Give God the credit He deserves for the victories you receive.

This year has been a good example to me of how much more is possible when God is in it. I know there is more than what I can possibly do in my own strength and then it comes to annual review. When the feedback is broad and the feedback is positive, I have to give it up to God. I do all that I can and let God take care of the rest. He does, He did, and I trust Him that He will. God is so incredible – He doesn’t need an army that is so large that we can do it in our own strength, but rather, He needs an army that is full of faith and trusting in Him and then who will be obedient to His wisdom and direction to do what others would consider impossible! So let’s give God the praise, the honor, and the glory for it is by His strength all things are possible when we will do our part and believe!

Today’s reading points to all that God was able to do for Moses and Joshua in their victories to possess the land…

The Conquered Kings

1Now these are the kings of the land whom Bnei-Yisrael defeated and possessed their land beyond the Jordan toward the sunrise, from the valley of the Arnon to Mount Hermon, and all the Arabah eastward: 2King Sihon of the Amorites, who lived in Heshbon and ruled from Aroer, which is on the edge of the valley of the Arnon, and the middle of the valley, and half Gilead, even up to the Jabbok River, the border of the children of Ammon; 3and the Arabah up to the Sea of Chinneroth eastward, and as far as the sea of the Arabah, the Salt Sea, eastward the way to Beth-jeshimoth, and on the south, at the foot of the slopes of Pisgah. 4Also the territory of King Og of Bashan, one of the remnant of the Rephaim, who lived at Ashtaroth and at Edrei, 5and ruled over Mount Hermon and Salcah and all Bashan, as far as the border of the Geshurites and the Maacathites, and half of Gilead, as far as the border of King Sihon of Heshbon. 6Moses the servant of Adonai and Bnei-Yisrael defeated them, then Moses the servant of Adonai gave it as a possession to the Reubenites, Gadites, and half-tribe of Manasseh. 7Now these are the kings of the land whom Joshua and Bnei-Yisrael defeated beyond the Jordan westward, from Baal-gad in the valley of Lebanon to Mount Halak that goes up to Seir (Joshua gave it to the tribes of Israel for a possession according to their divisions: 8in the hill country, in the lowland, in the Arabah, on the slopes, in the wilderness, and in the Negev, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites): 9one king of Jericho, one king of Ai which was near Bethel, 10one king of Jerusalem, one king of Hebron, 11one king of Jarmuth, one king of Lachish, 12one king of Eglon, one king of Gezer, 13one king of Debir, one king of Geder, 14one king of Hormah, one king of Arad, 15one king of Libnah, one king of Adullam, 16one king of Makkedah, one king of Bethel, 17one king of Tappuah, one king of Hepher, 18one king of Aphek, one king of Sharon, 19one king of Madon, one king of Hazor, 20one king of Shimron-meron, one king of Achshaph, 21one king of Taanach, one king of Megiddo, 22one king of Kedesh, one king of Jokneam in Carmel, 23one king of Dor in the region of Dor, one king of Goiim in the Gilgal, 24one king of Tirzah, for a total of 31 kings.

–from Joshua 12

Consider though what is yet to be done! Let’s celebrate what happened in our past and press forward in faith trusting in God to complete the work that is still ahead of us! Remember Jan/Feb and April! Now consider what is ahead of us to take for His glory! In July and Aug and throughout the rest of the year!

Territories Yet Unconquered

1Now Joshua was old and advanced in years when Adonai said to him, “You are old and getting on in years, yet very much of the land is still left to possess. 2This is the land still left: all the regions of the Philistines and all the Geshurites; 3from the Shihor which is near Egypt to the territory of Ekron northward (counted as Canaanite); the five Philistine lords of Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gath and Ekron; also the Avvim 4in the south, all the land of the Canaanites—from Mearah of the Sidonians to Aphek, as far as the border of the Amorites; 5the land of the Gebalites; and all Lebanon toward the sunrise, from Baal-gad at the foot of Mount Hermon to the entrance of Hamath; 6all the inhabitants of the hill country from Lebanon to Misrephoth-maim, all the Sidonians. “I Myself will drive them out from before Bnei-Yisrael. Only allot it to Israel for an inheritance, as I have commanded you. 7So now, divide this land as an inheritance for the nine tribes and the half-tribe of Manasseh.”

Inheritance East of Jordan

8With the half-tribe, the Reubenites and the Gadites received their inheritance, which Moses gave them beyond the Jordan eastward, just as Moses the servant of Adonai gave them; 9from Aroer, that is on the edge of the valley of the Arnon, and the city that is in the middle of the valley, and all the flatland from Medeba to Dibon; 10and all the cities of King Sihon of the Amorites, who reigned in Heshbon, up to the border of the children of Ammon; 11and Gilead, and the territory of the Geshurites and Maacathites, and all Mount Hermon, and all Bashan up to Salcah; 12all the kingdom of Og in Bashan, who reigned in Ashtaroth and in Edrei (he was left of the remnant of the Rephaim), for Moses defeated them and drove them out. 13Nevertheless, Bnei-Yisrael did not drive out the Geshurites or the Maacathites; but Geshur and Maacath lived among Israel to this day. 14Only to the tribe of Levi he gave no inheritance—the fire offerings of Adonai God of Israel are his inheritance, as He spoke to him. 15 To the tribe of the children of Reuben according to their clans, Moses gave as 16their territory: from Aroer on the edge of the Arnon Valley, along with the city in the middle of the valley, and all the tableland up to Medeba, 17Heshbon and all its towns on the tableland, Dibon, Bamoth-baal, Beth-baal-meon, 18Jahaz, Kedemoth, Mephaath, 19Kiriathhaim, Sibmah and Zereth-shahar on the hill of the valley, 20Beth-peor, the slopes of Pisgah, and Beth-Jeshimoth— 21all the towns of the tableland and the entire kingdom of King Sihon of the Amorites, who reigned in Heshbon. (Moses defeated him with the chiefs of Midian, Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur and Reba, the princes of Sihon who were living in the land, 22and Balaam son of Beor the diviner, whom Bnei-Yisrael killed with the sword among the rest of their slain. 23As for the border of the children of Reuben, the Jordan was their border. This was the inheritance of the children of Reuben according to their clans, the towns and their villages. 24To the tribe of Gad, Moses gave the children of Gad according to their clans 25 as their territory: Jazer, all the towns of Gilead, half the land of the children of Ammon up to Aroer which is near Rabbah, 26from Heshbon to Ramath-mizpeh and Betonim, and from Mahanaim to the border of Lidbir. 27In the valley, Beth-haram, Beth-nimrah, Succoth and Zaphon—that is, the rest of the kingdom of King Sihon of Heshbon, with the Jordan as its border, to the lowest part of the Sea of Chinneroth beyond the Jordan eastward. 28This is the inheritance of the children of Gad according to their clans, the towns and their villages. 29To the half-tribe of Manasseh, Moses also gave inheritance. For the half-tribe of the children of Manasseh according to their clans, 30their territory was from Mahanaim all of Bashan, the entire kingdom of King Og of Bashan and all the tent-villages of Jair which are in Bashan—60 towns; 31also half of Gilead, with Ashtaroth and Edrei, the cities of the kingdom of Og in Bashan, were for the children of Machir son of Manasseh, for half of the children of Machir according to their clans. 32These are the inheritances that Moses apportioned in the plains of Moab, across the Jordan to the east of Jericho. 33But to the tribe of Levi Moses gave no inheritance—Adonai God of Israel is their inheritance, as He had spoken to them.

–from Joshua 13

With God on our side, nothing is impossible! Or as the song puts it, impossible isn’t a word, it’s just an excuse not to try! So let’s try – let’s do our best and let’s give God all the praise, the honor, and the glory in Jesus’ name!

Let’s be obedient as God calls us to be obedient! Let’s foster unity and peace as God has asked us to be ambassadors of peace and peacemakers! Let’s be the men and women God has created us and called us to be! Let’s not step back out of fear, but rather, let’s put on the full armor of God and use the protection and power and promises God has given us to move forward in victory!

Orderly Relationships: Parents

1Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2“Honor your father and mother” (which is the first commandment with a promise), 3“so that it may be well with you, and you may live long on the earth.” 4Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Orderly Relationships: Workplace

5Slaves, obey your human masters, with respect and reverence, with sincerity of heart, as you would the Messiah— 6not just under your master’s eye as people-pleasers, but as slaves of Messiah doing God’s will from the soul. 7Serve with a positive attitude, as to the Lord and not to men— 8knowing that whatever good each one does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether slave or free. 9And masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Stop using threats, knowing that the Master—of them and of you, too—is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with Him.

Put on the Armor of God

10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. 11Put on the full armor of God, so that you are able to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the worldly forces of this darkness, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you may be able to resist when the times are evil, and after you have done everything, to stand firm. 14Stand firm then! Buckle the belt of truth around your waist, and put on the breastplate of righteousness. 15Strap up your feet in readiness with the Good News of shalom. 16Above all, take up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 18Pray in the Ruach on every occasion, with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, keep alert with perseverance and supplication for all the kedoshim. 19And pray for me when I open my mouth to make known with boldness the mystery of the Good News, 20for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may speak boldly, the way I should. 21Now Tychicus, my dearly loved brother and faithful servant in the Lord, will give you all the news about me so you may know how I’m doing. 22I have sent him to you for this very reason, so you may know how we are and he may encourage your hearts. 23Shalom to the brothers and sisters, and trusting love from God the Father and the Lord Yeshua the Messiah. 24Grace be with all those who love our Lord Yeshua the Messiah with undying love.

–from Ephesians 6



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