Will you give the message that you have to deliver? Will you be a good lookout?

Keeping a lookout for what is going on. Providing a warning for those who need it.

Will you keep an eye out and warn others? Will you keep an eye out and be on guard? Will you take what you see and let others know? Will you deliver the warning they need to receive? Will take accountability for being a lookout in order that others may have the opportunity to be saved?

So the message is Jesus! Jesus came and gave His life that we can be saved from eternal judgment and condemnation! Jesus is coming again! When He comes back He will be victorious again! When He comes back it will be the final judgment! Based on your personal decision to either follow Jesus or not follow Jesus will determine your eternal destiny! Choose Jesus! Ask Him into your life and allow a personal relationship with God to begin! Live under the covering of Jesus who gave it all — His life on the cross — that we could be reconciled back unto the God! He defeated the grave and on the third day rose again! He is seated in heaven at the right hand of the Father interceding for those who have received His freewill offering of grace, mercy, forgiveness!

Will you receive this message? Will you pass it along? Will you be accountable for the message God gives you to deliver? Will you be a lookout for those God has brought into your life? You are accountable to do what He asks of you! Choose wisely! We each are responsible for what we do and how we respond!

God Appoints Ezekiel as a Lookout

(Ezekiel 3.16-21)
1The Lord spoke to me. 2“Mortal man,” he said, “tell your people what happens when I bring war to a land. The people of that country choose one of their number to be a lookout. 3When he sees the enemy approaching, he sounds the alarm to warn everyone. 4If someone hears it but pays no attention and the enemy comes and kills him, then he is to blame for his own death. 5His death is his own fault, because he paid no attention to the warning. If he had paid attention, he could have escaped. 6If, however, the lookout sees the enemy coming and does not sound the alarm, the enemy will come and kill those sinners, but I will hold the lookout responsible for their death. 7“Now, mortal man, I am making you a lookout for the nation of Israel. You must pass on to them the warnings I give you. 8If I announce that an evil person is going to die but you do not warn him to change his ways so that he can save his life, then he will die, still a sinner, and I will hold you responsible for his death. 9If you do warn an evil person and he doesn’t stop sinning, he will die, still a sinner, but your life will be spared.”

Individual Responsibility

10The Lord spoke to me. “Mortal man,” he said, “repeat to the Israelites what they are saying: ‘We are burdened with our sins and the wrongs we have done. We are wasting away. How can we live?’ 11Tell them that as surely as I, the Sovereign Lord, am the living God, I do not enjoy seeing sinners die. I would rather see them stop sinning and live. Israel, stop the evil you are doing. Why do you want to die? 12“Now, mortal man, tell the Israelites that when someone good sins, the good he has done will not save him. If an evil person stops doing evil, he won’t be punished, and if a good man starts sinning, his life will not be spared. 13I may promise life to someone good, but if he starts thinking that his past goodness is enough and begins to sin, I will not remember any of the good he did. He will die because of his sins. 14I may warn someone evil that he is going to die, but if he stops sinning and does what is right and good— 15for example, if he returns the security he took for a loan or gives back what he stole—if he stops sinning and follows the laws that give life, he will not die, but live. 16I will forgive the sins he has committed, and he will live because he has done what is right and good. 17“And your people say that what I do isn’t right! No, it’s their way that isn’t right. 18When someone righteous stops doing good and starts doing evil, he will die for it. 19When someone evil quits sinning and does what is right and good, he has saved his life. 20But Israel, you say that what I do isn’t right. I am going to judge you by what you do.”

The News of Jerusalem’s Fall

21On the fifth day of the tenth month of the twelfth year of our exile, someone who had escaped from Jerusalem came and told me that the city had fallen. 22The evening before he came, I had felt the powerful presence of the Lord. When the man arrived the next morning, the Lord gave me back the power of speech.

The Sins of the People

23The Lord spoke to me. 24“Mortal man,” he said, “the people who are living in the ruined cities of the land of Israel are saying: ‘Abraham was only one man, and he was given the whole land. There are many of us, so now the land is ours.’ 25“Tell them what I, the Sovereign Lord, am saying: You eat meat with the blood still in it. You worship idols. You commit murder. What makes you think that the land belongs to you? 26You rely on your swords. Your actions are disgusting. Everyone commits adultery. What makes you think that the land is yours? 27“Tell them that I, the Sovereign Lord, warn them that as surely as I am the living God, the people who live in the ruined cities will be killed. Those living in the country will be eaten by wild animals. Those hiding in the mountains and in caves will die of disease. 28I will make the country a desolate wasteland, and the power they were so proud of will come to an end. The mountains of Israel will be so wild that no one will be able to travel through them. 29When I punish the people for their sins and make the country a wasteland, then they will know that I am the Lord.”

The Results of the Prophet’s Message

30The Lord said, “Mortal man, your people are talking about you when they meet by the city walls or in the doorways of their houses. They say to one another, ‘Let’s go and hear what word has come from the Lord now.’ 31So my people crowd in to hear what you have to say, but they don’t do what you tell them to do. Loving words are on their lips, but they continue their greedy ways. 32To them you are nothing more than an entertainer singing love songs or playing a harp. They listen to all your words and don’t obey a single one of them. 33But when all your words come true—and they will come true—then they will know that a prophet has been among them.”
–from Ezekiel 33
Do you see what is taking place around you? Do you realize the season we are in? Do you see right and wrong? Do you notice what’s taking place around you? Will you do anything about it? Will you speak up? Will you stand up? Will you step up? Will you do something? Are the leaders leading people astray? Are the leaders living by example? Are the leaders doing what is right? Are they caring about the important stuff? Are they in need of instruction, correction, direction, wisdom, help?
Let’s consider the Good Shepherd Jesus and His example! Let’s use Him as the standard bearer and teach and guide! Let’s point to Him in the way those in authority, those in leadership, and those around us should be living! Do you see any difference between Him and those in authority over you? Do you see any difference between Him and those in government?

The Shepherds of Israel

1The Lord spoke to me. 2“Mortal man,” he said, “denounce the rulers of Israel. Prophesy to them, and tell them what I, the Sovereign Lord, say to them: You are doomed, you shepherds of Israel! You take care of yourselves, but never tend the sheep. 3You drink the milk, wear clothes made from the wool, and kill and eat the finest sheep. But you never tend the sheep. 4You have not taken care of the weak ones, healed the ones that are sick, bandaged the ones that are hurt, brought back the ones that wandered off, or looked for the ones that were lost. Instead, you treated them cruelly. 5 Because the sheep had no shepherd, they were scattered, and wild animals killed and ate them. 6So my sheep wandered over the high hills and the mountains. They were scattered over the face of the earth, and no one looked for them or tried to find them. 7“Now, you shepherds, listen to what I, the Lord, am telling you. 8As surely as I am the living God, you had better listen to me. My sheep have been attacked by wild animals that killed and ate them because there was no shepherd. My shepherds did not try to find the sheep. They were taking care of themselves and not the sheep. 9So listen to me, you shepherds. 10I, the Sovereign Lord, declare that I am your enemy. I will take my sheep away from you and never again let you be their shepherds; never again will I let you take care only of yourselves. I will rescue my sheep from you and not let you eat them.

The Good Shepherd

11“I, the Sovereign Lord, tell you that I myself will look for my sheep and take care of them 12in the same way as shepherds take care of their sheep that were scattered and are brought together again. I will bring them back from all the places where they were scattered on that dark, disastrous day. 13I will take them out of foreign countries, gather them together, and bring them back to their own land. I will lead them back to the mountains and the streams of Israel and will feed them in pleasant pastures. 14I will let them graze in safety in the mountain meadows and the valleys and in all the green pastures of the land of Israel. 15I myself will be the shepherd of my sheep, and I will find them a place to rest. I, the Sovereign Lord, have spoken. 16“I will look for those that are lost, bring back those that wander off, bandage those that are hurt, and heal those that are sick; but those that are fat and strong I will destroy, because I am a shepherd who does what is right. 17“Now then, my flock, I, the Sovereign Lord, tell you that I will judge each of you and separate the good from the bad, the sheep from the goats. 18Some of you are not satisfied with eating the best grass; you even trample down what you don’t eat! You drink the clear water and muddy what you don’t drink! 19My other sheep have to eat the grass you trample down and drink the water you muddy. 20“So now, I, the Sovereign Lord, tell you that I will judge between you strong sheep and the weak sheep. 21You pushed the sick ones aside and butted them away from the flock. 22But I will rescue my sheep and not let them be mistreated any more. I will judge each of my sheep and separate the good from the bad. 23 I will give them a king like my servant David to be their one shepherd, and he will take care of them. 24 I, the Lord, will be their God, and a king like my servant David will be their ruler. I have spoken. 25I will make a covenant with them that guarantees their security. I will get rid of all the dangerous animals in the land, so that my sheep can live safely in the fields and sleep in the forests. 26“I will bless them and let them live around my sacred hill. There I will bless them with showers of rain when they need it. 27The trees will bear fruit, the fields will produce crops, and everyone will live in safety on his own land. When I break my people’s chains and set them free from those who made them slaves, then they will know that I am the Lord. 28The heathen nations will not plunder them any more, and the wild animals will not kill and eat them. They will live in safety, and no one will terrify them. 29I will give them fertile fields and put an end to hunger in the land. The other nations will not sneer at them any more. 30Everyone will know that I protect Israel and that they are my people. I, the Sovereign Lord, have spoken. 31“You, my sheep, the flock that I feed, are my people, and I am your God,” says the Sovereign Lord.
–from Ezekiel 34

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