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Don’t lose what you have been given!

Do you realize what you have? Do you realize what you have seen? Do you realize what you have experienced? Do you realize what you have been given? Don’t forget! Will you live out your life in love and obedience? … Continue reading

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Are you facing giants today?

At work? At school? On the field? On the road? I remember how my mom used to say “the bigger they are the harder they fall”. Don’t be afraid of giants! It’s kind of like being in the midst of … Continue reading

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There is a reason and a purpose why God asks us to do things a certain way.

Ever noticed that God may ask us to do things one way and a similar event happens and tells us to do it differently? He know what we need to do before we get there! He knows what He wants … Continue reading

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Sometimes we need a reminder it’s not about them, it is about us!

Just because our parents did something doesn’t mean that we are that. Just because our parents had something doesn’t mean we have that. We need to be accountable and responsible for our own lives and remember what we have to … Continue reading

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What will you do with your second chance?

Ever been in a situation where fear or doubt kept you from completing what God had called you to do?  Ever been in a situation where disobediences to the call caused you to miss out on what had been planned? … Continue reading

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