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Do you realize what is going on?

Do you see how people are trying to remove God world? Do you see them trying to remove Him from history? Do you see them trying to remove Him from the schools? Do you see them trying to remove Him … Continue reading

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Will you abide?

Will you stay connected? Will you stay linked? Will you put your trust in Him? Will you depend on Him completely? Will you take hold of and walk in alignment to His Word? Will you be obedient to His commands? … Continue reading

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There is a time and a place for everything

Do make the most out of every day? Do you enjoy each part of each day? Do you reflect on it? Do you consider what is the purpose? Do you consider what is your part? Do you consider how will … Continue reading

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Standards – Higher calling…

As we start this Monday after Easter and consider all that was done for us and how the promises of God are true, let’s consider how we live! Do we have a standard we live up to? Do we rise … Continue reading

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Passion (Day #7)

Ever done something you regretted? Ever done something bigger than you? Ever done something so selfless for the benefit of others? Ever been misjudged? Ever been condemned or convicted or judged inappropriately? Ever mocked someone? Ever been mocked? Ever put … Continue reading

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