Are you building on something that will last?

Do you believe?

Are you focused on the here and now? Are you focused on immediate gratification? Are you focused on now and missing what it will mean for your future? Are you willing to cut off your nose to spite your face? (that’s an interesting quote I remember that seemed to fit in with the thoughts and questions) Are you so focused on you that you would hurt, annoy, or offend others? Are you so focused on your results that you would deliberately hurt, annoy, or offend someone? Are you so focused on you that you would act out of revenge and not even realize it will hurt you too? Are you so focused on your results now that you would doing that that will actually impact your life in the future?

Don’t act out of spite! Act out of love, grace, and forgiveness instead! Allowing spite, anger, bitterness, or revenge to control you is like taking poison and expecting it to hurt the other person. Don’t act out in ways that are detrimental to you and to others!

Consider all that God has done! He is LOVE! He gives grace! He sent Jesus to bridge the gap that no other man could bridge in order to reconcile us to God and provide the gate of forgive with God!

Do you want a limited or a lifetime warranty?

Today’s devotional is a new one. It’s day 1 of 7 and is Forward.

Today’s reading associated with day 1 says this…

8 The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

–from Isaiah 40

Let’s keep our focus on the permanent, the everlasting, the eternal!

Let’s make decisions that will mean something in the future!

Let’s put our hope and trust in something that will stand forever!

Let’s turn to God!

Let’s turn to God’s Word!

Let’s be building our lives on a truth that will last forever!

No matter what you are facing, turn back to God! Not sure what to do? Turn to His Word (The Bible)

Today’s devotional (Forward – Day 1 of 7)

“Forward Leaders”

My book, Forward, focuses on seven distinguishing marks for leaders. In Forward, I call for a different kind of leader to rise up—a leader that guides people to a better future. These leaders—Forward leaders—are able to lead people to go further than they would have ever gone on their own.

Forward leaders call people to rise beyond their own preferences and desires to be a part of something greater than themselves. In a day when people want to define their own truth, I challenge you to anchor your life in forward truth, but what is forward truth? It is a leadership style and lifestyle that are fastened to God’s truth. Read and meditate on these powerful words in Isaiah 40:8: “The grass wither, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever.”

Additionally, Forward leaders are only distinguished from others when they are led by the Holy Spirit. Even though brilliance, discipline, and charisma are friends to a leader, it is only the presence of God that ultimately sets you apart.

The time is now for future leaders to desire Forward leadership. It is time to anchor our lives in forward truth, which is the only truth that existed in the past, the only truth that will exist in the future, even throughout eternity. Then we do this, we will not drift in our lives and leadership.

If you plan to lead in the future in any capacity, I am ready to walk with you and pray with you this week. Today, let us pray for the Holy Spirit to fall upon us and guide us this week as we contemplate how to best build our leadership skills.

“Lord, fill me and empower me today and throughout this week with the Holy Spirit. Lord, compel me to live and for your glory.”

–from Forward – Day 1 of 7


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