Are you living life as a servant?

Have honest scales and honest weights - Fairness - Equity - Honesty - Integrity

Are you a leader? Are you a servant leader? Are you a worker? Are you a servant worker? Are you serving your customers? Are you serving your co-workers? Are you serving those who you are leading? Will you humble yourself enough to serve others? Will you serve others with integrity and honesty? Are you living life as a servant?

Will you sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others? Will you live your life like Jesus did?

Today’s reading (day 2) starts in Micah with…

11Shall I acquit the man with wicked scales and with a bag of deceitful weights?

–from Micah 6:11

Are you serving your customers? Is your attitude and your company’s/team’s attitude one of serving your customers? Are you focused on making your customers feel important? Are you focused on doing what is needed to help (serving) your customers? Are you paying attention to what they are saying, asking, needing? Are you responding in a way to show that they are important and their needs are important? Are you working with honest and integrity by keeping your promises? Are you humble enough to admit mistakes and address/fix them? Are you working to build trust with your customers? We need to be good stewards of what God has give us! We know from today’s reading God is keeping an eye on the transactions taking place and is looking for honest business practices!

Listen to what they are asking! Sell them what they need! Don’t try to rip people off! Don’t make things so complicated that people feel like you are taking advantage of them! Don’t try to secretly sell them damaged goods! Don’t offer one thing and then sell them something else! Let’s work to serve our customers and make their lives better!

Ever heard of win-win situations? Let’s humbly serve our customers in a way where we both success because they are succeeding!


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