God’s plan is for good!

Where are you at today? Do you realize God's got good plans for you? Do you realize that you don't have to walk in fear or doubt? Do you realize that you can walk with boldness and courage when you walk with Him? Will you journey through life apart from God or will you choose … Continue reading God’s plan is for good!


Good to His Word!

Does it sound too good to be true? Does it seem impossible? Does it seem too big to be possible? Does it seem to hard to be possible? Can you believe it? Are you too old? Are you too young? Are you too fast? Are you too slow? Are you too weak? Are you too … Continue reading Good to His Word!

Fear Not, Just Believe!

God speaks to us times throughout the Bible how we are not to fear! Today's reading speaks to God's creating a covenant with Abram. Cutting a Covenant 1After these things the word of Adonai came to Abram in a vision saying, “Do not fear, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.” 2But Abram said, “My … Continue reading Fear Not, Just Believe!

So now what?

Qualified vs Called

You heard the news! You got the call! You know it matters! So now what? What will you do with it? What will you do about it? What will you do for it? Will you share the news? Will you answer the call? Will you obey? Aft such a powerful reminder yesterday and with today's … Continue reading So now what?

The rest of the story!

Where are you focusing?

Is your story looking tough? Is your story looking troubled? Are you going through some tough times? Are you being challenged? Are you facing trials of many kinds? Are there walls or mountains? Are there valleys or pits? Are you feeling beat up? Are you feeling attacked? Are you losing hope? Are you feeling down? … Continue reading The rest of the story!