth! Choose to speak the truth in love!

Jesus paid it all! All to Him I owe! He too my bad and turned it into good!

Brought Before Pilate

1Then the entire assembly got up and brought Yeshua to Pilate. 2And they began to accuse Him, saying, “We found this fellow subverting our nation, forbidding payment of taxes to Caesar and saying that He Himself is Messiah—a king.” 3So Pilate questioned Him, saying, “Are You the King of the Jews?” “As you say,” Yeshua replied. 4Then Pilate said to the ruling kohanim and the crowds, “I find no case against this Man.” 5But they kept insisting, saying, “He stirs up the people, teaching throughout all Judea, starting from the Galilee to as far as here.” 6But when Pilate heard this, he asked whether the Man was a Galilean. 7And when he learned that Yeshua was from Herod’s jurisdiction, he sent Him to Herod, who was also in Jerusalem at that time.

Brought Before Herod

8Now Herod was overjoyed when he saw Yeshua, for he had wanted to see Him for a long time, because he had heard about Him and was hoping to see some miracle done by Him. 9He was questioning Yeshua on many issues, but Yeshua did not answer at all. 10And the ruling kohanim and the Torah scholars stood their ground, strongly accusing Him. 11Now Herod together with his soldiers were treating Him with contempt and mocking Him. They put splendid clothing on Him and sent Him back to Pilate. 12And Herod and Pilate became friends with one another from that very day, for previously they had been enemies with one another.

Pilate’s Decree

13Now Pilate called together the ruling kohanim, the leaders, and the people. 14And he said to them, “You brought this Man to me as one who incites the people to revolt. But having examined Him in your presence, I have found no case against this Man regarding what you accuse Him of doing. 15Nor did Herod, for he sent Him back to us. Indeed, He has done nothing that is worthy of death. 16Therefore I will scourge Him and release Him.” 17[footnote: Some mss. add: Now Pilate needed to release one prisoner to them at the feast.] 18But they shouted out all together, saying, “Take this fellow away! Release to us Bar-Abba!” 19(He was someone who had been thrown into prison for a rebellion in the city and murder.) 20Again Pilate addressed them, wanting to release Yeshua; 21but they kept shouting out, saying, “Execute, execute Him!” 22And a third time he spoke to them, “Why? What evil has this One done? I have found in Him no fault deserving of death. Therefore, I will scourge and release Him.” 23But they were insistent, demanding with loud shouts that He be executed. And their voices prevailed. 24So Pilate decreed that their demand be put into effect. 25And He released the one they were asking for, the one thrown in jail for insurrection and murder. But he handed over Yeshua to their will.

Executed on the Stake

26As they led Him away, they grabbed a man, Simon of Cyrene, coming in from the countryside. They placed on him the cross-beam, to carry behind Yeshua. 27Now a great multitude of people was following Him, including women who were mourning and singing dirges for Him. 28But Yeshua, turning to them, said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for Me, but for yourselves and your children. 29For indeed, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are barren, and the wombs that never gave birth, and the breasts that did not feed.’ 30’Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us!’ and to the hills, ‘Cover us!’ 31”For if they do these things when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?” 32Others, two evildoers, were also led away to be put to death with Him. 33When they came to the place called the Skull, there they crucified Him and the evildoers, one on His right and the other on His left. 34But Yeshua was saying, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Then they cast lots, dividing up His clothing. 35The people stood there watching. And even the leaders were sneering at Him, saying, “He saved others; let Him save Himself if He is the Messiah of God, the Chosen One!” 36The soldiers likewise mocked Him, coming up and bringing Him sour wine, 37and saying, “If You are the King of the Jews, save Yourself.” 38Now there was also an inscription over Him: THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS. 39One of the evildoers hanging there was jeering at Him, saying, “Aren’t You the Messiah? Save Yourself—and us!” 40But the other one, rebuking him, replied, “Don’t you fear God, since you are under the same sentence? 41We’re getting what we deserve for our actions, and rightly so—but this One has done nothing wrong.” 42And he said, “Yeshua, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” 43Yeshua said to him, “Amen, I tell you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”

Temple Curtain Torn in Two

44It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness fell over the whole land until the ninth hour, 45for the sun died out. And the curtain of the Temple was torn in two. 46And Yeshua, crying out with a loud voice, said, “Father, ‘into Your hands I entrust My spirit.’” When He had said this, He breathed His last. 47Now when the centurion saw what had happened, he began glorifying God, saying, “Truly this was a righteous Man.” 48And all the crowds assembled for this spectacle, when they saw what had happened, began to turn back, beating their breasts. 49But all Yeshua’s acquaintances, and the women who were following Him from the Galilee, were standing at a distance, watching these things.

Buried in a Rich Man’s Tomb

50Now there was a man named Joseph, a council member, a good and righteous man. 51(He had not been in agreement with the council and their action.) He was from the Judean town of Arimathea, and he was waiting for the kingdom of God. 52This man went to Pilate and asked for Yeshua’s body. 53And he took it down, wrapped it in a linen cloth, and laid Him in a tomb cut out of the rock, where no one had ever yet been laid. 54Now it was the Day of Preparation, and Shabbat was approaching. 55The women who had come with Him from the Galilee followed, and they saw the tomb and how His body was laid. 56Then they returned and prepared spices and perfumes. But on Shabbat they rested according to the commandment.

–from Luke 23

Will you be obedient? Will you be persistent? Don’t stop just before the miracle arrives!

Are you in need? What if someone told you how to get what you are in need of, would you be obedient? If they said you had to do something more than once, would you be persistent and complete the tasks? Would you stop too soon and miss out on the miracle God has in store for you? What if it was 5x or 6x or 7x would you still do it over and over again? What if it seemed too simple would that cause you to hesitate? What if it were too hard then would you do it?

Be obedient! Be persistent! Repeat as often as necessary to complete the process!

Naaman’s Tza’arat

1Now Naaman, commander of the army of the king of Aram, was a great man in his master’s sight and highly esteemed, because through him Adonai had given victory to Aram. Though the man was a mighty man of valor, he had tza’arat. 2Aram had gone out in bands, and had taken captive a young girl from the land of Israel. So she served Naaman’s wife. 3Then she said to her mistress, “If only my lord went before the prophet who is in Samaria! Then he would cure him of his tza’arat.” 4So Naaman went in and told his master, saying, “Thus and thus spoke the girl who is from the land of Israel.” 5The king of Aram said, “Go now, and I will send a letter to the king of Israel.” So he departed and took with him ten talents of silver, 6,000 pieces of gold, and ten changes of clothes. 6He brought the letter to the king of Israel saying, “When this letter comes to you, behold, I have sent my servant Naaman to you, so you may cure him of his tza’arat.” 7Now when the king of Israel read the letter, he ripped his clothes and said, “Am I God, to kill and to make alive, that this man is sending to me to cure a man of his tza’arat? But please consider, and see how he is seeking a pretext against me.” 8Now when Elisha the man of God heard that the king of Israel had rent his clothes, he sent word to the king saying, “Why have you rent your clothes? Please, let him come to me, and he will know that there is a prophet in Israel.” 9So Naaman came with his horses and his chariots, and stood at the doorway of the house of Elisha. 10So Elisha sent him a messenger, saying, “Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh will be restored, and you will be clean.” 11But Naaman was angered and walked away, saying, “I thought he would surely come out to me, stand and call on the Name of Adonai his God, and wave his hand over the spot and cure the tza’arat. 12Aren’t Amanah and Pharpar, the rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel? Couldn’t I wash in them and be clean?” So he turned and went away in a rage. 13But his servants approached him and spoke to him, and said, “My father, if the prophet had told you to do something difficult, would you not have done it? How much more then, when he told you only to ‘Wash and be clean’?” 14So, he went down and dipped himself seven times in the Jordan, according to the word of the man of God. Then his flesh was restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean. 15When he returned with his entire retinue to the man of God, and came and stood before him, he said, “Behold, now I know that there is no God in all the earth except in Israel. Now please, accept a present from your servant.” 16But Elisha said, “As Adonai before whom I stand lives, I will accept nothing.” Naaman pressed him to accept, but Elisha refused. 17So Naaman said, “If not, then please, let your servant be given two mule loads of soil, for your servant will no longer offer burnt offering or sacrifice to any other god, except Adonai. 18In this matter, may Adonai pardon your servant: when my master goes into the house of Rimmon to worship there, leaning on my hand, and I prostrate myself in the house of Rimmon—when I prostrate myself in the house of Rimmon, may Adonai pardon your servant in this matter.” 19Elisha said to him, “Go in peace.” So Naaman departed from him some distance. 20But Gehazi, the servant of Elisha the man of God, thought, “Behold, my master held back from accepting what this Naaman the Aramean brought. As Adonai lives, I will surely run after him and get something from him.” 21So Gehazi pursued Naaman. Now when Naaman saw someone running after him, he got down from the chariot to meet him and asked, “Is everything all right?” 22“It’s all right, he replied. “My master sent me saying: ‘Behold, two young men of the sons of the prophets have just come to me from the hill country of Ephraim. Please give them a talent of silver and two changes of clothes.’” 23Naaman said, “Please, take two talents.” He even urged him, and packed two talents of silver in two bags with two changes of clothes, and gave them to two of his servants; and they carried them ahead of him. 24Now when he arrived at the fortified hill, he took them from their hand and deposited them in the house, and let the men go, so they departed. 25When he entered and stood before his master, Elisha asked him, “Where have you been, Gehazi?” So he replied, “Your servant has gone nowhere.” 26Then Elisha said to him, “Didn’t my heart go, when the man got down from his chariot to meet you? Is it a time to accept money and accept clothes, or olive groves and vineyards, or sheep and oxen, or male and female servants? 27Therefore, the tza’arat of Naaman will cling to you and to your offspring forever.” Then he went out from his presence with tza’arat as white as snow.

–from 2 Kings 5

Don’t get stressed about it! Turn to God! Call upon Him! Ask Him for wisdom and direction to be able to complete the work He is calling you to do! Don’t be afraid! Don’t worry! Remember that the battle belongs to the Lord!

Jehoshaphat’s Prayer and the Valley of Bracha

1Now it happened after this that the Moabites and the Ammonites together with other Ammonites came to make war against Jehoshaphat. 2Some came and reported to Jehoshaphat saying, “A great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea, from Aram, and are already in Hazazon-Tamar” (that is En-Gedi). 3Jehoshaphat was afraid so he resolved to seek Adonai, and he proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah. 4Judah assembled to seek help from Adonai; indeed, they came from all the cities of Judah to seek Adonai. 5Then Jehoshaphat stood in the congregation of Judah and Jerusalem in the House of Adonai in front of the new courtyard 6and said: “Adonai, God of our fathers, are You not God in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. Power and might are in Your hand and no one can stand against You. 7Are You not our God who drove out the inhabitants of this land before Your people Israel and gave it to the descendants of Your friend Abraham forever? 8They settled in it and built You a Temple there for Your Name saying, 9‘If calamity comes upon us—the sword of judgment, pestilence or famine—we will stand before this House and before You—for Your Name is in this House—and cry to You in our distress and You will hear and deliver us.’ 10“Now behold, the sons of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir—whose land You did not allow Israel to invade when they came from the land of Egypt, instead they turned aside from them and did not destroy them— 11now behold, how they repay us by coming to drive us out of Your possession that You gave us as an inheritance. 12Our God, will You not execute judgment on them? For we have no power to face this great multitude that is attacking us. We do not know what to do—but our eyes are on You.” 13All Judah was standing before Adonai with their infants, their wives and their children. 14Then in the midst of the congregation, the Ruach Adonai came upon Jahaziel son of Zechariah, son of Benaiah, son of Jeiel, son of Mattaniah the Levite, of the sons of Asaph, 15and he said: “Listen all Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem and King Jehoshaphat. Thus Adonai says to you, ‘Do not be afraid or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s. 16Tomorrow go down against them as they come up the ascent of Ziz. You will find them at the end of the valley in front of the wilderness of Jeruel. 17You will not fight in this battle. Take your positions, stand and see the salvation of Adonai with you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or be dismayed. Tomorrow go out to face them, for Adonai is with you.’” 18Jehoshaphat bowed down with his face to the ground and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down before Adonai to worship Adonai. 19Levites, from the sons of Kohath and the sons of Korah, stood up to praise Adonai, the God of Israel, with a very loud voice. 20Early in the morning they arose and went out into the wilderness of Tekoa. As they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Listen to me, O Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem! Believe in Adonai your God and you will be confirmed. Trust in His prophets and you will succeed.” 21After consulting with the people, he appointed singers to Adonai praising the splendor of His holiness, as they went out before the army saying, “Praise Adonai, `for His mercy endures forever.” 22As they began singing and praising, Adonai set ambushes against the children of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir who had come against Judah, and they were defeated. 23For the Ammonites and Moabites rose up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir to exterminate and annihilate them. When they had exterminated the inhabitants of Seir, they helped to destroy one another. 24When Judah came to the lookout in the wilderness and looked for the multitude, behold, only corpses were lying on the ground—no one had escaped. 25When Jehoshaphat and his people went to take the plunder, they found an abundance of goods, clothing and precious articles, which they pillaged, more than they could carry away. For three days they were taking the plunder because there was so much. 26On the fourth day they assembled in the valley of Bracha where they blessed Adonai. That is why the name of that place is called the Valley of Bracha to this day. 27Then every man of Judah and Jerusalem, with Jehoshaphat at their head, returned joyfully to Jerusalem for Adonai had given them cause to rejoice over their enemies. 28They came to Jerusalem to the House of Adonai with harps, lyres and trumpets. 29So the fear of God was on all the kingdoms of the region because they heard that Adonai had fought against the enemies of Israel. 30So the kingdom of Jehoshaphat was untroubled for his God gave him rest all around.

Jehoshaphat’s Last Days

31Jehoshaphat reigned over Judah. He was 35 years old when he began to reign, and he reigned for 25 years in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Azubah the daughter of Shlihi. 32He walked in the way of his father Asa and did not stray from it, doing what was right in the eyes of Adonai. 33However, the high places were not removed, nor did the people direct their hearts to the God of their fathers. 34Now the rest of the acts of Jehoshaphat, from beginning to end, behold, they are written in the annals of Jehu the son of Hanani, which is included in the book of the kings of Israel. 35Afterward, King Jehoshaphat of Judah allied himself with King Ahaziah of Israel, thereby acting wickedly. 36He joined with him to construct ships to go to Tarshish, and they constructed the ships in Ezion-geber. 37Then Eliezer son of Dodavahu of Mareshah prophesied against Jehoshaphat saying, “Because you have allied yourself with Ahaziah, Adonai will break up your works.” So the ships were wrecked and were not able to go to Tarshish.

–from 2 Chronicles 20

What will it take for you to turn back to God? How much will it take before you realize you need Him? What highs and lows would it take before you realize without Him nothing is worth it? How long will you wait? Don’t wait too long! Don’t delay till you miss the window of opportunity!

Song of Moses to the Lamb

1Then I saw another great and wonderful sign in heaven: seven angels who have seven plagues—the last ones, for with them God’s wrath is finished. 2And I saw something like a sea of glass mixed with fire, and those who had overcome the beast and his image and the number of his name standing by the sea of glass, holding the harps of God. 3And they are singing the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb, saying, “Great and wonderful are Your deeds, Adonai Elohei-Tzva’ot! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the nations! 4Who shall not fear and glorify Your name, O Lord? For You alone are Holy. All the nations shall come and worship before You, for Your righteous acts have been revealed!” 5After these things I looked, and the Temple of the Tent of Witness in heaven was opened. 6Out of the Temple came the seven angels having the seven plagues, dressed in pure bright linen and wearing wide gold sashes around their chests. 7Then one of the four living creatures gave the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God, who lives forever and ever. 8And the Temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from His power. No one was able to enter the Temple until the seven angels’ seven plagues were finished.

–from The Revelation 15

What will it take for you to choose to follow Jesus? Will it be trials or lack of trials? Will it be pain and suffering or joy? Will it take consistency or transformations? Choose Him and allow Him to work in and through you to transform you into the person you were created to be!

Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath

1Then I heard a loud voice from the Temple saying to the seven angels, “Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of God’s wrath.” 2So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth, and foul and painful boils came upon the people having the mark of the beast and worshiping his image. 3Next the second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a corpse; and every living thing in the sea died. 4Then the third angel poured out his bowl into the rivers and the springs of water, and they became blood. 5Then I heard the angel of the waters saying, “Righteous are You—the Holy One, who is and who was— because You have passed these judgments. 6For they have poured out the blood of kedoshim and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink— they are deserving!” 7Then I heard the altar saying, “Yes, Adonai Elohei-Tzva’ot , true and righteous are Your judgments!” 8The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was permitted to scorch people with fire. 9People were scorched with fierce heat, and they cursed the name of God—the One who has power over these plagues. But they did not repent, to give Him glory. 10Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. People gnawed their tongues in pain 11and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their boils. But they did not repent of their deeds. 12The sixth angel poured out his bowl over the great river Euphrates; and its water was dried up, to prepare the way for the kings from the east. 13Then I saw—coming from the dragon’s mouth and from the beast’s mouth and from the false prophet’s mouth—three unclean spirits like frogs. 14For they are demonic spirits performing miraculous signs, who go out to the kings of the whole world—to gather them for battle on the great Day of Elohei Tzva’ot. 15“Behold, I am coming like a thief! How fortunate is the one who stays alert and keeps his clothes on, lest he walk around naked and they see his shamefulness.” 16Then the spirits gathered the kings to the place called in Hebrew Har-Megiddo. 17The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air. A loud voice came out of the Temple from the throne, saying, “It is done!” 18And there were flashes of lightning and rumblings and clashes of thunder and a great earthquake—such as never happened since mankind has been on the earth, so mighty was the quake. 19Then the great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. Babylon the great was remembered before God, to force her to drink the cup of the wine of His furious wrath. 20Every island fled away, and no mountains were to be found. 21Enormous hail—about a hundred pounds each—falls from heaven on the people. And the people cursed God because of the plague of hail—so extreme was that plague.

–from The Revelation 16