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Do you see the injustice? Do you hear the injustice? Do you realize you can do something about it? Pray for how you can be a part of providing justice.

What do you see taking place that shouldn’t be? What do you hear or hear about that seems so wrong and should be stopped? Do you pray about it? Are you praying for it to stop? Are you praying about … Continue reading

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If you … then I wil …

Ever been in a situation where you used that ultimatum? Ever put that type of a condition on something? Ever put that type of condition before you would act? How about with God? It’s not something new, as people have … Continue reading

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Do you find you wander or your mind wanders when you pray? Try praying out loud! It can benefit others too!

You realize a lot of the time there are people watching you right? You realize people are listening to hear what you have to say right? You realize that what you say and what you do matters right? Praying out … Continue reading

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Who have invested in you? Who have made a deposit into your life?

When you consider your spiritual growth, who comes to mind? Is there a person who invested in you? Are there people who invested in you? Is there a person who made a spiritual deposit into your life? Are there people … Continue reading

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Don’t hide your sin and build up guilt and shame…

Search your heart and hand over your sins to God! Confess them and He will forgive them! Hiding them and carrying them around just adds weight and burden, guilt and shame to our lives that God never wanted or desired … Continue reading

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