Do you find you wander or your mind wanders when you pray? Try praying out loud! It can benefit others too!

You realize a lot of the time there are people watching you right? You realize people are listening to hear what you have to say right? You realize that what you say and what you do matters right? Praying out loud has many benefits…It allows others we may be praying for to be able to hear it and receive it, it allows others to know in whom we put our trust, it allows others to hear and learn that it’s not magic, it’s just talking to God in our normal words. And it may also build up their faith in God!

You may be saying, but I am by myself, what is the benefit of praying out loud? It can help you there too by helping your mind not wander but stay in the prayer because both your brain and your mouth and your ears are busy since you have all of them actively involved.

Today’s Reading: John 11:41-42

41So they took away the stone. And Jesus lifted up his eyes and said, Father, I thank you that you have heard me. 42I knew that you always hear me, but I said this on account of the people standing around, that they may believe that you sent me.

The words that come to mind as reasons to pray out loud are: Purpose, Focus, Priority, Visible, Display, Share, Show, Encourage, Strengthen

Praying out loud has benefits for ourselves and for those who can hear us.


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