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Even in the midst of a challenge or struggle, God can be at work.

Ever found yourself in a tough situation? Ever found yourself in a struggle? Every found yourself in a situation that was challenging or difficult? How did you move forward? How did you move on? What was your motivation? What was … Continue reading

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How long will you remember?

Ever been in a tough situation? Ever cried out to God for help because you didn’t know of any other way? Ever found victory thanks to God? How long did you remember and live up to it? Did you happen … Continue reading

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Does it seem right in your eyes?

This morning’s reading hit home with me as I considered the world we live in today. The words came from Judges 17 where it said that everyone was living based upon what seemed right in their own eyes. As much … Continue reading

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Where will you turn for wisdom?

In a situation where it feels too big or bigger than you thought? In a situation where you need help or wisdom? In a situation where you need answers? In a situation where you aren’t sure where to turn? Do … Continue reading

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Your past doesn’t have to define your future!

What you’ve gone through, what you’ve experience, how you were treated, who you were, where you’ve been – those are behind you. Yes they shaped you, but they don’t have to define you and your future! Those things people have … Continue reading

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