Do you realize you are your brother’s keeper?

We aren’t supposed to be going through life on our own. We aren’t supposed to be turning a blind eye to what is going on around us. We aren’t supposed to be allow people to run roughshod over others.

We are supposed to be working together! We are supposed to be holding each other accountable! We are supposed to be living with integrity! We are supposed to doing life together in unity!

So are you being a good partner? Are you being your brother’s or sister’s keeper?

Today’s reading starts with Genesis 4 speaking to Cain and Abel. The original question “Am I my brother’s keeper?” when God asks Abel “Where is Abel, your brother?” fully knowing that Abel had killed Cain.

We can’t let our pride or our jealousy get the best of us and cause us to get bitter and angry and then doing something we will regret. Be it bottling it up and letting it fester inside (bad idea). Be it doing something violent and explosive (bad idea). There are other alternatives! There are other ways! And starting with forgiveness is the key!

We’ve each been created on purpose, with purpose and for a purpose! Because of that individuality, we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to others since that isn’t a recipe for success.

The devil is looking for a crack in your armor. The devil is looking for a foothold he can grab onto. If we aren’t careful about how deal with situations, it will open up the door for him to step in and start to reap havoc with negative, intimidating, condemning words in your mind.

So where are you at today? Are you giving it up to God rather than trying to internalize and handle it all on your own? Let it go! Give it up into His hands! Don’t allow a crack or a foothold trip you up from being or becoming everything God has for you to be.

Having someone you trust and can talk to about things is important (an accountability partner). They will bring perspective you may not have in the moment. Having someone you can trust and talk to with experience (a mentor). They will be able to speak not only with a different perspective, but also from experience. We don’t want to be out wandering on our own, but rather we need to be a part of the body and living in relationship with God and with others. We need to be in a healthy place where we can be held accountable and be taught about right and wrong, integrity, and more of God’s ways. We weren’t created to live life alone. Even in the beginning we see how God saw it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone. So let’s find that place, that healthy place where we can learn, nurture, and develop into the men and women of God that God so desires for us to be and become.

If we won’t step up to the call on our lives, then God will have to find someone else.

Will you answer the call? Will you step up? Will you stand in the gap?

Today’s reading continues into Genesis 5 speaking of the genealogies. From Adam and his family down to Noah and his family.

Today’s reading then moves over to Luke 3. We learn and read here about John’s calling and service. John was a special man who was born from a divine plan of God. He was created (like us) on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose. His purpose was to prepare the way for the one who was to follow – Jesus. He was calling people away from their mix-ups and screw-ups and turning them back to God! He was calling people to turn from the bad ways and to turn back to God and be baptized. He wasn’t trying to make himself bigger, rather He was trying to point people to God! As we need to be doing! He chose to be his brother’s keeper and call them into the light and back into relationship with God. He was calling people back to good living so that in and through their lives would be good fruit bearing through repentance. He was telling people how to be generous and caring.

Our lives need to be reflecting the light shining on us and through us for others to see that point people back to the source of our light that we are reflecting, the Son! God is light and there is no darkness in Him! If we can allow the light to hit us without distortion nor uncleanness, then the light will be able to shine brighter and clearer for others to see and be able to glorify our father in heaven! Will we be like a prism that provides a rainbow for people to see and glorify God? Will we be like a mirror that reflects who God is in and through our lives? We get to choose how we will live, so choose wisely.

John knew his place and even when Jesus came to be baptized, he served Jesus who told him to baptize him.

We also get to see Jesus’ genealogy. We learn that even if our past may be filled with some shady or interesting characters, God can use us!

So our past doesn’t have to define us! God can take us and use us right where we are at!

Today’s reading concludes in Revelation 2. God’s 3 steps plan started with Adam, followed with Jesus’ coming as the savior and redeemer, and will conclude with His return as judge. It’s interesting how God still hasn’t given up on us. Even in the times of Revelation, God provides instruction, direction, and correction to the church on what we should be doing.

Be it the church in Ephesus and their patience, endurance, bearing. How they were not growing weary. But there was something they had to reflect on and consider. LOVE! We need to be more than just suffering or enduring, we need to be turning back to God and loving those around us! We are our brother’s keeper! So we need to be living in love!

Be it the church in Smyrna and the tribulations and poverty they suffered. But we need to remember that we are rich in Christ Jesus! We will all face trials and tribulation, but don’t lose hope for Jesus has already overcome the world! Do not be ruled by fear! Let’s be faithful unto death even when the devil is testing and tormenting us. For ours will be the reward of the crown of life! We won’t have to deal with the second death as long as we stand strong. We are our brother’s keeper, so lets live lives that glorify God!

Be it the church in Pergamum and their faith through trials and challenges. But we need to remember there is only one way! Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, nobody comes to the Father except through Him! We don’t need to be putting up stumbling blocks and we need to be removing stumbling blocks that would trip up others. Everything isn’t good. Everything isn’t beneficial. We are our brother’s keeper and so we need to be keeping them from idols, sexual immorality, and the likes. We need to help get them pointed back to God!

Be it the church in Thyatira and their works, love, faith, and service through patient endurance. We need to be more than that. We can’t be allowing the Jezebel spirit to tolerated. Her and her sexual promiscuity and immorality. You are your brother’s keeper and have the chance to speak truth and life to them so that they won’t have to deal with the penalty of going to or with the Jezebel for then they will have to deal with the great tribulation. We need to be cleaning our hearts and our minds from such things. We need to hold onto all that Jesus has given us and in Jesus we can be more than conquerors through Him.

So you are your brother’s keeper!

Will you live up to that calling?


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