The separation…The divide…

Consider how you are living. Do you have boundaries? Consider the boundaries, the separation, and the divide described in the beginning…

  • The heavens and the earth
  • The light and the darkness
  • The sky and the water
  • The ground and the water
  • Day and night
  • The sun and the lights of the night (moon and stars)
  • Rule over
  • Work and rest

The division was good

How about things in your life? How are you being creative? When you take a look at the end of the day, do you find that it was good?

(Today’s reading starts with Genesis 1)

The second beginning speaks of some other boundaries

  • Fear vs Faith
  • Doubt vs Believe
  • Fear vs. Favor
  • Impossible vs Possible
  • Doubt vs Trust
  • Proud vs Humble
  • Condemned vs Redeemed
  • Condemned vs Saved

(Today’s reading continued into Luke 1)

Other division is detailed in the last of today’s reading…

  • Division vs. Unity
  • Destroy vs Saved
  • Deserted vs Devoted
  • Immorality vs Morality
  • Ignorant vs Understand
  • Rebel vs Obedient
  • Tear down vs Build up
  • Judgment vs Mercy
  • Judgment vs Grace
  • Stumble vs Correct
  • Stumble vs Straighten
  • Guilty vs Blameless

(Today’s reading concluded in Jude 1)

So where are you at today? Are you setting healthy boundaries? Are you able to set a healthy divide in your life? Are you able to do it and then say “It is good”?



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