Accountability! Integrity!

Do you hold yourself accountable? Do you live with integrity? Do you look at yourself before you try to keep others accountable and make sure they have integrity? How do you respond when you break a promise? How do you respond when others do? You are responsible! You are accountable! You are answerable! So, be … Continue reading Accountability! Integrity!


How will you live?

Do you understand the purpose and intention? What is the law about? How will you live? What will be your foundation? What will be your north star to living? Why were they created if they isn't a benefit? Who was the source of the law? Was it someone with a hidden agenda and so it … Continue reading How will you live?

Rule and Regulations

When people make up rules and regulations, what do you think their intentions are? When people setup boundaries is it to keep stuff in or keep stuff out? When people setup rules and regulations, are they doing it to stop people from doing them or to protect people from the consequences of those actions? When … Continue reading Rule and Regulations

Don’t try to carry it all on your own!

None of us were created to go it alone! None of us were setup to do it all by ourselves! That's why we have one another! Are you willing to look out for the good of others? Are you willing to speak up? Are you willing to speak out? That's why there are people in … Continue reading Don’t try to carry it all on your own!

Wondering what to do?

We all have choices. You choose!

You got this far and now what? You wonder how will you get through it? You wonder how you will get what it will take to make it through? Imagine living through the various trials and challenges. Imagine seeing your freedom realized. Imagine seeing the Red Sea part so you can escape on dry ground. … Continue reading Wondering what to do?