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Are you leading with compassion?

What is driving your leadership? How are you treating those who are following you? Are you showing concern for them and their lives? Are you more concerned with what they get done than who they are and what they are … Continue reading

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Are you staying teachable?

Do you realize you don’t know it all? Do you realize that there are still things you can learn? Do you realize where you can turn to learn? Do you realize who is available to teach you? Do you realize … Continue reading

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The more you know the more you know you don’t know.

Are you finding that? Are you working on such a big project that because you know so much of it, you know there is so much more you don’t know? Have you been working with so many people that you … Continue reading

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Are you a leader of the and into the future?

Are you developing the character and the traits to make that happen? Are you living a way that is demonstrating and exemplifying them? Are you being a servant leader who is looking for the best in and of others? Are … Continue reading

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Are you making a difference as a leader?

Are you impacting the lives of those around you? Are you passing it on to the next generation? Are you helping to ensure there will be leaders to come? Are you calling people up to their full potential? Are you … Continue reading

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